The 52 -year -old mother -in -law was pregnant, but the child did not know who it was. The truth surprised me.

My name is Wa Ting. I am 30 years old and I have not been so smooth.My world is not so big, only my parents, friends and me.But since he heard that the 52 -year -old mother -in -law was pregnant, and the child was not a father -in -law, I seemed to suddenly suddenly and cheer, and learned that life was far more colorful than I thought.

That day, I just raised my head from the corner of my story, and a familiar voice came from the distance in the distance.Smiling mother was chatting with dad, talking about the incredible story.She said, "You guess secretly, Yang Qin was pregnant!"

Oh my god!How could Aunt Yang get pregnant?I stunned and hurriedly put the coffee on the table.How could mother -in -law get pregnant?And the child is not a father -in -law?

Thinking of this, I couldn’t help approaching them, and asked curiously: "Mom, are you serious? Aunt Yang is pregnant? The child is not Uncle Lin? Who would it be?"

Mom nodded hard."It is really true, but this is not the most surprising part."

My ears were erected immediately.Which part is surprising?

"The child’s father may be Lin Yan. He has suddenly cared about Yang Qin in recent times, and he also began to pay attention to the problem of having a child. He obviously knew this secret."

"Lin Yan?" I widened my eyes and couldn’t believe it."Isn’t that their biological son? How is that possible? What is going on?"

Now I really can’t understand.In the emotional world, it can happen that yin and yang strange things can happen, but this is really incredible.When I guess the reasons behind, my mother opened the talk mode.

It turned out that Lin Yan’s first wife had an experiment with IVF for his child, and then divorced for some reason.The test tube baby laboratory made a mistake. Lin Ye’s sperm was mistakenly matched with his ex -wife and Yang Qin’s eggs, and the official seal was handed over to Lin Yan.No one knows this secret, until Lin Yan turned to see the documents in the past and restored the facts.

For family harmony, they chose to keep secrets temporarily.They will take care of their children together and bear the responsibility of parent -child.Life lets them know how to cherish the people in front of them, and no longer care about these pasts that can no longer be changed.

Oh my God!This emotion was over the roller coaster and almost fainted me.This is life, so real and ups and downs.Maybe I should lower my gaze, pay more attention to the words in life, but hiding the mystery of bending that can’t be around.

Maybe tomorrow, my love story will appear such a twists and turns?But I told myself that if life wants me to play those real and bizarre emotional dramas, I no longer be afraid, only because of such a life, it is even more exciting.

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