The 18 -year -old pregnant girl took a video ‘‘ full network dad ’”.

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—— [Foreword] –

Dog blood, a 18 -year -old girl, was pregnant before unmarried, and was kicked by her boyfriend.Girls can post online to find the receiver. They only need 200 yuan to meet themselves. What is even more outrageous is that their own conditions are not very good, but the conditions for the man are not low.

—— 【Tragic Childhood】 –

The hostess Xiaolu was born in rural Henan in 2005. From the memory of his parents, he was divorced. He grew up and listened to his relatives.Mom and her, the domestic violence divorced.After her father was awake, she came to give gifts to apologize to remarry, and her relatives also attached to peace, saying that her dad was not sensible before, and remarried.As soon as Xiaolu’s mother heard the man’s voice, she trembled throughout her body. Thinking of the days when she was beaten, she sent Xiaolu to her house the next day. Xiao Lu’s mother ran to work alone.

Xiaolu and her dad are still in the same village. Sometimes Xiaolu will go to her father’s house, but once encountered an old man, he infringed the path, did a disgusting thing, and the path was frightened.How much harm to a child’s heart, dare not imagine.After the path went to the father’s house, when I met the old man, the old man was looking at the path with a weird smile, and scared the path to dare to go again.Never greeting her, as if she did not exist, so when his dad died, the path did not go.

In junior high school, because the aunt’s house also had children to take care of, Xiaolu was sent to her host school by Xiaolu. Although the path was unwilling, she could not change this decision.The male classmate gave her a bad nickname, tore her book, and the roommates could not see the path, quarreled with her, and the path wanted to study hard, but those students’ ” harassment ”, the teacher’s regardless of letting her be in the regardless of letting her be inThe school couldn’t stay, and the road called her mother one night and said she would drop out of school.On the phone on the phone, she was scolded fiercely by her mother, and she couldn’t go to school to work.At that moment, Xiaolu was really uncomfortable. After the phone was hung up, he cried and cried, and his mother was like himself.

With a family experience like Xiaolu, no one taught her and loved her, making her self -destruction became like this now, not self -esteem, self -reliance, self -reliance and self -reliance, and the three views collapsed.

–【accidental pregnancy】–

In 2021, Xiaolu came to work in Suzhou, Jiangsu. He returned to Beijing without earning any money to work in Suzhou. During this time, the path was not raised by her ex -boyfriend. The boyfriend was the same age as her.I met through online dating. After Xiaolu was pregnant this year, he was kicked by a boyfriend who was not responsible. After the ex -boyfriend’s parents knew, he sent his ex -boyfriend to school.There is no response.

—— 【Find Child Dad】 –

Shortly after the breakup, Xiaolu did a very burst operation to expose his pregnancy test stick, the pregnancy list of the hospital, and left a message under the work.Life photos, what parents do.‘’ Xiaolu also commented that no matter who or who can raise them, whoever can raise them, who is the child’s father, and whose surnames are with.

In the second video, the path spoke boldly, saying that her ex -boyfriend could not do anything except to take care of her. It was a waste. When I came back from work, I played a mobile phone. I was so young and beautiful. I asked netizens if she should ask her ex -boyfriend for youth loss.Fees, netizens are completely dumbfounded, who is the abandoned, who is nothing every day, laying home waiting for her boyfriend to give money, and people who eat people and wearing people are speechless.

After the first video broke out, many netizens signed up, and the path made a request. It took 200 yuan to see the second face.It is still very happy that some netizens are still willing to see a netizen after the selection. After I went there, the path was disgusted with the man’s home without air conditioning. The conditions were not good. I did not expect that the man bought the air conditioner for the small road in order to please the path.Xiaolu then posted a video and said that thank you netizens for helping me find a good dad, and it was settled by himself. He was good for us. He promised to keep us on us and said that if the ex -boyfriend did not come to her within three years, thenShe will consider marrying this netizen, and she will post videos.

After the video was sent out, netizens thought it was okay. As a result, a few days ago, the path was stubborn because of his stubbornness., I was raised at home every day, and the whole road was so lazy.

Xiaolu was kicked out and had to pin his hopes on his ex -boyfriend, asked his former boyfriend for living expenses, and continued to find the house. Maybe it won’t be long before, Xiaolu will find a ‘"good -hearted person".

It was shocking that there were still people who were pitiful to him and gave her money. As a result, people ate well and had no sadness at all.

—— 【Conclusion】 –

We who have been educated in a good education in the 21st century should be self -esteem and self -reliance.

We need to cultivate our own ability, learn to overcome our difficulties, we must face it bravely and solve it bravely.

The path of life is not smooth sailing. Sometimes it is covered with thorns. Sometimes it is accompanied by the wind and rain. No matter what kind of setbacks and difficulties we encounter, we must be our own savior, independence, do not rely on anyone, do it ourselves, learn to learn ourselvesSelf -restraint, do not take a missed by others.

We must stand on their own. Only by self -reliance can we win dignity and power. We must grab fate in our hands at any time. There is an old saying in China.

To achieve your own financial freedom, independent personality, spiritual independence, live for yourself, and stay away from those who consume you.

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