The arrhythmia, panic and palpitations, low fever and fever, mostly due to yang deficiency!A recipe, solve the problem

Today, I want to talk to you, the arrhythmia is uneven, and the body is low -fever and fever.

Why is the body low?Is it because of a cold and fever?

I tell you, one of the reasons is that you are not enough.

Let me tell you a medical story.

There was a patient who was 30 years old at the time.

This person was not very strong, very weak, and cold limbs, cold dizziness, and disagreement.Unfortunately, she was pregnant and miscarriage.

Since then, the chills of the person have been cold, sweating, panic and palpitations, and low fever, and the body temperature is always hovering around 37.4 degrees Celsius.This situation has lasted for more than 40 days.

what to do?Hurry up and seek medical treatment.

Diagnosis, seeing the patient’s tongue, weak veins, weakness, and low voice.Ask carefully that her stools are not formed.

At that time, the doctor opened a recipe, Nai Guizhi soup plus aconite and Codonopsis.

As a result, the patient used 10 doses to feel that his body improved, and his body temperature dropped to about 37.1 degrees Celsius.

What kind of thought, this patient cure the illness.After seeing the improvement, I want to go further in a hundred feet, and quickly be good.At this time, someone told her that you are not good at a cold. Why is it so troublesome?You try my medicine.

As a result, the patient took people’s medicine.This medicine is basically sweating.

However, if you eat it like this, it’s broken.The patient was sweating immediately, and the chills were cold, and his body temperature rose to 37.8 degrees Celsius instantly.Heart palpitations, dizzy heads, trembling hands, getting up and turning can not be achieved, and he was short and lazy, his face was white, and his mouth was not thirsty.ECG shows the tachycardia.

What can I do?Hurry up and retrieve the doctor who had effective treatment before.

At first glance, the doctor’s nose was so crooked: "You say you, it’s pretty good, what kind of medicine you take in chaos!"

As a result, the bookmaker: system attachment, Atractylodes, peony, Poria, ginger, raw sun ginseng (beating), astragalus, keel oyster.

As a result, after the patient took the medicine, the phenomenon of sweating gradually relieved.After 5 doses, I can get up, the phenomenon of hand tremor disappears, and the body temperature drops to normal.

In this way, the original party increased and subtracted, and continued to regulate for half a month, and the patient finally cured.

This is a well -known old medical case in the traditional Chinese medicine industry. It was recorded in the book "Medical Discussion".

What is the head here?

Speaking, it is also very simple.

Let me tell you, this is a defense war.The process can be said to be twists and turns.

At the beginning, this woman was a person who had a good body.I have induced labor.

The matter of induction of labor has a great blow to her body and aggravated her yang deficiency.Therefore, after that, her chills have worsened.

The yang is deficient and the fixation is abnormal, so the patient loves sweating.Yang Qi cannot encourage the function of the whole body, so he is panicked and heart rhythm, low voice, weak voice, weakness, pale tongue, and weak pulse.

Insufficient spleen and yang and abnormal transportation, her stools do not take shape.

Why did the patients at this time have a low fever?Because your yang is too small.The yang is less than that, and the kidney is too cold, so the only point of yang is forced to float outside, so it has a low fever.From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine dialectical, it has a little real winter vacation heat.

Please note that at this time, although the patient also has chills and cold, it is completely different from the cold and cold.The basis of treatment is to warm the yang.

Therefore, the doctor initially used Guizhi Decoction plus aconite and Codonopsis.Fuzi Codonopsis, warm the yang of spleen and kidney.Guizhi Decoction can adjust the camp guard to improve the cold limbs and love sweat.

Originally, the matter had begun to improve.However, patients were trying to cure themselves, and listened to other people’s words, and took the medicine to diverge the divergence table.This is bad.

Why take the medicine for divergent dispersion tables?The reason is that he does not understand the cause and pathogenesis, and thinks that his symptoms are caused by a cold.This is the tragedy caused by medical blindness.

The purpose of divergent descriptions is to make people sweat more.Through sweating, bring out the evil and cold evil.But we only said that patients did not originate from external feelings.Her low fever and other symptoms originated from insufficient yang.

Now, if you sweat, you will bring out the yang qi (Jinneng carrier).The yang was lost with sweat, and the phenomenon of yang deficiency was even more serious. Therefore, the patient’s stable condition rebounded at once, and she began to have a fever again.

As for the arrhythmia, white faces, shortness of breath, cold limbs, cold limbs are even more cold, hands are dizzy, palpitations and panic are all the result of yang qi.

What to do?Have to make up!In any case, you have to keep the yang, otherwise it will be troublesome.

How to make up?Look at the recipe used by the doctor:

Make attachment, Atractylodes, Pei, Poria, Ginger, Ginger, Ginseng (Dat), astragalus, keel oyster.

Here, the production of attachment, raw sun ginseng, ginger drum dancing yang.Atractylodes, Astragalus Yiqi qi, combined with keels and oysters to stop sweat.Porians live up the spleen and ningxin, and peony slowly convergence the yin.Paeonia itself also has the effect of convergence of sweat.

In this way, the fundamental problem of patients has been improved, and its series of danger naturally resolves.

This is the basic passage of the medical case. I do n’t know, do you understand?

To put it plainly, this is a "battle" that repeatedly lost yang and defending yang.Fortunately, doctors and patients win.

What can we feel through this medical story?

Although Yang deficiency is not common in life and has a large life distance from ordinary people, it does exist.

In particular, people with postoperative, postpartum, and weakness have inexplicable low fever, disagreement, panic and palpitations. They must consider whether it is a lack of yang.At this time, don’t think that the patient has a cold, so he sweats hard.

Otherwise, the consequences will be terrible.

Secondly, I tell you that something is fine, and learn more about Chinese medicine.The patients in the medical case are because they do not understand the basic cause and pathogenesis, and listen to his words, which leads to the repeated condition.

If we can understand the basic principles of Chinese medicine, we will take a lot of detours.Of course, this also needs to be a doctor. It is necessary to be tireless to be popular, and to help more people understand medicine, study medicine, and understand Chinese medicine.

Only in this way can you use all opportunities to carefully tell the truth of traditional Chinese medicine to everyone.

alright.I just say so much about this.

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