The changes in the body during pregnancy have made the mother very sinful, but these 4 benefits, many people don’t understand

Since Shan Shan’s pregnancy, the skin has become very dim, and the sides of the cheeks have grown spots. As the pregnant belly continues to increase, stretch marks have grown.So she bought a lot of skin care products for pregnancy, and asked the doctor how to remove the stretch marks.However, the doctor told her that once the stretch marks grew out, there was no way to completely remove it, but the baby would become lighter after birth. For her beauty, this was really unacceptable.Pregnancy does bring a lot of troubles to mothers, but it is not a little benefit. The benefits brought by the following pregnancy, do mothers know?

Reduce breast problems

Studies have shown that women’s pregnancy and breastfeeding for babies can reduce the chance of breast cancer.This is because during pregnancy, a large amount of progesterone will produce in the body, which can protect women’s health well.In addition, if you feed your baby breastfeeding after giving birth, it can also promote the shrinkage of the uterus, which is conducive to postpartum body recovery.However, if you want to feed your baby breast milk more smoothly, from the beginning of pregnancy, the mother must take good care of the breast. It is best to wear soft and breathable and steel ring underwear to avoid compression of the breast.

Dysmenorrhea may disappear

After women are pregnant, menstruation stops. This is because fertilized eggs develop in the uterus. In order to protect the fetus, the endometrium becomes a molt tissue, and it will no longer fall off.Many women have dysmenorrhea worries. After pregnancy, they will not come to menstruation, and they will not have dysmenorrhea.In addition, after giving birth to a baby, dysmenorrhea has also followed. Therefore, pregnant babies have solved a trouble for women who often dysmenorrhea.

Delay menopause

The influence of hormones in the body will enter menopause at a certain age.During pregnancy, the fetus develops in the uterus, and the hormone level of pregnant mothers will change. Affected by this, the ovaries can be easily easily reduced, reducing the chance of ovarian disease.In addition, pregnancy and breastfeeding will allow mothers to stop menstruation for 14-20 months. During this period, more than a dozen eggs are delayed, which can slow down the speed of ovarian aging and delay menopause.

Enhanced immunity

Many mothers around me reported that after pregnancy, I felt that my body was better, and the minor illnesses of colds and fever did not get it.In fact, this is scientific. When the fetus is developing, stem cells will be split. This stem cells can help mothers kill the germs in the body and protect various organs of the body.Therefore, the quality of the mother during pregnancy will be better, which is considered the fetus to protect the mother.

In fact, in addition to the above benefits, the biggest benefit of pregnancy is to bring a cute baby to the mother. Watching the baby grows up, it should be the happiest thing for the mother.

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