The breasts will change after pregnancy. Moms should learn to take care of the breasts at different times.

After the mother is pregnant, not only will it change, but the breasts will change.Breasts are the baby’s future ration gathering place, so mothers need to observe in time in different periods to take care of the breasts.Then make a statement about breast care issues. Moms read it carefully.

1. A few weeks before pregnancy

About 10 days when the mother fertilized, the human chorionic gonadotropin began to secrete a large quantities, and the pregnancy test stick was distinguished from whether women were pregnant.This hormone also prompts mothers to increase the secretion of progesterone and estrogen and affect the breast, which will also cause mummy’s breasts to swell.Simply put, breast discomfort and sensitivity comes from the increase in local blood of the mother’s breasts and the development of the breasts. Mom’s body needs time to adapt to alleviating this situation.

However, the proper massage of breasts during pregnancy will better alleviate the discomfort caused by breasts, and it can also make the mother comfortable.Therefore, it is best to learn the correct massage method and take good care of the breasts.

2. The nipple becomes larger and the color is darker

The nipples will change during my mother’s pregnancy, like the range of areola expanded, the color begins to darker, and the surface protrusion is more.The secretions on the surface of the nipples are also added. There will be more sebum secretions on the surface of the nipple. It begins to be white and yellow. If it is not cleaned, the color will become dark brown.

At this time, mothers need to make simple cleaning on it.If there are too many secretions, it is not easy to remove, you can soften some vegetable oils, and then clean it with water. Do not use nail buckles, which will cause nipple injuries.

3. Late pregnancy

The colostrum appeared during the third trimester, but many mothers always squeezed their nipples, which was wrong.Mom should learn the correct milking method, press the chest wall in the areola, and then squeeze.

The breasts have begun to prepare for breastfeeding during pregnancy. At this time, the mother needs to pay attention to its changes and replace underwear in time. Do not allow the unsuitable underwear to rub the breasts, otherwise it will cause nipple eczema and cracking diseases.The expectant mothers also need to prepare breastfeeding underwear in advance to prepare for production.When choosing underwear, try to pay attention to materials, brands, sizes and other problems. This will not only be good for breasts, but also make the mother comfortable.

Moms try to feed them frequently as much as possible after giving birth, so that the baby sucks more breasts.Not only is it good for breasts, but also promotes the growth and development of the baby.If the baby’s sucking ability is not good, you can use breast pumps to discharge milk.After reading the above content, mothers try to learn professional knowledge during pregnancy and care more about breasts.

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