The anger after pregnancy is so harmful to the fetus so great, for the baby’s healthy mothers, it is necessary to restrain

Many women will lose their temper after pregnancy. This requires the consideration of their family members. This is not a physiological manifestation of our female friends, but a physiological manifestation. Because of the changes in hormones in women after pregnancy, even this is the case.We must try to restrain themselves as much as possible. Don’t get angry easily for your baby’s health. Only if you are happy, your baby can be more comfortable in your belly.

If pregnant women are in a bad mood for a long time during pregnancy, they will seriously threaten the health of the fetus.

So what will pregnant women often cause the fetus during pregnancy?

1. Cause pregnant women’s abortion

During pregnancy, expectant mothers are in a poor mood. If the pressure in her heart is too high, it will cause a significant increase in cortisol content in the body. This is a hormone that suppress the secretion of luteum. Insufficient luteum secretion will cause pregnancy -induced egg bed disorders, bleeding during pregnancy, and during pregnancy.Severe consequences such as abortion.

Second, cause baby lip cracking

There are many reasons for the baby’s lip cracking, but the excessive emotional excitement or grief of pregnant women in the early stages of pregnancy is one of the reasons for the child’s lip cracking.

Third, affect the development of the fetus

Pregnant women with poor mood and stressful heart can easily lead to poor appetite. If they can’t eat, the pregnant woman’s own nutrition will not keep up with the fetus’s absorption of nutrients, causing the fetus to be slow.Essence

During the pregnancy of pregnant women, other members of the family, especially their lover, should give pregnant women more care and care, take out as much time as possible to talk to their wives, and let the wife spit out the unhappiness in their hearts.It is very hard during pregnancy. As a mother -in -law, you are here. You should know that it is not easy for pregnant women. During this time, please understand your daughter -in -law for your grandson and granddaughter’s health.

As a expectant mother, you also have to learn to regulate your emotions. Think more about some happy things. Don’t go to the horns of the horns. If you have time to listen to prenatal education music, it is very good for your fetus.

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