The 20 -year -old sister talked about a boyfriend with everyone back and was pregnant with a child. I was going to marry him

My sister was so angry. She was 20 years old. She was talking about a boyfriend with everyone, and she was pregnant with her child.My parents were very angry and wanted to sever the relationship with her, but she insisted that he would not marry.In the past few days, the atmosphere at home was particularly depressed. My mother was lying on the bed all day without eating or drinking, while my dad smoked one by one.

So my brother and I decided to find my sister, asked her to go out, and wanted to talk about it outside.My brother said to my sister, "Do you really want to marry that boy? Do you know the conditions of his family? Do you know his character? You have just started to deal withGive him?

How can you make such a decision easily?And you don’t even protect yourself, how can you have a relationship, and you are still pregnant now?Are you a girl, don’t you know to protect yourself?How dare you adventure?"

My sister replied stubbornly: "I like him, I just want to marry him, he is good to me."

My brother continued: "Can you eat it for meals? You are only 20 years old, do you know what love is? You are still a child, you don’t understand anything. Now you want to leave home alone to Hunan.Been to his house? Do you know what else is there in his house? Do you know their family conditions? How can you make such a decision without knowing these? "

My sister ignored my brother’s words, and said stubbornly: "I like him, I am also a man I am married, and I am not married to his family. After marriage, we live with two people.What about me? As long as he is good to me, as long as he has a serious job, it is not troublesome! As long as the two of us work together, I will not believe that we will be bad! "

My sister -in -law went on to say, "Marriage is not just about two people, just like I am married to your brother, I have to get along with you after marrying. If my parents are unreasonable, do not support us, you think I and your brother and your brotherCan you continue your days? Now do you know what kind of person is the other person’s parents? You are pregnant. If you give birth to a child, the other party’s parents don’t help you bring it. You know how difficult it is?"

My sister replied, "I don’t want to think so much, I just want to look at it. Why should I worry about what happened in advance in the future? This will only make myself unhappy."

What my brother and my sister -in -law said, the sister did not listen to it, and she pretended not to hear what my sister said.We don’t know what to do, we can’t force her to go to the hospital to kill the child!Now that boy is in our county, the sister took him home, and originally wanted to let parents see him.But how could parents accept him so quickly?As for what will happen in the future, it is really unclear. I think parents may compromise!

If so, my sister will definitely regret it in the future.We are in Anhui, she will marry as far as Hunan.In any case, I still hope she can be happy, and I really hope she is happy!

Looking at my sister’s persistence, I can’t help feeling distress and worry.As my sister, I know she really likes that boy, but I also understand my parents’ worry and dissatisfaction.This is a complicated issue involving family, future and responsibilities.

I decided to try her choice from her perspective.My brother and I continued to persuade her, hoping that she could think calmly.I said to my sister, "Sister, I understand your feelings for him, but marriage is a matter of life, not just a matter of emotion. You have to consider his family and your future. Their conditions and his characterIt’s important for you. Don’t just look at the likes in front of you, and consider long -term happiness. "

After listening to me, my sister was silent for a while, and then said, "Sister, I know you are worried about me, but I really like him. He is good to me, we are very happy together. I believe as long as we work hard, we canCan create a happy future together. I don’t want to give up our feelings because of some external factors. "

My brother and my sister -in -law also tried their best to understand her sister’s thoughts, but she was still worried that her decision would bring her difficulties and misfortunes.Our family is caught in deep contradictions and anxiety.

In the next few days, my parents gradually accepted the decision of my sister, although it was still a little uneasy.We started to accept that boy and understand his and his family.Gradually, I felt that the atmosphere at home was eased, and everyone began to think about how to support her sister and her future.

I found a chance to talk to my sister alone. I told her: "Sister, I know your feelings for him are real, but marriage is not only a matter of two people, but also the relationship between family and society.Consider all this more carefully, don’t make decisions easily. Our whole family wants you to be happy, but we also hope that you can consider the possibility and difficulties in the future. "

My sister silently listened to my words, and her eyes revealed some hesitation and thinking.She finally said, "Sister, thank you for your concern and suggestions. I will consider your words seriously. I also hope to find a balanced way to solve this problem. In any case, I hope that our family can live in harmony and pursue happiness together."

I was relieved to hear my sister’s answer.I know that this problem has not been completely solved, but at least we are trying to communicate and understand each other.I hope my sister can grow and wisely decide in this process to find her own happiness.As a sister, I will always support her, no matter what she will make.

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