The 19 -year -old girl went out to swim, and after 1 month later, she found pregnancy.

In the summer, many places where summer avoidance has become a gathering place for people. Among them, the open -air pool can be said to be the best place for heat and heat.

At the age of 19, Yali liked to swim since she was a child, so she practiced a delicate and slender figure. In addition, this age was basically mature for girls, so her body shape was more convex.

At first, Yali only laid the water in the regular swimming pool. How can she have to renovate recently and suspend business recently, but Yali has been used to underwater habits since she was a child, especially in summer, she will become particularly dry in summer.

Helpless can only come to an open -air pool to contact the moisture of the water, otherwise it will miss the whole summer.

This swimming pool that does not meet the standards, looking at it, can be said to be men, women, and children, and fish and dragons are mixed. There are all kinds of people in the deep water area or diving area.

The appearance of Yali is like a beautiful landscape, which suddenly attracted the attention of most people in the swimming pool, because the figure is really great. The front and back of the tight swimsuit are even more beautiful.After more than, many men look straight, and the swimming trunks seem to have become tighter.

Yali swept the swimming pool a little disgusted and decided to visit the Shenshui District for a while, because there were few people here, and the water quality was relatively clear.

When she came to the water, Yali was like the fish entered the sea, enjoying the coolness and pleasure brought by the water flow.

Because I didn’t touch the water for too long, Yali You was almost forgotten, what dives, butterfly, backstroke, and showed them one by one.

When she was tired, when she was holding the pool to rest, I found that the deep -water zone with few people in the original person became lively at this moment, and most of them were men who came here.On her body, Yali felt uncomfortable.

I originally wanted to go ashore, but I thought about it for a while, because the weather was too hot. If your skin is not nourished without deep water, I am afraid that it will explode.

So she continued to go to the water and simply closed her eyes to ignore those wretched eyes.

Wandering, Yali suddenly felt that between her legs, she seemed to be bitten by something, and a tingling sensation came.

The sudden pain made Yali imbalanced underwater, took a few sips of water, and then fluttered, and the people around him rushed over to rescue.

Yali only felt that her body was held on the water by seven -handed foot, and all parts of her body were also touched by people. In this way, I didn’t know who finally took her to the end.shore.

Yeli, who was panicked and shameless, no longer wanted to stay in this place. She couldn’t help saying to the crowd, so she went to the dressing room in a panic, put on her clothes and left …

After returning home, Yali began to check her body without finding any strangeness, but there was a small hole in the center of the triangle of the swimming trunks.For example, bugs or fish, I dare not play blindly in this kind of place in the future. I still find a swimming pool to reliable, even if it is far away from home.

In this way, after a month, Yeli felt that she was often weak. I originally liked what I like. Now I see my nausea, and I will vomit more.

Seeing that her daughter had a strange body, her mother took her to the hospital, only suspected that it was heat stroke.

After the results of the hospital’s testing came out, Yali and her mother were shocked.

The results show that Yali is pregnant!

At this moment, Yali and her mother were in a very shocking state. The mother -in -law looked at each other for several minutes. Looking at her mother’s unhappy eyes, Yali first said: No!impossible!I haven’t had that!"

My mother knows her daughter. She is a good -looking girl. In the future, she will enter the upper level. It is likely to marry a wealthy man. It is impossible to do such a thing silently.sign.

To say that surprise, it must be Yali herself. Even if her mother believes in herself, she only knows her situation. She really has never done something that can be pregnant. How can she have such a ridiculous and unreasonable thing!

At the request of the mother and daughter repeatedly, the hospital can only test the test again, showing that the result is the same as last time: early pregnancy in the palace

At this time, the doctor saw the panic of the mother and daughter, and suggested: "Recall what you have in your body directly or indirectly with others in the past two months? Especially …" The doctor used a pen to use his pen to finger his finger finger.Below Yali.

Yali worked hard to calm her chaotic thoughts. After thinking for a while, she suddenly widened and said, "Yes! I went to the open -air pool once a month ago …"

So Yali told the doctor about the swimming pool on the day of the day.

When the doctor nodded thoughtfully, after a few calls to the conclusion, he said to the mother and daughter, "That’s it, I will tell you a simple point.In the water of the temperature, you can survive for a certain period of time, and you don’t have to pass the direct contact between men and women. Although this probability is very small, you will still happen … "

The doctor paused and continued: "Of course, it may also be that during the rescue process of your drowning, there are fine leaves on your fingers and then touching you, and you have completed this conception process … Of course, this is of course this … Of courseIt’s just a inference. "

Hearing this, Yali remembered in the swimming pool that day. Those men looked at their eyes and expressions, and did not know what their hands were doing underwater, and in the process of being held from the water,The touch of all parts of the body is really disgusting and terrible to think of it now.

But no matter what the process is, this is no longer changed, and the mother and daughter can only accept reality and get home.

At the same time, this incident also tells us, especially in some public places, we must pay attention to our safety and hidden dangers. Even if we are clean and of ourselves, some people who can’t hold them will secretly do something.Keep as far as possible to prevent accidents.

After another month, Yeli was accompanied by her mother and was going to go to the hospital to be abortion. But at this time, a stranger came to the door to stop and brought a more shocking news to the mother and daughter.Because he claims that he is the father’s father!

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