The abdominal distension problem of pregnancy should pay attention

During pregnancy, bloating is one of the common troubles of expectant mothers.With the continuous growth of the fetus, the gradually increased uterus will naturally compress the gastrointestinal tract of the expectant mothers. In addition to pushing the stomach slightly, the intestine will also be pushed to the top or sides of, By affects its normal resolution function, causing abdominal distension.

After the expectant mother is pregnant, the amount of activity is much reduced compared to before pregnancy, resulting in the weakening of gastrointestinal peristalsis. In addition, the intake of too much high protein and high fat, which makes the supplement of vegetables and fruits relatively insufficient., Cause constipation and make the bloating more serious.

This relieves abdominal distension

If it is only the bloating caused by the physiological changes during pregnancy and personal habits, expectant mothers can start from paying attention to diet and strengthening exercise to improve the problem of abdominal distension during pregnancy.

1. Small meal

Use a small amount of meals to eat. Do not eat too much every time you eat, you can effectively reduce the feeling of abdominal fullness.

2. Chew slowly

When eating, expectant mothers should be chewed slowly. Try not to talk when eating. In addition, avoid sucking drinks with straws. Do not often contain plums or chewing products and time sugar. These small details can avoid unnecessary unnecessary detailsExcessive gases enter the abdomen.

3. Supplement vitamin

Specific mothers can eat more vegetables and fruits rich in cellulose, such as white, leek, spinach, celery, loofah, lotus root, apple, banana, strange fruit, etc.Because cellulose can help intestinal peristalsis and promote defecation.

4. Avoid eating gas -producing foods

When the flatulence is serious, it should be avoided to eat foods that are easy to produce, such as beans, eggs and periodical products, fried foods, potatoes, etc.It is not suitable for food that is too sweet or too sour and spicy.

5. Drink more warm water

Specific mothers drink at least 1500 ml of warm water every day, and sufficient water can promote defecation.

6. Keep a happy and relaxed mood

Tension and stress can also cause poor blood circulation in expectant mothers. Therefore, expectant mothers should relax and maintain a pleasant emotion during pregnancy.

7. Keep proper exercise

Proper exercise during pregnancy during pregnancy can promote intestinal peristalsis and alleviate flatulence. It is recommended that expectant mothers take a walk for 20 to 30 minutes outside for 20 to 30 minutes outside to help bowel movements and exhaust.sports.

8. Simple massage to relieve abdominal distension

When abdominal distension is uncomfortable, a simple massage method can be taken to relieve: warm hand palm, take a smooth clockwise direction from the right upper abdomen, then circulate 10 to 20 laps in the order of upper left, lower left, and lower right.EssenceBut expectant mothers must not massage immediately after meals. At the same time, they should also pay attention to the strength of the motion, and to avoid the uterine position in the center of the abdomen slightly.

Along with bloating, there are often loss of appetite, constipation, and not easy to fall asleep, and dysfunction. These are all troubles that cannot be underestimated.In response to this situation, expectant mothers are best to go to the hospital to check the causes of abdominal distension and eliminate some dangerous situations.

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