The advantages and disadvantages of the flow of drugs and abortion

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When we are not ready to welcome the baby, the baby is here!At this time, all kinds of abortion methods have also become a headache for people. They are pregnant unexpectedly, and more and more women have abortion surgery.Regardless of the flow of abortion surgery, it is a harm for women.Therefore, we must take contraceptive measures, count the advantages and disadvantages of drug flow and abortion.

Is the drug flow good or the abortion is good

Is the flow of people good or the medicine flow?First of all, you should understand the relevant knowledge of drug flow and abortion, and then make a decision.The embryo is removed from the uterus with surgery or medicine, which is a key step of abortion.

Characteristics of drug flow

1. Drug flow: Medically within 49 days of menopause.

2. Suitable for the crowd: clinical, pregnancy trials, and B -ultrasound examinations are determined to be used as early pregnancy in the uterine cavity.Those who increase difficulties can also be used.

3. Harm of drug flow:

About 3%of the incomplete abortion rate and about 1%of the continued pregnancy rate for the drug flow;

Drug side reactions, such as early pregnancy reactions, gastrointestinal reactions, nausea and discomfort, etc.; Vaginal bleeding time is long, with an average of 14-15 days;

The possibility of infection: If the patient does not pay attention to the hygiene of the vulva, premature sex after the drug flow, etc., it can cause genital inflammation, manifested as abdominal pain, fever, vaginal bleeding, vaginal secretions have odor, increased white blood cells, incomplete uterus recovery, uterus and accessoriesThere are tenderness and so on.


1. Time to abortion: It can be performed within 14 weeks of pregnancy, and induction of labor will be performed more than 14 weeks.However, the best time for abortion is generally between 35-50 days after menopause, because the uterus is not too large, there are not many pregnancy tissues, the fetus is small, it is easy to absorb, the surgery time is short, and the bleeding is less.

2. Harm of flow of people:

Cervical injury is caused in artificial abortion, and habitual abortion and premature birth during pregnancy are prone to occur again;

The endometrium and uterine muscle layer of the uterine and uterine muscles in artificial abortion causes dysfunction dysfunction after each pregnancy, which seriously affects the development of the fetus and prone to death and premature birth;

If infection after abortion, it will cause inflammation of the reproductive system, and severe cases will cause infertility;

If the artificial abortion is pregnant again after the curettage, the placental blood circulation disorders; the bleeding after production is susceptible to production.

Therefore, the advantages and disadvantages of the flow of drugs and people, how to choose depends on the personal condition.

Which damage is small and flow of drug flow and abortion

Regardless of the way of flow, it is artificially terminated with normal pregnancy, which disturb the endocrine balance of the human body, cause endocrine disorders, and severe amenorrhea.

Medica abortion is usually performed within 49 days of menopause, but the drug abortion is likely to cause excessive bleeding. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct a drug flow in a regular hospital to ensure the safety of women’s life.The painless abortion time is within 35-55 days. At this time, the uterus is not too large. Generally, the surgery does not need to expand the cervix, which has a small impact on the body.

In terms of the two ways of abortion, the drug flow does not require surgery, so there is no possibility of infection in surgery, and there are fewer chances of infection after surgery.However, after the abortion of the drug, the occurrence of time is relatively long, and the long -term vaginal bleeding provides favorable conditions for the growth of bacteria, and the inner mouth of the cervix after the drug flow is also relaxed, which can easily cause bacterial infections and cause pelvic inflammatory disease.The main thing is that the failure rate of medicine flow is relatively high. After the failure, the clear palace surgery must be performed to further harm the body.

The painless abortion is relatively safe. Under the current medical technology, not only will the patients feel pain, but the entire surgery will be performed under visible situation.Women who are pregnant accidentally have a flow of people, and it is best to have painless abortion surgery.

What kind of abortion is good

The flow of people’s flow of drugs can decide the abortion method according to the inspection.

Advantages and disadvantages of drug flow and abortion:

Flow of people: Due to the development of medical technology, the flow of people adopted now is visual, painless, fast, and minimally invasive physical innovation. It is said that painless abortion is the first choice for abortion, but the disadvantage is higher than the cost of drug flow.Like other surgery, the infection of artificial abortion surgery is a problem that must be considered. It is necessary to take antibiotics routinely after surgery to prevent it.

Drug flow: advantages and price are affordable, suitable for early pregnancy discoverers.The disadvantage is that the medication time is long, there is pain during abortion, and it is not necessarily able to discharge it completely, so the bleeding time is long, only about 85%of the success rate.Therefore, the bacteria in the cervix can be brought into the uterine cavity, causing pelvic inflammation.

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