The 18 -year -old pregnancy girl took a video of the video "full network dad".

During this time, Gumei has been watching some news on the Internet, and there is a news that makes him completely dumbfounded.

A 18 -year -old girl took her life with her mobile phone.

She also mentioned her pregnancy and was abandoned by her ex -boyfriend.

That’s why she asked for help on a video website.

I know at a glance that this is looking for a successor for his son.

What’s even more ridiculous is that although this woman has a poor family, she has such a good condition.

You can see this girl with only 200 yuan of pocket money.

This girl was born in 2005. She is 18 years old. Because she is pregnant with her boyfriend, she abandons her boyfriend. Now she has to find a single dog to inherit her "husband".

In this world, there is no such good thing.

However, there are still people who are willing to spend two hundred yuan to see this girl.

Moreover, this girl still looks high, and does not mind being an unexpected pregnancy.

Also leaving a message below: If you want to be my son’s father, take out your salary!

Netizens don’t know what to say.

Not only depends on the paying bill, but also buy a car, buy a house, and buy a house. Isn’t this a bully?

The boy’s biological father seemed only 18 years old, but was strictly controlled by the family. He didn’t know where to be sent.

These two children are just playing games, making people cry and laugh.

Gumei feels that they are not responsible for their children, but to use their children to make private benefits.

At the beginning, some people felt that this was a dog blood drama, because it was too nonsense.

But when he found her video, he found that she was really like that, and found someone to replace it.

She has to "interview" all kinds of new receivers every day,

Seeing a small video to speak, it is not ashamed.

The first time I saw such a strange person, I didn’t know how to evaluate it.

In order to be two hundred yuan, he shook his tail at a stranger, and looked like it.

Seeing this, many people are thinking that this girl is definitely beautiful, otherwise why would anyone come to pick up her job.

Gumei was still holding such an idea at first, but looking at it, she realized a even more amazing truth.

She said directly that she didn’t want to work anymore, and she could live by her ex -boyfriend before.

The comment area, someone asked her, how did you work in 2005 for three or four years?

She said that she started working since she was thirteen years old.

At first he thought she had any secrets that could not be sued, but soon, her own video gave him a loud slap.

She is a lazy ghost, waiting for her boyfriend to pay her every day.

But even so, she was still not satisfied and blamed her boyfriend, saying that he could not do anything except he could take care of herself.

Guimei didn’t understand, how could she say such self -righteous words.

Her body is very good and young, but she doesn’t want to work, staying at home.

She was fragrant and spicy, and said that her boyfriend was a waste.

What’s more, after playing her boyfriend, she actually told netizens that she should "lose money".

Everyone was dumbfounded.

What’s more, she really found one, and threatened that within three years, if she did not find her ex -boyfriend, she would marry him.

But the subsequent plot, even the current TV series, dare not shoot.

The girl was still complaining about this brother who had no air conditioning, and then the brother bought her one generously, intending to be a "good dad".

But gradually, he couldn’t stand it anymore.

The girl was idle all day long, and her family was garbage. The elder brother couldn’t stand it, so he drove the girl out of the house.

She can only send her ex -boyfriend, and she is also looking for the next successor.

This is her deserve, but she is happy, and she doesn’t feel strange at all.

Gumei wants to say that there is no need to have compassion for such people.

Even the garbage is reluctant to throw away. Who can save her?

Seems to get the help of many people, but I don’t know that they have become the talks after dinner.

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