The cat’s pregnancy cycle is short, and you can generally complete the entire fertility process by yourself. How long does the cat give birth to a kitten?

Although cat production kittens can be treated by themselves, the owner should also pay attention to observing its entire situation.

How long does the cat give birth to a kitten

The cat is pregnant from 62 days to 67 days.The production of premature births as early as 58 days is premature. Kittens are prone to death or weakness during childbirth. The kitten born later than 71 days may be larger than normal kittens or died.

In production, cats can complete the entire fertility process by themselves. Pre -delivery owners can provide a clean and quiet environment for cats, prepare soft materials such as cushions, towels, cottonA degree to ensure the chance of survival of new kittens.

The cat in the early stage of the cat

The cat’s pregnancy cycle is relatively short, and the average will be produced in about 65 days.Generally, after the cat is successful, it will not be estrus again.

In the first two weeks after pregnancy, a loss of appetite will occur, and some cats may also have a vomiting reaction.

After the third week of pregnancy, the appetite of cats began to become very good. During this period, the owner needed to strengthen the cat’s nutritional feeding, supplement calcium preparations, vitamins, and trace elements to avoid hypotonal calcium after childbirth.

At about 35 days, you can see the cat’s abdomen significantly enlarged. At this time, you can take the cat to the hospital for pregnancy examination, do a B -ultrasound, and check the fetal development.

After 45 days, you can take a X -ray film to check the number of fetus and fetal position.

During production, cats should be allowed to be in a quiet environment to prevent cats from being stimulated by stress.

During the period of the kitten output, you must pay close attention to the status of female cats and kittens, and feed the kitten to the kitten every 30 to 60 minutes. If the female cat is difficult to give birth, you should go to the pet hospital immediately.

Precautions for the cat after the cat

First of all, pay attention to the nutritional components in the postpartum female cats and cats must be comprehensive, and nutrients such as protein, fat, vitamins and minerals must be supplemented in time.Nutritional intake plays a very important role in maintaining the health of cats, promoting growth and development, and ensuring the repair of soft tissues.

After the cat is produced, you can feed the kitten immediately, but the cat with a cesarean section can not breastfeed after an hour of surgery.Catal section cats need to use antibiotic drugs for three consecutive days of infusion injections. Generally, they must be feedd the kitten two hours after each infusion.When the female cat infusion, the owner can buy some goat milk powder and place it in the bottle to feed the kitten and feed it once an hour.

It takes a month after the cat has a kitten to take a bath.After the cat has just been produced, the various functions of the body have not been fully recovered, and the body’s immunity is greatly reduced. If the cat is taken to take a bath shortly after it is produced, the cat may catch a cold or cause other immune diseases.During this period, the cat’s recovery ability is relatively low, and it will also aggravate the condition.

Cats can usually get pregnant on the basis of health after 1-2 months after giving birth.However, due to the differences in individual female cats, some female cat reproductive systems recover slowly, and it should be delayed appropriately.Do not let the mother cat produce many times in a short period of time, so that the harm to the uterus is greater, and cats are likely to cause hormone disorders and endocrine disorders.

If the owner does not want to let the cat reproduce anymore, the cat can perform sterilization surgery when the cat has no milk secretion for two months.Sterilizer surgery has many benefits to female cats, which can prevent female cats from suffering from uterine and ovarian diseases and extend the life of the cat.

How long can a kitten can leave the female cat

Kitten’s breastfeeding period is generally 40 to 60 days.The kitten began to open his eyes around the 10th day. Before he opened his eyes, the kitten had to stay with the female cat. After the kitten opened his eyes, he could leave the female cat and feed the method of feeding sheep milk powder artificially, butThe survival rate of raising this is generally low.

Usually, as long as the physical condition of the female cat is normal and no accident occurs, the kitten can leave the female cat after weaning.The protection of the maternal antibody can be maintained for fifty or sixty days, so after 50 to 60 days of age, the kitten can leave the mother cat to a new family. After a week, there is no problem, you can accept the vaccine injection to form a new new and form a new new to form a new new and form a new new to form a new.Protection.

After weaning, the kittens can be fed with kittens milk cake food during breasts, without breast milk feeding of female cats.During this period, the owner can choose the problem of the kitten. If the owner hand over the kitten to the new owner, to inform the basic situation of the kitten, whether the vaccination is vaccinated, whether the food is dewraded in the body, what is the food feed, and the feeding of the feed, feedFrequency, etc.

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