The blind date was engaged for 10 days and pregnant for 20 days. The child’s life is mysterious.

Liu Yun, 38, and 37 -year -old Wang Qinglai, are older and leftover in the village. Under the introduction of Aunt Liu Yun, the two met through blind dates and soon booked a marriage. It was not long before Liu Yun became pregnant.

It stands to reason that both people are anxious to get married and have children. This is the best arrangement for both of them, but now the son is born, but the two are noisy.Woolen cloth?

In the New Year this year, other people’s houses were joyful, but Wang Qinglai was kicked out of the house by his father. It turned out that Liu Yun gave birth to a boy, but he stayed at his mother’s house and did not let Wang Qinglai’s parents look at the grandson.

Wang Qinglai’s father was useless to be angry with his son. He noisy his grandson, and he drove Wang Qing out of his house when he was angry.

Wang Qinglai was only distressed, but recently he heard that when Liu Yun gave the child a hukou, with her surname, the child’s household registration fell at the Liu family, and Wang Qinglai couldn’t bear it anymore.

Wang Qinglai brought his parents to Liu Yun’s house and wanted a statement. Liu Yun was not at home. Liu Yun’s father said that Liu Yun had gone out to work. Wang Qing came to Liu Yun’s father to say.

Wang Qing said that her family had spent her gift, and Liu Yun had been giving money during pregnancy. Now Liu Yun does not let his parents look at the child, just want to deceive marriage, and noise to let Liu Yun give a statement.

Liu Yun’s father complained that Wang Qinglai’s family did not pay attention to Liu Yun. Every time he said to see his grandson, but he didn’t get anything. The child’s milk powder did not buy it.

This is not count. What makes them sad most is the child Liu Yun’s death. Wang Qinglai’s parents actually suspected that the child was not Wang Qinglai, and he blatantly accused Liu Yun in the hospital.

Liu Yun’s father also said that according to their rules, the Mid -Autumn Festival must have a gift for the New Year, but Wang Qing has never been here.

What’s more, Wang Qinglai proposed to be a parent -child identification with her children. Liu Yun’s father called Liu Yun. Liu Yun decisively rejected the request to do parent -child identification and quickly hung up the phone.

Liu Yun’s father confiscated what Wang Qinglai brought this time at the end, and directly driven away their family.

After inquiring from many parties, Wang Qinglai learned that Liu Yun did not go to work in a foreign country. Instead, he rented a house in the county to live with his mother. The next day, Wang Qinglai rushed to Liu Yun’s rental house.

Liu Yun was not there. Liu Yun’s mother was less than three months old grandson. Wang Qinglai’s parents hurriedly looked at the grandson and were stopped by Liu Yun’s mother.

It can be seen that Liu Yun’s mother is very nervous. It seems that Wang Qinglai’s parents will take the child away in the next second.

After a while, Liu Yun hurried back, and quickly stood beside the child as soon as he returned. Liu Yun loudly scolded Wang Qinglai’s parents, saying that they were not qualified to see their children, nor did they admit that their children were the grandsons of their family.

Why did Liu Yun exclude Wang Qinglai’s family so?What happened between them?

Liu Yun said that during her pregnancy, the Wang Qinglai family had never cared about her. When she gave birth, her father -in -law was taken care of her on the surface, but she couldn’t find it when she was broken.

Because she was older, she could only have a caesarean section in the end, and she had a line of life, but Wang Qinglai’s family said that she had paid the surgery table.

What made her even more sad was that during pregnancy, because Wang Qinglai had to make money to support her family during pregnancy, she never asked Wang Qing to accompany her, but when the woman had a child, she did not want the man to accompany her, but Wang Qinglai refused to return to accompany the birth on the grounds of the epidemic.Let Liu Yun go to check the news to see the epidemic.

What made Liu Yun completely died of doubt and allegations without reason. He actually said that the child was not his. In Liu Yun’s view, this was the greatest insult to her and the child. How could she accept it.

In this regard, Wang Qinglai’s explanation was that he began to doubt since Liu Yun’s pregnancy, and gave three reasons. One was that Liu Yun was taking medicine and conditioning when he was pregnant. He felt unlikely to get pregnant.Liu Yun always supported him and asked the doctor’s child by himself, so he doubted.

There is also Liu Yun’s previous promise to him. In the fourth day of the New Year, he went to do parent -child identification, and later regretted it. All this made Wang Qinglai suspect that the child was not his own.

Wang Qinglai insisted on letting the child a parent -child identification. Liu Yun insisted that he was insulted by his personality. The two sides were deadlocked. What is puzzling is why the two people chose to be together at the beginning?

Liu Yun told her story. It turned out that Liu Yun, 38 years old this year, had been unpleasant. When she was not sensible, she fell in love with a man and found that the other party was married for a long time with that man for a long time.

Liu Yun had to bear to leave, she didn’t want to be a junior, but her youth was delayed.

Later, Liu Yun also talked about other love, but it was all the kind of weak and unable to be able to get married.

Later, getting older and bigger, her parents were worried about her, so she urged her to marry, and she agreed to the blind date.

She was completely deceived by Wang Qinglai’s father. In Wang Qinglai’s father’s mouth, Wang Qinglai was a positive good young man. He said that Wang Qinglai opened a savory shop with his brother. He had 15,000 income every month.

After understanding, I found that it was not the case at all. Wang Qinglai’s income per month was only more than 5,000. The store was dominated by Wang Qinglai’s brother. This is not even Wang Qinglai even Mom Baoan, it is a giant baby boy.

It turned out that there was something in Wang Qinglai, either telling his parents or telling his brother, and even helping Liu Yun to wash his underwear. He had to tell his mother.

As a result, Wang Qinglai’s mother called Liu Yun the next day and accused her of bullying her son.

After hearing Liu Yun, Wang Qinglai’s temper came up. Wang Qing said that he did not see Liu Yun from the beginning, and said that Liu Yun’s temper became poor after the engagement.

From then on, he wanted to break up with Liu Yun. Liu Yun also said that he looked down on Wang Qinglai. He once said that he would return to Cai Li to break up, but Wang Qinglai did not agree.

As soon as he dragged it to the birth of the child, it was difficult to end now.

In order to prove his innocence and to have a break with Wang Qing, Liu Yun agreed to do parent -child identification, and they collected blood samples at the Parent -Child Appraisal Center together.

The results of the identification came out soon. The child was indeed Wang Qinglai. Wang Qing said that for the child, he wanted to live with Liu Yun, and Liu Yun refused firmly.

As soon as the appraisal result came out, Liu Yun cried grievances. A woman was pregnant in October and risked her life in danger, but was treated so much by her lover.

After proved that the child was his own, Wang Qinglai actually scrambled to custody the child with Liu Yun, and Liu Yun cried straight. This is equivalent to her knowing Wang Qinglai to give him a child in vain.

This is not count. Wang Qinglai actually asked Liu Yun to return 150,000 gifts. The two had no way to achieve this Hi, and could only find a lawyer to mediate.

The suggestion given by the lawyer is that the child is too young, and he must be raised by his mother. As for the gift, although Liu Yun and Wang Qinglai did not register to get married, there was a marriage and a child.

Wang Qinglai pays 1200 support fees per month. Grandpa and grandma can see the child, but Liu Yun returns 42,000 color gifts at a time. After the negotiation, 4.2 does not need to be returned, but the child must be changed back to Wang Qinglai.Essence

Normally, because of older the tragic emotions that come from, finally painted a less successful end.

Regarding marriage, even if you get older, the result is that he suffers, and he has affected the next generation, just like Liu Yun and Wang Qinglai.

The lesson of blood given by Liu Yun is not to choose someone because of the conditions, not to mention that this condition is likely to be a pseudo.

Wang Qinglai has no opinion. At the age of 37, he has not chosen for himself. He has the ability to live in his own life. He also spends his heart. When he is in the store at the same time, he comes to a slightly beautiful customer. He does not admit that Liu Yun is his fiancee.

Don’t think that men have no money to be honest, just practical, such men do not delay him at all.

In terms of root, don’t expect men, do money yourself, and consider marriage when you really like it; or go directly to find the real conditions, anyway, whether there is money, sometimes there is a virtue.

Love or money is always the same. When you have money, you can rest assured that you only need to love; on the contrary, you are unable to do it yourself. It may be empty whether you want to want money or to love.

Don’t have fantasies about marriage. The less you are in your own state, the more you ca n’t do it, because when you are not good, the person you attract must not be very good.

Turn yourself better first, and then consider marriage, which is more secure.

For women, age is indeed restricted, but compared to youth to bet on a marriage that does not know the result, it is better to use youth to make money and give your own life and the right to choose.

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