The 35 -year -old beauty Yueyue did not come to menstruation, thinking that the happy event came, and after the inspection, I knew it was caused by this.

It is said that it is difficult to be a woman. For the time being, if you do n’t say that having a child, it ’s painful, that is, the aunt of the month is also a“ torment ”.Auntie is a guest once a month. When he comes, he is annoying; when you do n’t come, you are worried.

Nana, who works in a listed company in Hunan, is only 35 years old this year. She has been married for eight years. Because she is busy with work, she has never wanted children.But recently, the aunt has not come.I thought it was pregnant. Her husband was happy to accompany Nana to the hospital for examination.Actually, actually menopause.This is definitely a sunny thunderbolt for the husband of Nana. Their family has always been a single pass.They are waiting for them to have children earlier.As soon as she got home, her husband had a noise to divorce Nana.This is also a great blow for Nana. How can I go menopause at 35 years old?Nana really couldn’t figure it out.

1. Caused by other diseases

Just like severe anemia, tuberculosis, and abnormal chromosomes caused by severe malnutrition, these may cause menopause. However, such conditions can be cured, as long as the delay is not long.

Second, the spirit is too tight

If you are usually tired, tension, fear, and sorrow for various reasons, it may also cause dysfunction of nervous system function, which will affect the secretion of pituitary gland and may cause menopause.However, it can also be cured by actively cooperating with treatment.

Third, congenital functional ovarian incomplete

Of course, it is not ruled out that it is congenital functional ovarian incompleteness, which may lead to early menopause.This situation is congenital, and it is generally difficult to regulate the evening discovery.

In addition to the pathological factors above, the usual bad habits may also lead to early menopause.

First, like smoking and drinking

Relevant surveys have proved that smoking people have entered a menopamental period by an average of five years than those who do not smoke.So, do you dare to smoke?Secondly, the harm of alcohol to women’s ovaries is quite large. Women should also drink less daily. If you need to drink, you can drink some red wine.

Second, like to lose weight

There are people who love beauty. Which girl does not lose weight.It ’s just to lose weight too much through do not eat. This will make you malnourished. Severe will also cause endocrine disorders. Moreover, more serious, it will also cause early menopause.

Third, picky food, partial eclipse

Food is the source of human energy and nutritional elements, and the material basis for turning qi and blood.If you often picky food, partial eclipse or uneven diet, it is easy to make the human body lack the necessary nutrients and deficiency of qi and blood, which will lead to reduced menstruation and even menopause.

Fourth, do not pay attention to hygiene

Menstrual hygiene is really important.If you don’t pay attention, it is easy to cause bacterial infections, and it may also cause early menopause.

Therefore, if you want to go menstruation like a sister Nana, you must pay attention.

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