The 50 -year -old aunt is pregnant with twins, her husband and son support her: "It’s okay, let the daughter -in -law serve you"

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Giveting children has always been a family event, and as the cost of raising children increases, many families will consider more about having children.

Especially those families who already have a child, have children not only considering whether their physical condition is suitable, but also whether the older children can accept.

Giveting a baby is a more cautious thing, because after giving birth to the child, not only will he eat and warm him, but also consider his education and other aspects. ThereforeCan’t play.

Aunt Liu, the Lord of the Lord, is 50 years old, and the son of the couple has also become a family and married his wife.However, with the opening of the second child policy, the couple of Aunt Liu had the idea of regenerating a child.

Not long after, Aunt Liu became pregnant.After going to the hospital for examination, I found that Aunt Liu was still twins.After all, it is not easy to raise two children. It takes a lot of energy and money, and Aunt Liu is not young. There will be risks to give birth to children, but her husband and son support Aunt Liu to give birth to the child.Moreover, the son also said that he didn’t have to worry about the question of confinement, and he could wait for the daughter -in -law.

With the support of the family, Aunt Liu relieved to raise the fetus. Although the production process was very difficult, she still gave birth to the child safely.Even if the daughter -in -law is unwilling to face this situation, she is helpless. She can only listen to her husband and wait for her mother -in -law to confine.

There are very few situations like Aunt Liu, but then the child is regenerating at the age and does not take into account whether he is suitable for raising children and the care of children in the future. Such a hurry decision is still poor.Do you have to consider whether you are suitable for fertility, so what are the best fertility conditions?

1. Age is important

Young and healthy physical conditions are more suitable for childbirth. It can also provide children with a better nurturing environment. It will also go smoothly during production and recovery after giving birth.Generally speaking, the best fertility age of women is between 22-28 years old. Female egg cells in this age are healthier and more likely to conceive.

2. Season is critical

Pregnancy is not only required for age, but the season is also critical.Generally speaking, it is better to get pregnant in summer and autumn.In spring and early winter, the germs are the most rampant. Avoid these two seasons. Children can spend the first three months in the mother’s body. At the same time, these two seasons exercise is also more convenient, which is conducive to the mothers during pregnancy.Increase the amount of exercise.

3. Conditions before pregnancy

If you want to have a healthy and smart baby, then the pre -pregnancy examination of expectant parents is essential.Doing examinations before pregnancy can also prevent some diseases. At the same time, adjust your body to regenerate your baby to give birth to a healthier baby.

4. Quit smoking and drinking

During pregnancy, it is the most taboo to drink and smoke, so parents with these habits must remember to quit smoke and alcohol and prepare for the birth of beautiful babies.

After the child is born, the parents should be responsible for them.Therefore, whether to have children, parents need to consider the following issues carefully.

1. Do you have extra energy to take care of your children

It is certain to raise a child to hurt money.Therefore, before giving birth, we must consider whether this responsibility that can be assumed, and you cannot blindly want to give birth.

2. Consider physical factors

Whether a healthy child can have a healthy child is critical.If parents are very old, it is not recommended to regenerate children.Because parents’ bodies affect their children’s body and whether their children can be born smoothly.

3. Family suggestions

It is a family matter, so you must discuss with your family and unified opinions, otherwise it is likely to destroy the family atmosphere because of the child.

It is not a matter of children. Every pair of parents can consider making a clear decision and be responsible for the family responsibility to themselves.

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