The 43 -year -old woman was 2 months pregnant and aborted after massage!Doctor: You can’t touch some places

Ms. Feng, 43, finally got pregnant, but she went to a massage shop to finish the massage. She felt uncomfortable that day. After she was a doctor and children’s hospital, she found that the child could not be kept.Therefore, the massage store was required to compensate, but the store said that it was not caused by itself, so the two parties could go to court.

Suddenly the child is gone after the massage

Ms. Feng is from Anhui. She has children with her ex -husband. Later, she divorced for various reasons. She is still single.Last year she met a new boyfriend, and her feelings were pretty good.In order to make the relationship between the two people closer, Ms. Feng thought about having a child, and finally entered the palace of marriage.Because of the age, Ms. Feng has been taking Chinese medicine for half a year to regulate her body to facilitate conception.After finally getting pregnant this year, she was also very happy.

At noon on October 18th, Ms. Feng had lunch to the warm health shop in Lijiaqiao, Gulin Town, Gulin Town, where she had lunch.Because I often came before, I was familiar with the boss.Ms. Feng told reporters that at that time, she also asked the people in the store that she was just pregnant and could do a massage.The staff in the store agreed and said it was okay.As a result, Ms. Feng made an overall massage of the head, and she also made the lymphatic massage in the neck.

However, she felt uncomfortable when she returned home in the afternoon, and had bleeding from her lower body.So Ms. Feng rushed to the Maternal and Children’s Hospital for examination. The doctor finally said that the child did not keep it and had a miscarriage.For Ms. Feng, this news seems to be sunny.She felt that her abortion was related to the head massage at noon, so she went to the store to ask for a few days later and asked the store to compensate.

If you do not accept the mediation, you can fight a lawsuit

However, Ms. Li, the person in charge of the warm health store, did not agree with this statement.The reporter then tried to contact Ms. Li. When the reporter showed her identity, she hung up the phone and could not get a contact.Subsequently, the reporter learned from the Market Supervision Bureau of Haishu District that after the incident, Ms. Feng had come to ask Ms. Li."At that time, Ms. Feng believed that because of the massage in Ms. Li’s shop, she directly led to her miscarriage, so a total of 150,000 yuan was proposed to propose a total of 150,000 yuan."In this side, Ms. Feng was a little lion.She did not accept the mediation, and the opinions of the two sides were too large, and the mediation failed.

Moreover, Ms. Li felt that she was innocent.She told the staff of the Market Supervision Bureau that if Ms. Feng insists on compensation, she must go to a professional medical appraisal institution to issue a professional third -party testing report.It is better to go to court to a lawsuit.

Doctor said: Massage during pregnancy should be cautious

To this end, the reporter also consulted a professional doctor.The reporter learned from Dr. Wang Dejin of the Department of Acupuncture that pregnant women do acupuncture and massage physiotherapy that leads to abortion, but the probability is not easy to say (because no one will use pregnant women to experiment with the probability).Some acupoint massage and acupuncture are prohibited or prohibit moxibustion according to the treatment guide, such as Sanyinjiao acupoints.

Acupuncture doctors suggest: Do not press some acupuncture points during pregnancy and greater stimulation, especially in the early pregnancy. In the case of no last resort, do not do mass -physiotherapy acupuncture.

The reporter learned from the obstetrician that head massage generally does not cause abortion in early pregnancy in the perspective of anatomy, unless the body of the pregnant woman is suffering from some kind of stimulus, causing physical discomfort.

Doctors also said that many states of pregnant women in early pregnancy are unstable, and Ms. Feng is old and there are many uncertain factors.It is difficult to determine that the simple head massage will cause direct abortion. The specific situation should be analyzed by the inspection report and the report issued by the professional medical appraisal agency.

Source: Ningbo Evening News

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