The big S ankle tattoo "Nine" is all Jun Jun. After many years, the man laughed and talked about Oolong: She did not understand Korean

54 -year -old Ge Junye issued a text description of the two editions of China and South Korea, announcing that he was married to Big S.

Gu Junxuan happily claimed that he would marry Da S: He and Da S fell in love 24 years ago. This puzzled relationship has been buried in his heart. Hearing the news of the divorce of Big S, he found 20 years ago 20 years ago.Number, contacted her, fortunately, the number of Big S was not changed, so there was a connection between them.Gu Junzhang lamented that he and Da S had missed too much time and could not waste anymore, so he proposed that the two were married, and Da S was finally accepted.

Gu Junyu looks forward to netizens’ blessings: "Because I get married very late, I hope to get everyone’s support and blessings, thank you."

When he was young, he was handsome and sunshine. He was young and beautiful. Many people had supported him and Da S. If someone had caught the CP of them, would it be too late to be late for 24 years?

Gu Junyu waited for the Big S for many years, and in 2021, he finally heard the news of the divorce of Big S, so he drove the courage to pursue the big S.

Although 24 years ago, because the man’s brokerage company had a ban in the end, the two eventually broke up, but many years later, Jun Junjun admitted the matter in the show and recalled this relationship. He emphasized that "it is a good memory", bigS had learned Korean for him, and he also learned Chinese for Big S. He also mentioned that Big S had tatto the "nine" at his ankle, because "nine" pronounced the same pronunciation as his surname "Ge".She smiled without saying "she didn’t understand Korean, so she would make mistakes."

In the early morning of September 30, 2010, Da S and Wang Xiaofei met at the birthday banquet hosted by An Yixuan.At that time, Wang Xiaofei had a value of NT $ 8 billion, and was the executive chairman of the well -known chain restaurant. The two of them announced their engagement in just 28 days. On October 29, Da S reposted Wang Xiaofei’s Weibo announced with his engagement.

Big S and Wang Xiaofei were once married.However, the ten -year marriage between Big S and Wang Xiaofei ended in June 2021.

When it comes to the divorce of Big S, in fact, many people still sigh very much. Originally, the Big S and Wang Xiaofei would stumble all the way forever.

Because the divorce of Big S and Wang Xiaofei, both of them received a lot of controversy.

Especially the Big S, the news of Da S about to divorce Wang Xiaofei was denied by the mother of Da S. Everyone thought it was just an ordinary farce between husband and wife.

However, after a short time, Da S was really divorced.Big S’s personality has always been very gentle, but also very stubborn. What she decides will not be easily changed.

Many people think that Big S and Wang Xiaofei fell in love at first sight to flash marriage, which is very incredible.But if you connect the personality of Da S, you can understand her approach. Big S is a person who decides, and you must immediately do it.

Xiao S once said that Big S has a very bad job, that is, when everyone gets together very happy, Big S often says that he will go. She feels that it is time to go home to see the child, so she must goNo matter how others stay and how to persuade.

Even though her sister said that she did this very badly, she took it for granted, "I’m not assured of the child, I want to go home to see the child." Xiao S can’t understand, since there is a nanny with it, why should he be so anxious to return so anxiously to return toWhat about home?

Perhaps some mothers can understand. The mother missed the child and felt that when she should go home to see the child, she must go this mood.

In fact, from this point of view, it can be seen that Big S has its own opinion and very emotional.Others think that her marriage with Wang Xiaofei is somewhat hasty. In fact, Da S has a weighing stem in his heart whether she and Wang Xiaofei are suitable. For people like big S, I should get married, and the boy also proposes to me.Very good, I like him too, so get married.

Many people feel that getting married should not be decided overnight. After a long time of getting along, they should understand each other’s sexuality before making decisions.But sometimes some people encounter the right person and are very clear about his person, and they will make the case: "By the way, this is this person."

The divorce of Big S and Wang Xiaofei made her suffer a lot of infamous infamous. Many people felt that Da S insisted on divorce, but he didn’t know how to do it.

After the divorce of Big S and Wang Xiaofei, Zhang Lan, the mother -in -law of Da S, also mentioned Big S, and couldn’t help but say, "Sometimes, a warm man who is living becomes a scumbag in you.Not your own fault? I think your next one will not be too happy. "

But marriage is the same for women or men, such as drinking water, knowing warmth.What do you think of the man or woman, that is just the impression in the eyes of others.

Many people are unclear because of the divorce of Da S and Wang Xiaofei. Most people say that they are because of contradictions between mother -in -law and daughter -in -law, but Zhang Lan performs outside the outside world.

After the divorce of Big S and Wang Xiaofei, Wang Xiaofei was exposed to another new love. The woman was Zhang Yingying, Zhang Yingying was a model, and her skin was beautiful and beautiful. The media had photographed Wang Xiaofei and Zhang Yingying in the same frame.Li high -profile showing off the diamond ring on his hands, and Wang Xiaofei was also discovered by netizens in the live broadcast that there was a shiny ring on his fingers, and there were already Taiwanese media that Wang Xiaofei, who had previously broke the news that the divorce in March will remarry.

After Wang Xiaofei was reported to remarry, many people who blame Big S had aimed at Wang Xiaofei with the muzzle. Many people who maintained the big S also came to attack Wang Xiaofei.

Later, someone showed the chat records of Wang Xiaofei and Zhang Yingying, suspecting that Wang Xiaofei had a contact with Zhang Yingying in his marriage. For a moment, the image of Wang Xiaofei’s good man collapsed.

Later, Zhang Lan, the mother -in -law of Da S, opened the live broadcast, denied the marriage rumors of Wang Xiaofei and Zhang Yingying, and said that she had only a daughter -in -law.

When Zhang Lan lived, some people said that they missed the big S. Zhang Lan said that she also missed Big S, and also mentioned her grandson and granddaughter with great interest. She said that Lin Lin was particularly like grandma, and she loved to show Lin Lin.This live broadcast, Zhang Lan established the image of a kind mother -in -law.

After that, someone asked Zhang Lan whether the divorce of Xiao Fei and Da S was too strong because of her.She quickly denied that she rarely interfered her son’s marriage.

But Big S once said that Zhang Lan had done an excessive thing to her: Big S is a vegetarian, not eating meat, but once her mother -in -law forced her to eat meat, she had to eat it.After her mother -in -law left, she spit it alone for a long time.

Maybe many people think that the behavior of her mother -in -law can understand that it is not a big deal for being forced to eat meat, and it is still the good intention of her mother -in -law.

But being forced to do things is good or bad, and only those who have experienced themselves know that feeling.

In fact, what is the reason for the divorce of Big S and Wang Xiaofei. What is important is that both of them have no intention of this marriage. Moreover, the two are divorced by peace.I can’t see that the parents have divorced.

Big S once said, "I hope he is better than me."

"Everything has passed, cherish the present, and thank everyone who cares about me."

Ten years of marriage, good or bad. In the end, she let go of everything, only remember the other party’s good place, and give the other party the best blessings.

Such a woman, no wonder Yu Junyi has waited for her for 24 years.

Now that Da S divorces, he will remarry shortly after. Except for the brave words, he can’t think of other words to describe her.Big S is still the courageous big S, who gives her most sincere blessings to her remarriage.

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