The 33 -year -old woman was not pregnant for 5 years, and she was in the brain!Be careful with these symptoms …

For many couples who are looking forward to being parents

Infertility is a troublesome issue

Some causes that are easy to be ignored are worthy of attention

For example, few people know–

Some kinds of tumors grow in my head

It will also directly affect pregnancy

I have not been pregnant for five years

In the end, a long tumor in the brain was found

✚ ● ○

Ms. Chen, 33, has been married for 5 years

I have never been able to get pregnant

She went to multiple hospitals to check

All diagnosed as irregular menstruation

But the condition has never improved after symptomatic treatment

For half a year, there is no menstruation, breast tenderness

Light squeezing breasts and a little milk secretion and other symptoms

Later, she went to Xiamen Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Do a head magnetic resonance examination

Actually discovered

There is a "pituitary PRL adenoma" in the brain

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After discussion

It is considered feasible

Dr. Huang Huiyong, the deputy chief physician,

Do not use the craniotomy, through the patient’s nasal cavity

Use a minimally invasive method to completely remove the tumor

Half a year after surgery

Ms. Chen was pregnant with her baby

What is this disease?✚ ● ○

What is pituitary?

What is an pituitary PRL adenoma?

Huang Huiyong said

Hentacle is an organ that secretes a variety of endocrine hormones. It is composed of cells with different types of hormone secretion function, such as the growth hormone that grows the body, the sexual hormone of sexual function, the thyroid function -related thyroid hormone, etc. It maintains normal normalImportant guarantees required for human physiological activities.The level of these hormone secretion accepts strict regulation, neither more nor less, otherwise it will produce excessive or insufficient hormone function, which will affect and harm the body.

PRL adenoma is a tumor that is derived from prolactin secretion cells. It is the most common pituitary dysfunctional adenoma. This adenoma is more common in women.The age of age for marriage and pregnancy.

What are the symptoms of PRL micronoma?

Huang Huiyong Introduction

Women of patients with PRL micro -adenoma are mainly manually, breasts, and infertility. In severe cases, armpit hair falls off, and subcutaneous fat increases. At the same time, it is also accompanied by fatigue, tiredness, drowsiness, headache, and sexual dysfunction.

A small number of men can also get it, mainly manifested in the sparse beard, decreased sexual desire, breast hyperplasia, impotence, the shrinkage of reproductive organs, reduced sperm, and infertility.

These manifestations directly affect pregnancy and lead to infertility.PRL large adenoma with tumor diameter ≥1cm continues to increase without treatment. Dizziness, headache, visual decline, vision defect (bilateral temporal partial blindness or elephant limitation) and pituitary function may occurCold, body hair, sexual function) and so on.

How to diagnose?

Huang Huiyong said

Need to be detected by serum PRL.If serum PRL levels are> 100mg/dl, PRL adenoma should be considered.If the level of serum PRL is> 200mg/dl, in addition to pregnancy, breastfeeding or medication factors, the existence of PRL adenoma should be determined.

How to treat it?✚ ● ○

Huang Huiyong said

At present, the incidence of pituitary tumors has a tendency to increase year by year

Find and choose the right treatment method early

Is the key

At present, most pituitary adenomas can use minimally invasive tattoos surgery in neurofe and endoscopy, which eliminates the pain of craniotomy and reduces the occurrence of severe complications.This is suitable for various types of large pituitary adenomas, including obvious symptoms of tumor compression, such as decreased vision and PRL tumors that cannot withstand or are not sensitive.For the treatment of micro tumors, drug treatment is generally advocated.Use bromide therapy, start with a small dose, take orally at dining or before bedtime, to reduce the reaction of nausea, vomiting, weakness, nasal congestion, position hypotension, etc., and gradually increase the dose. Following the disappearance of patients from patients from 2 to JuneThe menstrual recovery is normal, the level of blood PRL drops to normal, the adenoma shrinks, and can be conceived.If the patient is pregnant, the bromida can be discontinued immediately after 3 months of pregnancy, but clinical manifestations and vision should be tracked regularly to observe whether the pregnancy has the growth of adenoma.It is believed that there should be no teratogenic effects in bromine.

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