The advent of the goldfish period, several fish disease prevention and treatment methods, I hope my experience can help you

Yesterday, I said that a traditional period of raising goldfish in the spring is how to prevent it. Today, let’s talk about how the real fish disease has come up.

There is no reason for him. It must be that he is changing water and feeding such as improper operation during daily feeding.There is also a fish disease that the new fish is sick or after arriving at home because of the water and water of the goldfish.

The summary is that the temperature difference is too large, the water quality is not good, and the body surface is injured. This is the original fish, as well as the long -distance transportation of the new fish, the soil and water is dissatisfied, and the bacterial infection is the case.

One; the body surface phenomenon and state of goldfish disease

1. When the goldfish in the normal state also have a rest, when we approach or surprise it, it will quickly swim to find the fish group, and the state of the sick fish is lazy.Or find a corner or a quiet floating head, you touch it, it will slowly pierce into the water.

2. Wipe the tank, swimming coldly.

3. Quanzhu, the fins of each body are shrinking, not positive for eating, and vomit.

4. The body surface does not have the usual color, loses the gloss, or the body surface is congested. The fins have white spots and the fins are ulcerated.Or there are dark spots and dark spots.

5. White, bubbles, red and swollen pores, the fish belly is soft, but it is different from the softness of pregnancy and has no elasticity.

6. The mucus increases sharply, and there are cotton -like things that are attached to the body surface.

7. Open the gill cover of the goldfish. It is congested or white, or it can also be gray. It is also green in the gray and yellow mucus.

8. The eyes of the sick fish are not spiritual, or it is gone at all.

2. Goldfish’s diseases infectious and non -transmitting

Goldfish, like humans, is also divided into infection and non -contagious disease. Let’s talk about contagious first. I have not experienced too much fish disease, and I am not as high as many Gods. Borrowing the fishing ground ownerif.Goldfish getting sick is nothing more than a strange bacteria and insects. What can be contagious is the following disease;

1. Gill disease; 2. Enteritis; 3. Fryerba disease; 4. White dot disease 5. Plove disease; 6. Water mold; these types of fish diseases have worm infections and bacterial infections. The only feature is infection.

There are also fish diseases that cannot be transmitted, that is, the body surface is injured.Oxygen is malnourished, lost, heat stroke, and has encountered a cold. Basically, it is the two, and it is a little conditioned.That’s it.

3. The reserves of fish medicine

1. Peacock stone green+yellow powder

This combination is my most commonly used to cope with rotten fins, body surface ulcers, which is the treatment of trauma.The effect is very good.

2. Potassium permanganate

This is essential for quarantine disinfection. It can also treat gill disease, sterilization and anti -inflammatory, and disinfection of fish tank equipment. This is also what I always have.

3. Copper sulfate+Enemy Baijing+potassium permanganate+VC

This combination is the best combination of my treatment of gill disease, and it is not good for the treatment of gill disease.

4. Invincible soda

Why do you say that so on the baking soda, the soda is darkened, and the therapeutic effect of the powder is not right.

4. Common Fish Disease Treatment General Exchange

1. Water mold;

The onset season is mainly during the traditional period of the spring and autumn, or when the body surface is injured, the water quality contains the mold of the goldfish body. Congratulations, the water mold is not expected!

Coping measures are first isolated, and then wiped the white hair of the affected area with a cotton swab, and the liquid mixed with malachite green and yellow powder was applied with a cotton swab.Twice a day, basically healing for three to five consecutive days, and stop eating during treatment.After changing the water of the original cylinder 3/1, add the soda to adjust the water quality and alkali.Simple!Infectious diseases!

2. Powder;

Each eosinophone; such tall names are the source of powder. This disease is also a traditional disease period. In winter, new fish is the easiest type of disease at home;

Does it look like wearing a wedding dress

To cure it, the first step is to isolate to stop food; the second step of the original cylinder is changed to heating up and the baking soda adjustment. For three consecutive days, the sick fish uses the same method in the same method.Infectious diseases!

3. White dot disease;

White dot disease is a type of disease caused by small melon bugs invading goldfish watches. The most important thing is that it is very similar to powder.

This is white spot disease

What, what kind of medicine?Joke, I have never used medicine for treating white dot disease. The whole cylinder is heating up to 28, and the water is changed to change the water. Two days to stop eating. This disease is not a disease at all.I really look down on this fish disease.Infectious diseases!

4. enteritis

Isn’t it that you can’t control your hands, irregular feeding, or buy some inferior feed to make trouble?

Because this disease is in the goldfish body, but observation from the external manifestation is not to move, do not eat food, the cloaca is red and swollen, and the bowel movement is white or the stool has a bubble.

My treatment method is that if I find it in time, I will separate it alone, heating up, and it will basically come over for a week.If you need to use the medicine seriously, I also use a syringe used by people used by people to use a syringe for it, twice a day.

Why.I don’t have a long face for myself, and the treatment fails.Later, I couldn’t control myself.Feed bad feed to it.Ashamed!Infectious diseases!

5. Fried ichthyosis

Frying ichthyosis, vertical ichthyosis, and pine consequences are all the names of this disease. The disease is the same as the name, which is fatal to the goldfish!

Looking at the creepy

The cause of the onset is because the temperature difference between changing water is too large, and there are more fish. In the summer, there are many individuals, but they are all individuals and not infectious. This cause is not very clear. There are many sayings.The temperature difference between changing water is too large.

This disease is not successful, because sometimes it is accompanied by ascites, and this situation is complicated.

I had a successful treatment once, and it was only once, because I did not get the disease.The method is to break with yellow powder for half an hour to an hour.No ascites were found, which may also be one of the causes of the successful treatment.No infection.

6. Lost

The first reason is caused by long -distance transportation stress reactions. Put it in light water and add VC for a few days to slowly come over, and there is a large amount of feeding in the later stage.That is the congenital reason. Some fishermen add some auxiliary equipment to the last situation.But in my eyes, it is of little significance. If you want to raise it, you can stay. It is also dead without wanting to raise and reactive.No infection.

7. Body surface congestion

This disease is still because the water quality is not good, the water quality is the most important, the water quality is good, and the problem of body surface congestion is solved.No infection.

8. Body surface ulceration injury

Use the malachite green and yellow powder to blend the liquid, apply it with a cotton swab, twice a day, almost a few days in a row.No infection.

9. Beanutanus

Most of them occur at the tail of the fish.There is white soybean size, bacterial herpes infection, and the treatment method is simple and rude. The potassium permanganate is directly soaked for 15 minutes.Infectious

10. Goldfish’s gill disease

Many gill diseases are divided into two types, one is the gills and the other is the gills.But after communicating with the famous fish farm owner in Fuzhou, as long as it is a gill disease, don’t care about it or the gills of the gills, you just need to use potassium permanganate+enemy Baijing+copper sulfate+VC combination to invade the bubble every day.In 15 minutes, oxygen is burst during the period, and then isolate to stop eating. It can be cured for five consecutive days. Of course, there are still no success. The unsuccessful reason is that the treatment is not timely.

The third color from the left number

Potassium permanganate+one perish of enemy hundreds+two ml of copper sulfate (measured with a syringe)+VC!This is the amount!These medicines are placed in a bucket and removed the diseased fish. After treatment, do not pour it. You can also use the whole cylinder fish to quarantine.

Whether the gill disease is bacteria or insect gills, their symptoms are uniform, difficulty in breathing, anorexia, do not like to swim, the body surface loses luster, and the gill cover is difficult to close.What are the colors of the gill cover, gray -white, what are the fresh, usually quarantine and disinfection, can it be a gill disease to keep the water quality goldfish?Persuade those great gods, say something, and be so unpredictable that everyone is Chinese.

Just say so much, these diseases of the goldfish can actually be prevented. What kind of season is love, what kind of disease, and preventing your own fish in advance, it is much stronger than when it is anxious.Less bleeding.

I hope that this article can play in what role I can do, I can help you the best, and I have never seen many fish diseases, but I heard that if you have seen the fish disease I have never seenRefers to the correction.

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