The banana is steamed on the pan. I didn’t expect it to be so powerful.

Put the banana in the pan and steam it. I didn’t expect it to be so powerful. As the saying goes, I did not lose weight in March and April.

Seeing that it is about to enter May, are you ready?

If you are not ready, then hurry up and learn this method today.

Hello everyone, this is a variety of kitchen workshops. Bananas are a very common fruit in life. It tastes sweet and delicious, and is loved by everyone.

It is not only nutritious, low in calories, but also contains a lot of dietary fiber.Our most common way of eating is to eat it directly after buying home.

But many friends don’t know that put the bananas in the pot and steam it, solving the big troubles of many men and women, especially our female friends. Many female friends like to buy clothes and buy some particularly beautiful skirts.Not up.

In fact, as long as we use the right method, no matter how young and good -looking clothes, we can wear it easily.You can also put on your favorite clothes in the summer and prepare one or two bananas. We remove its skin. Do not throw away the next banana skin, and cut the banana into thin slices.

The sweetness of bananas is very high, but the calories are very low, and it contains particularly rich dietary fiber and other nutrients. It also tastes soft and sweet. It is one of the fruits that are very popular, but there are many friends.You cannot use bananas directly because of various reasons, then this method today is very suitable for you.

Don’t cut too thick when cutting bananas, about 0.2 cm thick.After cutting, first income in the bowl, and put it aside for later use.

And we should not throw away banana peels, and there are many other wonderful use in the house.

Next, prepare more than a dozen wolfberry, two jujube, a small amount of water and a spoonful of consumer soda.

Gently grab the wolfberry and red dates, and consumption of soda can not only be used to make some noodles, but also can also be used to clean food, such as vegetables, fruits and these dry goods.And also have certain adsorption.

After grabbing for a while, you can see that the water becomes very turbid. This is because the dirt on the surface of the wolfberry and red dates is adsorbed, pour the dirty water, and then change the water several times to rinse.

Red dates and wolfberry are also the two very common ingredients in our daily life. The nutritional elements they contain are also very rich and have a lot of effects. They are mainly used for soup, porridge or soaking in water.

Like this, our red dates and wolfberry are completely cleaned, and the water controls the water into the disk.Now let’s process the red dates and check the red dates.

The taste of red dates is sweet and rich in iron. It is a kind of ingredients that many female friends like.Then cut the red dates, so that the useful substances inside can be better played.

After all processing, fall with bananas.Then fill up a bowl of mineral water. If there is no mineral water in the home, you can also use pure water instead.

Add a sufficient amount of water to the pot.Put on the steamer, and then put the bananas, wolfberry and red dates we have just prepared, and then buckle a plate on the bowl to prevent the steam from entering.

Then cover the pot, steam it on the heat and steam for half an hour.Half an hour passed, unveiled the lid and took out the basin on the surface.

Wow, it is really fragrant, it looks very tempting. Now the entire kitchen is covered with bananas, and the aroma of red dates is sweet. It smells sweet and sweet.Take out the bowl again.

After the banana is cooked like this, the dietary fiber inside is softened and can be better absorbed and used by the human body. For some friends who can’t eat cold, then the banana can also enjoy it beautifully after this treatment.

The bananas cooked in this way are not only soft and glutinous and sweet, but the soup is also very rich in flavor. It has the sweet and sweet flavor of red dates and the flavor of banana.Ingredients, combined these three ingredients together, simple.

Steamed it in the pan. Although the method is simple, the role is not simple at all, and light looks very attractive.After the banana has been cooked, the taste becomes more sweet and glutinous, the red dates inside are also cooked very softly, and the nutrition of wolfberry has been completely cooked. This banana red dates and wolfberry drink very delicious.You will receive unexpected surprises.

After doing so, we can start eating without hot mouth. After drinking the soup inside, the ingredients inside are eaten, so there is no need to put anything.

We put it in the morning to eat, drink a bowl, and full of vitality all day.

If you eat it at night, you don’t need to eat dinner after eating.These ingredients are very nutritious and full of fullness. If you like it, you can collect it quickly.

Get up and try it, dear friends, that’s how, our sharing today is here first. Thank you for watching. We will see it tomorrow.

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