The ankle is fat and thick legs?Improvement+modification will help you think about it

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Many girls have such confusion. The upper body is thin, but the lower body looks very solid, as if the upper and lower body belongs to two people with different weight.

The length of the calf is normal, but it looks very thick and the dullness is very strong:

In fact, the culprit may be fat ankles!That is, there is no clear transition from the calf to the ankle.The following two photos, you can observe the difference between the leg curve:

▲ The calves of the two people are similar, but the fat ankle on the left makes the calves look more round and bloated.The right ankle is thin. Although the calf has muscles, it is at least a bodybuilding.

The problem of fat ankles feels that many girls have it, but there is no related dry goods, so today Ding will talk about why some people have the fat ankle BUG!

Is the fat ankle related to the flat body?

Before the official start, let’s briefly judge whether we are fat ankles.

:Fat ankle: Lack of clear boundaries from calves to ankles

When judging that the ankle is fat or thin, bare feet or flat shoes will be more accurate. You can ask friends to help you take pictures to observe.

First look at the legs from the back, and the fat ankle has no natural transition from the calf to an ankle, and the meat feel is distributed on the entire calf.Achilles tendon is often covered with flesh and lacks skinny skin.

▲ In contrast, the normal ankle on the right can clearly see the Achilles tendon.

From the side, it will be very clear. The beautiful calves will present the S -shaped curve, and the ankle will narrow naturally.The fat anon is a round arc, and there is no inner concave at the ankle:

You can also feel it clearly on the front. When the fat ankle penetrates flat shoes, it looks like the calf is tied into the shoes, which is easy to be bulky:

▲ The ankle of the boy on the left is thinner, and the lines look good.

圆 The ankle fat has no absolute relationship with the round flat body

We have talked about the method of judging the round body before, and one of them is to look at the wrist.Generally, the wrist of the flat body is obvious, and the round body wrist will be more rounded and more meat -wrapped:

However, there are also flat girls who found out that their wrists are flat, but their ankles are not thin. Ding Ding’s little assistant is this contradiction.

In fact, the fat and thin ankle has little to do with the round flat body.For example, Dakata Fan Ning is a round body, and her ankle is really not thin.But Depp’s daughter Lily is flat, and her ankle looks almost fat:

Domestic stars are also unexpected.Like tranquility, Fan Bingbing, and Jiang Xin are typical round body materials, but they did not expect that their ankles could be so slender:

And Zhang Xueying, who is flat, looks particularly thin and thin in the upper body alone. I did not expect that the ankle was not thin:

So many times the ankle is not absolutely associated with the round body. What is the reason that causes the fat ankle?

These two major reasons,

Is the key to the fat ankle

There are bugs that appear fat, some are caused by acquired factors, and these have the opportunity to improve.Some are congenital reasons, which can only be modified mainly.

成 The acquired causes that can be improved

Let’s talk about the improvement.

The first is the FLUID Retention, which is edema.When the water in our body is too much, some parts are easily swollen, and the ankle is one of the "storage pools".

Some people themselves are prone to edema. In addition, they usually sit in work for a long time. The circulation of the body is slow, and the calves and ankles are easily swollen:

▲ Naza also said that she is easy to edema. After a long time of recording and plane, her legs will appear thick.

In addition, the overall fat is also one of the reasons. We all know that fat is easy to accumulate on the stomach and thighs, but it is likely to grow on the ankle.

Pregnancy is also likely to cause ankle to gain weight.For example, Kim Kardashian, who has always been strict for body management, the ankle during pregnancy is also fatter:

▲ It is related to inconvenience and inflammation in the body. Generally, it disappears naturally.

的 can only rely on the innate factors of modified

There is also a type of fat ankle, which is actually genetic.

On the one hand, it is the characteristics of fatty accumulation of fat at ankle, and on the other hand, the characteristics of short Achilles tendon may also be inherited.

The short Achilles tendon will cause the position of the calf muscles very down. It seems that there is no obvious transition between the calf and the heel, and the ankle will be thick visually:

Some slender ankles are inherited from the previous generation. For example, the Princess Meghan and her mother are such beautiful ankles:

Congenital factor is difficult to change, but we can still modify and improve the fat ankle through wearing and exercise.

In fact, the body of the fat ankle may be less noticed, but it is an important reason why the lower body is showing.It is easy to show thick legs and short legs, and the overall looks strong.

In the summer, readers also complained that their ankles were too ugly and could not wear sandals.Now everyone has found the reason. As long as you do a good job of modification, with some exercise to improve, the lines of the calf will become better.

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