The 50 -year -old woman’s abdomen increases before pregnancy?It turned out that this disease was making a strange

A woman with abdomen swelling in the gynecological clinic looks like she has been pregnant for more than 8 months. Is it a birth checkup?

Take a closer look, this patient is 50 years old and has been menopause for 3 years. She is not pregnant like a maternal maternal in her 70s last year. She is definitely not pregnant.

After inquiring about the medical history, it also verified this. The patient experienced upper abdomen and discomfort before February, and abdominal distension would be more obvious after eating.At that time, I didn’t care, and after half a month, the abdomen increased rapidly. The food was strenuous now, and the weight also reduced 10 pounds in just one month. I had to come to the hospital for treatment.

After the patient was lying on the gynecological examination bed, we did a physical examination for her and found that her abdomen was swollen obviously. The measuring metering showed that the abdomen was 90mm, which was as large as the full moon pregnancy.The texture of the abdomen is very hard, and there is pain after pressing.During the gynecological examination, the pelvic cavity can touch about 24cm huge blocks.

This is a huge pelvic mass, and it must be surgery. The patient was hospitalized that day.After admission, after various preoperative examinations, caesarean detection surgery was excluded.

Open the abdominal cavity, and the patient’s abdominal cavity and pelvic cavity have a large amount of pale yellow ascites, sucking about 2000ml.The right ovary has no normal form at all. The size is about 24 × 20 × 15cm. The envelope is complete and the color is dark red.This is the huge mass, which looks uneven on the surface, purple -red, like a "monster" that can devour people’s lives.

We cut this ovarian tumor in accordance with the established plan, and we weighing about 3000g. The inner wall is smooth, the inner wall is smooth, no nipple -like protrusion and hyperplasia, and a large amount of light yellow jelly -like liquid in the sac.Institute of freezing reminder: The right ovaries are huge mucus cystoma, and the adenal hyperplasia is active.

Seeing this frozen result, we breathed a sigh of relief, and seemed to be benign.One week after surgery, the pathological report of the paraffin was consistent with the frozen results, and the patient was discharged soon.After a month after the operation, the hospital was reviewed. She recovered very well, her complexion and shiny, and she was judged as two before.

As a doctor, seeing the recovery of patients is the most happy thing!

After reading the above case, everyone must have any questions: What is ovarian mucus cystoma?Can it grow so much?

Ovarian mucus adenoma is a common disease of gynecology, accounting for 20%of benign tumors of the ovarian, mostly unilateral. The cyst cavity is full of jelly-like mucus. There are few nipple growth in the sac.EssenceGenerally, huge mucus cystic adenoma is not uncommon, but the general course is longer and the growth is slow.

The patient mentioned above is a rural woman with limited medical conditions. After many years of menopause, gynecological examination has not been conducted. When discomfort, they never care about it. They do not seek medical treatment in time.A adenomas, up to the sternum sword, and pelvic cavity, with a diameter of 24cm, which is rare.

With such a huge mass, the patient’s weight is obvious and older, combined with the B -ultrasound and pelvic CT report before surgery, and is easily diagnosed as ovarian cancer.Surgery is the only way to clearly diagnose.

Such a huge mucus ovarian adenoma in this case is rare and easy to misdiagnose, not often, but from this case, I hope that everyone can also get inspiration:

Female friends, be sure to recognize the importance of regular gynecological examinations, and have no disease.In case there is a disease, do not drag minor illnesses into major illnesses.

“The truth of the female disease “” “” The truth is here”

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