The 74 -year -old grandma in Guangdong was unbearable, and the doctor "opened the prescription" to let her drink Coca -Cola for 3 days!It was the disease …

Can drinking cola cure the disease?


A patient in Dongguan, Guangdong

"Fortunately" to get such a "prescription".

Zhu Grandma from Dongguan is 74 years old,

Just a few days ago,

Grandma Zhu appeared in persistent abdominal pain,

And accompanied by multiple vomiting,

And the anus stops exhausting.

Data map.

Granny’s abdominal pain is unbearable

It’s "dung stone"

The severe abdominal pain seriously affected Zhu Grando’s daily life, or he was disturbed by lying or standing.Seeing this, the family quickly sent Zhu Grando to the local emergency department. After the symptomatic treatment such as relieving spasm and analgesic, Zhu Gran’s abdominal pain was slightly relieved.

In order to further diagnose and treat, Zhu Grando came to the Sixth Hospital of Sun Yat -sen University.After the relevant inspection, the Zhongshan Sixth Hospital considers the upper left belly of about the second group of small intestinal manure stones to obstruct it, and the small intestine obstruction is followed. It is recommended to review it after treatment.So he immediately gave a small colonoscopy.

During the small colonoscopy, the mirror was 350cm from the Cydi ligament. It really saw a huge dung stone blocking the intestinal cavity, and the endoscope could not pass.But what I never expected was that the trap repeatedly circled the resection and biopsy pliers, and the biopsy is still unparalleled.

Drink Cola and other treatment for 3 consecutive days

The dung stone will eventually be eliminated

Guo Qin, the director and deputy chief physician of the Sixth Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University, decided to let Zhu Grando take fasting and stay in bed for 24 hours.Once, once in the afternoon) and warm water (300-400 ml) per interval for 2-3 hours, after 3 days, review the abdominal imaging examination.The next day, Zhu Grando defecated many times by herself, and the obstructive manure stone was finally eliminated.

Guo Qin pointed out that in recent years, with the improvement of living standards and the reduction of per capita crude fiber food, the incidence of intestinal obstruction has increased as a whole.Common causes of small intestinal obstruction include intestinal adhesion, tumor, hernia formation, inflammation, foreign objects, and congenital factors.Of course, there are also some visible factors such as large obstructive dung stones.Guo Qin said that timely diagnosis and intervention is the key to reducing the incidence and mortality of patients with intestinal obstruction.

【Health Know more d】

What is dung stone?

In layman’s terms, dung stone is the food or foreign body that eats into the stomach. The dung stones formed by the digestive tract because they are unable to digest and are difficult to discharge. The texture is hard and similar to stones.They are usually formed in the stomach, which can move to the small intestine or colon, causing obstruction.

Abdominal pain, upper abdomen discomfort, nausea and vomiting are the main symptoms of small intestinal obstruction caused by fecal stone. Intestinal twisting, intestinal wall necrosis and perforation are common complications, and life is dangerous.

How to prevent dung stone?

Avoid excessive or fasting foods that are prone to feces, such as persimmon, hawthorn, black dates, bamboo shoots, oil cakes, etc.The elderly with decreased digestive function, and patients with a history of gastrointestinal surgery need to pay more attention.

In addition, in daily life, maintaining good eating habits, adjusting the diet structure in a timely manner, drinking more water, and avoiding overeating; and developing good bowel habits, moderate exercise to promote intestinal peristalsis is the method of effectively prevent feces.

What are the treatment methods of dung stone?

The stones limited to the stomach and duodenal intestines can be removed through gastroscopy; no obstructive dung stone with diameter <2 cm in diameter can try conservative treatment; for surgical treatment for surgical surgery for small intestinal feces stones that are obstructed or larger.

Information Times reporter Zhang Man Correspondent Tang Xiaoyu


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