The 4 performance of the body may be reminding you that you have to ovulate, you have to hurry up

"Spring is here, everything recovers, and the season of animal mating …"

The animal world was placed on the TV, and a male lion enthusiastically sniffed the lioness’s ass, which attracted the attention of Ms. Zhao. She did not understand why many male animals did this.

"This is because the lioness is in estrus, and it will make a taste during ovulation." Ms. Zhao’s husband answered with a smile.

"How can humans have no estrus?" Such an explanation evokes the curiosity of Ms. Zhao breaking the casserole and asking for the end.

"The female ovulation period is actually fragrant, but you don’t realize it."

… …

The estrus period is one of the biggest differences between humans and animals. In fact, as early as millions of years ago, human beings also had estrus, but they had disappeared as evolution.

The estrus period refers to the females in apes and most mammals, which have sexual behavior and pregnancy ability in some days in some seasons.In the period of the primitive crowd, women can perform sexual behavior at any time. There is no need for interval in the middle, and naturally there is no so -called estrus period.

Why does human estrus disappear?

The reason why animals have an estrus period are actually consistent with their living environment, which is the result of evolution and adaptation.It is a necessary condition for reproduction when the appropriate climate and food are sufficient. Only at this time, it can ensure the survival of the cubs.

The biggest difference between humans and animals is the development of the brain. Increasing intelligence allows humans to have strong adaptability to the environment. At the same time, tools can be used to work for food.And human food nature is more complicated, with a wider food source, and does not need to rely entirely on seasonal food.

In addition, human beings have a stronger nuclear ability to nurture in the next generation, allowing human breeding activities to gradually get rid of seasonal restrictions, and sexual life and reproduction can be performed in the four seasons throughout the year.

There are rumors that women who are ovulation will have a special fragrance. Is there a scientific basis for this statement?

Researchers at the University of Bernes and Constantz University in Switzerland have conducted an experiment that allowed 57 men to score the sense of experience in 28 women according to their love.These women belong to the age of natural fertility. During the process of participating in the experiment, their diet and life strictly abide by the regulations to avoid interference from the outside world.

Researchers allow women to place cotton pads in the armpit during night to collect the flavor of the cotton, and at the same time to detect the estrogen level of the subjects by saliva samples. It was found that the level of estrogen in women at the time of ovulation was higher. At this time, the smell at this timeThe most attractive to men.

Women with ovulation and these performances:

1. Increased sexual desire

Most women have a performance of enhancement of sexual desire during ovulation, which is caused by rising estrogen levels in women.

2. Increase private secretions

As estrogen secretion increases, women’s private segments will increase significantly during ovulation. At this stage, it will last for 2 to 3 days.

3. Breast pain

The rise in estrogen levels on the breast can cause edema of the breast gland, which is specifically manifested as breast pain, which can be returned to normal after the menstrual period.

4. A small amount of vaginal bleeding

After ovulation, women may have a small amount of vaginal bleeding for 2 to 3 days. This is due to the sharp decline in estrogen levels, which causes the endometrial growth to be affected. Some endometrial epidermis breaks out of breakthrough bleeding. Generally, no special treatment is required.

The ovulation period is the highest chance of women per month. How to calculate the ovulation period?

Women generally have a menstrual tide at the age of 12, menstruation around 50, and among the age of 12 to 50, they have ovulation ability.Women have about 400 to 500 ovulation in their lives, and a period of ovulation will be arranged per month.

The ovulation day is generally about 14 days before the next menstrual tide, that is, the first day of menstruation is reduced by 14 is the ovulation day. The ovulation period 5 days before the ovulation day and 4 days after the ovulation period is added together to call the ovulation period.

However, this calculation method is only applicable to women of menstruation. When the menstruation itself is irregular, the calculation results are not accurate.

Women have the highest conception rates 2 to 3 days before ovulation and 1 to 2 days after ovulation, because they can survive for 1 to 2 days after the eggs are discharged. Sperm can survive in women’s vagina for 2 to 3 days. Couples who want to prepare for pregnancy can rememberCalculate the calculation method.

For women, protecting ovarian health can not only make them better conceive, but also have great benefits for their own health.

1. Avoid sitting for a long time

Sitting can cause the blood circulation of women’s organs in the pelvic cavity. After a long time, it is easy to affect the normal function of the organs. Among them, it contains the ovarian, which can easily cause premature ovarian aging.

2. Reduce stay up late

Staying up late will damage women’s spirit, kidney qi, etc., and can easily affect the normal ovarian function.

3. Keep good emotions

Emotional badness will directly affect the function of ovarian and breast, and it is easy to induce premature ovarian failure and breast hyperplasia.

4. Strengthen exercise

Daily exercise, such as swimming, yoga, jogging, etc., are good for ovarian health.

5. Reasonable diet

Diet can be appropriately ingested with more soy products. Soy products are rich in isoflavones, which is good for improving estrogen secretion.At the same time, you can eat more fish, shrimp, egg milk, and fruits and vegetables.

To some extent, the ovulation period can also be called a "estrus period" of women, and women’s desires will be strengthened at this stage.Some couples with fertility needs can grasp the ovulation period!

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