The 7 -month birth checkup "has no fetal heart", which is related to these factors. Pregnant mothers should pay attention to prevent prevention

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Recently, the problem of "no fetal heart" fetal stopping of the fetus is relatively concentrated. It should be said that it should be safer after 3 months. The risk of abortion in the fetus drops to 1%, but some mothers are not very lucky.In the late stage, asymptomatic fetal stops appeared.

A pregnant mother said that she had no fetal heart when she was 7 months pregnant and had to induce labor.Many mothers leave a message saying that their children have no fetal heart in the third trimester.One of the mothers said that she took a needle at the time and it took 12 hours to come down. It was really painful.There is also a mother who is lucky. She is pregnant with her twins. One of the fetal hearts drops rapidly and emergency section. Although premature birth, it is also a grateful thing to keep the child.

They can’t figure it out, why is the dangerous period of early pregnancy, and in the third trimester of pregnancy, there will still be a "fetal heartless" situation?In fact, the development of fetus is a process of continuous change, and risks have always penetrated the entire pregnancy.

1. Pregnant mothers

Pregnant mother’s physical disease

Hypertension, infectious diseases, cardiovascular system diseases, endocrine diseases, digestive diseases, immune system diseases, amniotic fluid embolism, reproductive tract malformations and pregnancy tumors and other system diseases may cause fetus to occur during late pregnancyThe problem of no fetal heart stop.

Tip: Pregnant mothers must pay attention to their own health issues, actively diagnose and treat, to prevent "fetal heartless hearts" in advanced fetus.

Pregnant mother’s living habits

If pregnant mothers usually have problems with sleep posture, they may cause fetal hypoxia.In the third trimester, many pregnant mothers will have sleep problems, and they feel that they are not comfortable.Some are lying on the left, some are lying on the right side, some lying down and sleeping, some lying on their stomach, and some of them sleepy.

Among them, the left side is the most recommended sleeping position, because most of the uterus is right, the left side can improve the degree of right rotation of the uterus, reduce the compression of the lower cavity vein, and increase the supply of oxygen and nutrients.If you are lying on the left side, you will feel uncomfortable, so it is allowed to transform the right side to the right side in the middle.

Some pregnant mothers also said that lying on the way is the most comfortable, and if the fetal movement is not abnormal, it is not bad.But sleeping and sleeping on your stomach should be avoided, because sleeping on your stomach will compress the fetus and make the fetus hypoxia.When sleeping, the inhaled oxygen is reduced, and there are too many carbon dioxide to discharge in time. It will also make the fetus lack oxygen supply and hypoxia.

For me personally, I think that the left side is best for me, and it feels uncomfortable when lying down.When I was pregnant for the first time, because I was lying flat for fetal heart monitoring, the time exceeded 30 minutes, and the problem of temporary hypoxia occurred.Later inhaling oxygen in time, the next day was cut.For the majority of pregnant mothers, you must find a sleeping position that suits you.

2. Fetal problems

If the fetus has abnormal structural abnormalities, the problem of non -fetal heart stopping will also occur. The occurrence of this problem is generally related to heredity, environment, food, drugs, and virus infections.Pregnant mothers should pay attention to avoiding a harmful environment during pregnancy, avoid taking some drugs, tobacco and alcohol that cause fetal problems, and pay attention to taking folic acid to prevent neurotransidal deformity before and 3 months before pregnancy.

3. Umbchan

There are also many people who stop the tire due to umbilical cord problems, including umbilical cord around the neck, knot, too short, prolapse, etc.The umbilical cord is generally not harmful to the fetus, and the fetus is very smart. When it is wrapped tightly by the umbilical cord, it will move in the opposite direction to make himself out.But sometimes there are errors. For example, when they are disturbed by the outside world, frequent fetal movements, and fatigue, they cannot get around and are tightened by the umbilicus, resulting in hypoxia.Therefore, pay attention to counting fetal movements in the third trimester to prevent the fetus from hypoxia and cannot be discovered in time.

4. Placental issue

Because the placenta problem also occurs, there will also be no fetal heart. The problems of placenta are mainly sail -like placenta, premature placenta peeling, front placenta, and poor placenta functions.Pay attention to the check -up on time, confirm the status of the placenta, and discover abnormal problems in time.

The "no fetal heart" tire stopped in the third trimester is generally not sensitive to fetal movements, care, and discovery not timely. Usually, pay attention to closely counting the fetal movement.If the fetal movement is regular and rhythmic is normal. If you suddenly feel that the fetal movement is small or the fetal movement is a lot, it is abnormal, and you should go to the hospital for treatment immediately.Pay special attention to fetal heart monitoring during the third trimester. You can find the problem of changes in fetal heart rate during fetal movement and find out whether hypoxia is hypoxic in time.In addition to excluding the disease factors, there is a "fetal heartless" fetal stop in the third trimester. As long as it is found, there is room for recovery.

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