The 39 -year -old pregnant mother took relatives to inhale second -hand cigarettes. I did not expect that major bleeding occurred.

I believe that everyone knows that smoking is harmful to health, and the harm of second -hand smoke can not be underestimated.What is second -hand smoke?That is, the gas and cigarette itself, commonly known as smoke and cigarette itself, are the smoke.In addition, second -hand smoke also includes the mainstream smoke spit out by smokers, as well as side cigarettes that emerge directly from paper, cigars, or cigarettes.Such smoke can cause certain harm to ordinary people’s bodies, let alone pregnant women?

Some time ago, such an incident occurred in Liuyang, Hunan: 39 -year -old pregnant mothers Xiaojing (pseudonym) have been pregnant for 34 weeks. Due to the habit of walking in the family, Xiaojing also followed his family to go out.After coming to relatives’ house, Xiaojing and his family were greeted and played, and men in the family were smoking.After a while, Xiaojing suddenly felt chest tightness and discomfort.She went to the toilet and saw that her vagina was bleeding, scaring her to let her family go to the hospital.

According to the doctor, fortunately, the treatment was timely. When Xiaojing arrived at the hospital, the bleeding had reached 500 ml, and the situation was very critical at that time.After admission, Xiaojing was diagnosed with premature birth, and then the hospital immediately arranged surgery for a caesarean section.After some emergency rescue, the mother and son were safe.However, due to the premature birth of the baby, it is still guarding the neonatal ministry.

The first is the harm of second -hand cigarettes to pregnant mothers:

1. Prone to cancer during pregnancy

There are many carcinogens in cigarettes, and second -hand cigarettes are no exception.We need to note that second -hand smoke also contains a large amount of carcinogens and amazingly as high as 69 species.Related studies have shown that smoking can easily cause people with malignant tumors such as lung cancer, oral and nasopharynx, and if women inhale a large amount of second -hand smoke during pregnancy, resulting in hormone changes and increasing the possibility of carcinogenic.

And these harmful substances will not only cause mutations in the genes in the human body, but also adversely affect the normal growth control mechanism, which will cause them to be disordered, which will cause cell cancer and the germination of malignant tumors.

2. Decrease in immunity

If the pregnant mother is in the second -hand smoke environment for a long time, it will not only be carcinogenic as mentioned above, but also cause their own resistance to reduce their resistance, cold, headache, chest tightness and other symptoms.In addition, some studies have found that the abortion rate is higher than that of pregnant mothers without smoking, and the incidence of premature birth is higher than that of pregnant mothers without smoking.That is because people can cause some organs to be changed after long -term passive passive smoke, which will cause the human body to decrease.

Let’s take a look at the harm of second -hand cigarettes to the fetus:

1. Cause sudden fetal death, premature birth

Second -hand smoke contains a large amount of carcinogens. The exposure of the pregnant mother and the fetus in the abdomen will also increase the risk of multiple smoking -related diseases.The exposure of expectant mothers in the environment of second -hand cigarettes can cause sudden death syndrome and reduce the weight of the fetus.

In addition, the inhalation of second -hand smoke will not only occur in the premature birth phenomenon mentioned above, but also cause neuropathic deformities and cleft lip and palate.Moreover, the survey shows that the child born of the pregnant mother who inhaled second -hand smoke is light, and it will cause sudden fetal death.

2. As a result of fetal malformations and dysplasia

The nicotine contained in cigarettes can shrink the placenta blood vessels. The blood originally supplied to the fetus was seriously insufficient, which eventually caused the fetus to be hypoxic.In addition, another fatal substance contained in cigarettes -carbon oxide is even more terrible.It will not only make the fetus hypoxia, cause the fetal dysplasia, but also more seriously that it will cause the tragedy of the fetus.

The long -term passive smoking of pregnant mothers will also reduce the zinc content in the fetus blood, the fetal brain development will have a certain degree of impact, and even the babies with low intelligence will be given.

In addition, fetal malformations in such a smoke environment, such as inherent defects such as rabbit lips, heart valve disease or urethral stenosis.In fact, whether pregnant mothers are active or passive smoking, they will have great harm to the fetus and themselves.

Jingma Parenting: If you want to bred a healthy baby, the pregnant mother should be very careful during pregnancy.Not only do you not be able to smoke, but also take the initiative to avoid the opportunity to passively inhaled second -hand cigarettes.At the same time, family members must also actively cooperate. Bao dad who usually has smoking habits should try to reduce absorption, or avoid pregnant mothers before smoking.Pay more attention to opening windows and ventilation to create a clean and safe environment to welcome the baby’s arrival.

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