The 23 -year -old pregnant woman took a bath alone in the bathroom. As a result, I lost their fetus.

Xiaomei, 23, was pregnant this year. In the early pregnancy, she was suffering from suffering. She was vomiting and vomiting. The pregnancy reaction was too strong. She finally had to cook it in the middle of pregnancy. However, the fetus was abortion because of an accident.

This is the case. Xiaomei is a well -loved woman who often takes a bath and keeps her body clean.In the evening the day before yesterday, Xiaomei went to the bathroom as usual, and her husband cook in the kitchen. As a result, half of Xiaomei suddenly fainted, and the child had a miscarriage.After the doctor’s examination, I found out that Xiaomei was showering in the bathroom, and then forgot to open the wind. The heat was not drawn away, and then a hypoxia was produced.Washing your face with tears all day is too distressing.

Through the story, Mother of Min’er has something to say that pregnancy is an important period in women’s life. Therefore, during pregnancy, pregnant women need to pay special attention to their health.However, even if you pay great attention to health care, accidental accidents will cause pain to pregnant women.Just like Xiaomei in the above, because of a negligence, the child’s abortion is caused, so how does this problem arise?How to prevent it?Mother of Miner will explain such problems from these perspectives.

Many people know that keeping cleaning during pregnancy is very important, and bathing is also one of the ways.However, during the bathing process, if heated water is used, it will not only make the pregnant woman’s body uncomfortable, but also affect the health of the fetus.During the hot bath during pregnancy, the circulation of blood will accelerate and make pregnant women feel tired.If pregnant women are in hot water for a long time, they may also cause problems such as hypoxia and cause fainting.

The bathroom is one of the most prone to problems, because it is often in a humid state, and the air circulation is not enough.This can easily lead to some problems, such as the problem of Xiaomei fainting above.In the bathroom, if the closedness is strong and the air flow is not enough, it will cause hypoxia in the air.

During pregnancy, there is a unfortunate thing, because it will not only cause pain on pregnant women, but also have some impact on physical health.However, if treated in time, the situation can still be improved.For example, abortion occurred in the early pregnancy, and the abortion can be achieved through drug treatment; and abortion in the middle of pregnancy may need surgical treatment to remove the embryo.In short, in the process of treating abortion, doctors will provide necessary drugs for pregnant women, and choose the most suitable treatment method according to the condition of pregnant women.

For pregnant women, preventing abortion is very important because the incidence of abortion during pregnancy is relatively high.In order to prevent abortion, pregnant women need to pay attention to some aspects, such as:

1. Keep good hygiene habits.Sanitary habits are one of the keys to improving physical health. Pregnant women need to take a bath every day, change their underwear, and keep their bodies clean.

2. Avoid overwork.Pregnant women should ensure sufficient rest, do not overwork, and avoid heavy physical labor.

3. Balanced diet nutrition.Pay attention to balanced diet to ensure sufficient nutritional intake.Pregnant women avoid eating spicy and irritating foods, and should not drink, smoke, etc.

4. Pay attention to the cleanliness of the family environment.The family environment also has a great impact on physical health. Therefore, pregnant women need to pay attention to the cleanliness and hygiene of the family environment to avoid humidity and pollution in the room.

During pregnancy, women need to pay special attention to their health.There are some discomfort, and you must consult in time in a timely manner.Pay attention to a healthy diet, drink plenty of water, ensure sufficient sleep, and avoid the existence of stimulants such as great joy, great tragedy.Actively participating in pregnant women yoga is also a good way to maintain good health.

At the end of the article, Mother of Miner wanted to say that pregnancy was a very important period in women’s lives. Stylism was very important. During pregnancy, she needed to pay special attention to her physical health and avoid accidents.The hygiene habits, prevention methods, health awareness, etc. mentioned in this article can help pregnant women maintain good health and reduce adverse pregnancy.In addition, if an accident occurs, it is necessary to seek medical treatment in time to avoid deterioration.In short, only by maintaining a healthy body and a positive attitude can we spend a healthy and happy pregnancy.

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