The 27 -year -old son will get married 52 -year -old mother accidentally decided to aborted a doctor: there may be pregnancy in menopause

"I really dreamed that I didn’t expect that I would get pregnant!"

Ms. Wang, 52, thought that she had reached menopause and could no longer get pregnant, but did not expect that she had "won the prize".

Ms. Wang, from Hangzhou, works in a public institution.Although it is 52 years old, it is well maintained. There is almost no obvious wrinkles on the face. The figure is a bit full, but it is not fat and looks well.

Almost a year ago, Ms. Wang’s menstruation began to be disordered, and she often came once every two or three months.

"I thought I was in a menopause, and my menstruation was inaccurate because I was going to be menopausal."

Ms. Wang said that menopausal disorders should be normal, and they are 50 years old. They are almost menopause. It is impossible to get pregnant, and there is no need for contraception.

After the New Year, Ms. Wang felt that her stomach was larger than before, and she was weighed several pounds.At the beginning, she thought she had eaten too much during the Chinese New Year and she was fat.Later, I was vaguely noticed that there was movement in my stomach before I went to the hospital for examination.

Unexpectedly, ultrasound examination showed that Ms. Wang had a baby in her belly!

According to the last menstrual period, it has been more than four months pregnant.Ms. Wang was startled by herself. She didn’t feel at all before. She had been disorderly during the physiological period. She hadn’t had a menstruation for more than four months and didn’t feel abnormal.

It is not easy for the 52 -year -old "old age" to be pregnant.But Ms. Wang did not intend to give birth to this baby.

On the one hand, he is old and belongs to a super -aged mother. The probability of abnormal malformations in the fetus is much greater than that of ordinary pregnant women.And I did n’t know about it for a few months, I have n’t done relevant inspections, and I dare not risk.

"In addition, my son is 27 years old, and he is already at work. His girlfriends have also had it. I plan to get married in the near future. Maybe there will be babies soon."

Ms. Wang said that if she had a second child at this time, the second baby and grandson were about the same age in the future, worried about others to see jokes.

In the end, Ms. Wang chose to perform surgery and gave up the baby in her stomach.

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