The 27 -year -old woman gave birth to a child, and she was pregnant just 2 months. She said frankly: I thought I would not get pregnant during breast milk

The novice parents finally survived the 10 -month abstinence life, stumbled away and sent away the tortured confinement, quietly coaxing the "Xiaofen Niang Jing", all the long -awaited "sex blessings"Life.

But who expected, I thought it was safe to breastfeed.

Xiaoya was very depressed recently. Girlfriend came to the house to visit her. Girlfon felt that she saw a trace of strangeness from Xiao Ya’s expression.

I knew between the conversation that Xiaoya, 27, was pregnant two months after giving birth.Girlfriend said, "Why do you care so much that you don’t know how to cherish your body!

You know that your body has not recovered at all, and you are really noisy now."Xiaoya said very wrongly:" My husband promised me to say that a woman was in breast milk, without menstruation, and naturally would not be pregnant. Of course, there was no need to take safety measures."I also heard that I would not get pregnant during breastfeeding. In addition, if my husband said, I believed it.

However, in fact, the phrase "believes that men are reliable, sow will be trees on the tree."Yes, I just won the prize again.

Xiaoya went on to say, "I feel that the current days are seeing the head at all. On the one hand, I have to take care of Dabao during breastfeeding, and the milk is reduced every day; on the other hand, I have to worry about that I have not recovered at this time.Is Baoneng develop well? Will it affect it? It’s really depressed to go on like this. "

Girlfriends comforted that it was so depressed that the matter was so depressed. It is also important to know that the mood of breastfeeding mothers maintain a good mood.For your baby, you must adjust yourself.

Regarding contraception, many novice mothers often ignore contraceptive measures after giving birth to a baby, which will happen like Xiaoya, which not only causes trouble to life, but also causes harm to the body.

1. Do not get pregnant without menstruation

During postpartum breastfeeding, because the body has not recovered, menstruation has not been visited, but no menstruation does not mean no ovulation.

According to statistics, nearly 50%of mothers will ovulate normally, and nearly 33%of breastfeeding mothers will resume ovulation before menstruation.Therefore, the new parents who do not want to mention the second child during breast milk should not be relaxed after delivery. We must take contraceptive measures. Otherwise, another small life is quietly coming, and the surprise and helplessness will make people difficult.

2. Breastfeeding can be contraceptive

Regarding the statement of breastfeeding, many novice parents, only know one, do not know the other, that is because the so -called breastfeeding must meet certain conditions to contraception.

1. Pay attention to the limited conditions "pure breast milk", and the baby is effective within six months.

2. Mother’s menstruation has not recovered after childbirth. If menstruation has come after giving birth, this signal tells you that you may "win".

3. The baby depends entirely on breast milk, feeds at least 4 hours during the day, and breastfeeds at least 6 hours in the evening to ensure the supply of breast milk.

After meeting the above conditions, the chance of success can be about 98%, but for the sake of the health of the lover, try to choose scientific contraceptive measures.

3. How long can I have the same room after giving birth

The days of abstinence are more tormented for novice parents. In order to live a safer "sexual blessing" life, we must obey the doctor’s advice. Generally speaking, 42 days of delivery must go to the hospital for review.After returning to the state of pregnancy, you can slowly lift the ban.

The mother of a caesarean section has a longer recovery of the wound after surgery. After the review, the novice mother has no other discomfort, and it is best to lift the ban 3 months after giving birth.

If the wound is lifted before healing, it may cause inflammation.

1. Condom

For novice parents, if there is no second child plan, compared with other contraceptive methods, condoms are a convenient and safe method.

As a lactating mother, the baby’s "ration" problem is to consider the "ration" problem. The steady stream of milk is a must -have for children’s growth and health.This method can not only effectively avoid sperm and eggs, but also reduce the spread of germs.

2. Birth ring

The advantage of the birth ring is not affecting the life and daily activities of couples. Once put in the uterus, it can be effective for a long time. Generally, the mother who has a childbirth can go to the hospital for the upper ring of 6 months after the birth of the mothers.

If you have some gynecological diseases, obey the doctor’s advice, and then decide whether to adopt this method.

3. contraceptives

If novice mothers use breast milk to feed the baby, do not take contraceptives.This is because the drug component in contraceptives will penetrate into the milk. If the baby drinks such breast milk, it will adversely affect the baby’s health.

If you have taken contraceptives, you need to use a breast pump or to empty the residual milk with your hands, stop breastfeeding for three days, so that the drug will be feeded after the metabolism is complete.

Many novice mothers said that every day in order to get a baby’s effort, she dare not want to regenerate a little ancestor.

Unexpected pregnancy is always caught off guard. In order to avoid "unexpected joy", in fact, effective contraception is the most effective way to solve this kind of concern.

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