The 43 -year -old Li Yan exposed that artificial conception was painful. In order to draw the eggs, the needle was thick and he had been hit for three weeks for three weeks.

Speaking of Li Yan, many people can be associated with the sexy and enchanting figure on the stage.The sound of "Moonlight Love" is clear like moonlight.

Although Li Yan looked like a mixed -race, her parents were all Chinese.Her father is an overseas Chinese in Indonesia, from Harbin, and her mother is from Wuhan, Hubei.When he was 9 years old, he immigrated to San Francisco, California. Before his birth, his father died of pneumonia.Four people in the family had crowded in a double bed, and had a sad childhood.

On October 2, 2010, Li Yan shared the news of the wedding news with you in his "East To West" World Tour.She and the executive president of Lifeng Group, Bruce Rockowitz, had a marriage contract. At that time, Li Yan was 35 years old.

In 2015, the two officially entered the auditorium of marriage. It is said that Li Yan’s wedding banquet sees 300 international -level political and business circles and Hollywood celebrities Red Star, including American famous Oprah, Jennifer Lopez, pregnant pregnancyByonus et al.

Li Yan and Brruce got along very well with the two daughters born of his ex -wife.Today, this sexy female singer is now 43 years old. For an elderly woman, it is really difficult to have children.

Earlier, Li Yan also expressed his hope that he could regenerate a child with her husband through the form of artificial conception.In an interview, Li Yan also confessed to the public that the process of artificial surrogacy is very painful, and it is not easy to be a woman.

She said that in order to prepare for surrogacy, she had to get an injection every day. The needle was particularly long and thick. She entered the stomach and had been playing for three weeks, and finally took out a piece of egg.For a woman who missed the best childbirth, although artificial conception was suffered, they could get their own children.

Coco Li Yan admits that he regrets it too late. You can draw it while you are young. Over 35 years old, the eggs will not be so vibrant, and your body itself must be under greater pressure.It seems that it is really not easy to be a woman!

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