The causes of coughing for pregnant women are nothing more than these three types, and the method of response is different.

Many pregnant women will suddenly have symptoms of coughing, and if the symptoms of cough are often worried, they are often worried, because they cannot use drugs for treatment, for fear of affecting the health of the fetus.Generally speaking, mild cough does not cause any serious impact, but severe cough may not be necessarily.Therefore, it is best to conduct targeted reasons for the causes as soon as possible. For example, when coughing because of lung dryness, in addition to drinking plenty of water, you can also eat more foods with the effect of moisturizing the lungs.

In summary, there are three types of reasons for coughing pregnant women, and the response methods can be used differently:

1. Covenant method: The cold of pregnant women is one of the causes of cough. It is mainly related to factors such as cold and overworing and overwork.When pregnant women have cough due to a cold, they must first pay more attention to rest. Do not go to work with illness, so as not to continue to decline in resistance and cause symptoms to become more and more serious. At the same timeYou can drink more ginger, brown sugar water, and onion and white water. You can boil water with white radish when you have windy colds and cough.You can also drink more hot water and chicken soup to improve your body resistance. If the symptoms are more serious, you can take drug treatment under the guidance of a doctor.

2. Coping method of dry cough: Many pregnant women have cough due to lung dryness, especially in the autumn, which is more likely to occur. It is mainly due to large mental stress, less water drinking water, which causes the five internal organs.It is related to sputum and fire.When this happens, first drink more warm water, and at the same time keep the diet lighter and moisturize the lungs, eat more foods such as clearing fire and lungs, such as Chuanbei stewed pear, stewed pear, rock sugar stewed pearwait.In addition, you can’t eat too spicy, greasy, and sweet foods, so as not to become more and more serious.

3. Infection method: If pregnant women are infected with epidemic viruses, cause respiratory diseases such as bronchitis and laryngitis, which will also cause cough.At this time, it is best to speed up its improvement through self -care methods. If necessary, you can use drug treatment according to the doctor’s order if necessary.Usually you can often use saltwater or smoked nostrils, which can enhance the resistance of the respiratory system, and at the same time to speed up the rehabilitation of inflammation.

If pregnant women have symptoms of cough, pay attention to relax the mental state, and don’t worry too much.If the spirit is too tight, it will cause some bad effects, and the symptoms of cough will increase slowly.Secondly, you should also actively do a good job of examination and master the growth and development of the baby.

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