The 15 -year -old daughter is suspected of "pregnancy", my brother became the biggest suspicion, and the hospital checked to restore the truth

In July 2020, a 15 -year -old girl in Chongqing suddenly became pregnant and vomited. The child’s father seemed to be the brother of the same mother. The mother sent her daughter to the hospital for examination.

This Chongqing girl is named Xiao Jing. A few years ago, his parents were divorced because of their feelings. After her mother Chen Xiaohua left, she had been living with her father. After a few years, her father found a stepmother for Xiao Jing to find a stepmother., The stepmother’s name is Ran Jun. Although Xiao Jing does not like her, she has no right to speak at home. Even if she expresses her thoughts to her father, her father will not change anymore.Can only endure silently.

At the beginning of July, Xiao Jing was in school as usual, but today I do n’t know what’s going on. Her body has been sweating cold, and she has no spirit in class. She just wants to lie in a seat to sleep.During the lunch break, she had no appetite at all.

The head teacher noticed Xiao Jing’s abnormalities. He stepped forward and asked Xiao Jing what happened?But Xiaojing’s expression was difficult to enlighten, and she refused to say anything. She looked at Xiao Jing’s symptoms with her expression. Guess that Xiao Jing was probably pregnant and realized the seriousness of the problem.She called the stepmother Ran Juan and informed her that Xiao Jing was uncomfortable and sent the child to the hospital for examination as soon as possible.

Xiao Jing is either at home or at school, and there is no time to get along with the boy alone. How can he get pregnant?Although there were too many doubts in my heart, I didn’t dare to delay. I immediately went to the school and picked up Xiao Jing home. The symptoms of vomiting after Xiao Jing went home were still very obvious, and her lower body also had blood exudation and abortion of pregnant women.The situation was similar to the later situation. I had believed in most of my heart. I believe that Xiao Jing did not inspect the children of others. Grandma Ran Jun and Xiao Jing took turns and asked Xiao Qing’s father who was the father?

But Xiao Jing didn’t seem to ignore them, and Grandma Ran Jun and Xiao Jing had no choice but to remember each other to see if they could find men who had come here recently.The child is He Yu, the brother of Xiao Jing and his mother. A few months ago, Xiao Jing School went to play on vacation and went to her mother He Xiaohua’s house for a few days. At that time, He Yu was also at home.But the two are siblings with blood relationships, how could they do such a rebellious thing?Having said that, but Grandma Ranjun and Xiao Jing seemed to have determined that the child in Xiao Jing’s belly was He Yu.

Thinking of this, Juan immediately took out his mobile phone to tell Chen Xiaohua that Xiao Jing had an accident and asked him to come quickly. Although Chen Xiaohua divorced her ex -husband, Xiao Jing was her heart.

The first time I packed things and came to my ex -husband’s house, I looked at Xiao Jing’s pale face lying on the bed and felt that her heart was dripping blood. She just wanted to ask Xiao Jing what happened. Ran Jun pulled her to XiaoIn the corner, then Xiao Jing was pregnant with the voice that Xiao Jing could not hear, and he told Chen Xiaohua about the affairs of He Yu’s children. Chen Xiaohua immediately refuted Ran Juan. He Yu and Xiao Jing were her children. They could not make such ridiculous.matter.

Looking at Ran Jun’s words, Chen Xiaohua’s original heart was also shaken, and she dialed He Yu’s phone complicatedly.Ask him if he had done something to be sorry for Xiao Jing. He Yu heard Chen Xiaohua’s words, and the whole person was confused. Xiao Jing was his sister. Although his feelings were not deep, he couldn’t make a bullying Xiao Jing.After getting the reply from He Yu.Chen Xiaohua was relieved, and his thoughts were a lot sober.

In order to figure out the reason why Xiao Jing’s physical discomfort, Chen Xiaohua hurriedly sent Xiaojing to the hospital’s obstetrics and gynecology department for examination. After some examination, the obstetrician and gynecologist said that Xiao Jing was not pregnant.

However, the physical condition is very poor and you need to send it to the emergency room for treatment immediately. Otherwise, there is a danger of life at any time. After hearing, Chen Xiaohua immediately sent Xiao Jing to the emergency room. After nearly an hour of emergency treatment, the doctor finally came out of the emergency room.

The doctor said that Xiao Jing’s body contains mouse drug toxins. Although he did not die at the time, the kidney organs in his body had been corroded by toxins, so vomiting and hematuria occurred.The heart was broken. She knew that the divorce of herself and her ex -husband caused a lot of harm to the child. He did not expect that Xiao Jing, a silly child, would take mouse medicine.

Now that her daughter is just out of danger of life and is lying on the bed and sleeping. She wants to talk to Xiao Jing to understand what Xiao Jing suffered during this time.Take mouse medicine.

Under Chen Xiaohua’s careful care, Xiao Jing’s body improved, and he was in a lot of good mood. He was not silent and was willing to speak to Xiaohua. Since his parents divorced, Xiao Jing has not lived a day of comfort. His fatherWorking in a foreign country all year round, he did not hear her. Even if she returned, she accompanied Ran Jun. She never cared for her time?She wanted to talk to her father several times, but her father was interrupted on the grounds of too busy work. For a long time, she didn’t want to talk to her father.Housework, whether it is done well?It will cause a scold. If she resists and talks, they will abuse himself that he is not filial and disobedient. If the father knows it, she will scold her again. She can’t stand such a life and has the idea of suicide.

When I was doing housework downstairs, I accidentally found a bottle of mouse medicine. She drumped the courage to drink the mouse medicine into the stomach, but when I drank halfway, I was scared, so I spit out the mouse medicine in her mouth.When I first drank my belly, there was no unwell response in the body.She thought she was okay. She did not expect that her body was bitten by a mouse and was corroded. Fortunately, the class teacher noticed the abnormal time in time, and Chen Xiaohua also sent her to the hospital as soon as possible after learning that she kept Xiao Jing’s young life.

The reason why he said nothing after returning home was because Xiao Jing felt that he had no common language with Ran Jun and Grandma. After receiving himself home, he not only sent her to the hospital to check her body, but also made a bite her.When you are pregnant, even if you explain themselves to them, they will treat their explanations as sophistry, forcing her to say who is the child’s father?Anyway, they won’t believe what she said, why would she spend more tongue with them.

After learning about the reason, Chen Xiaohua was very blame. If she took Xiaojing away during the divorce, maybe she didn’t have to suffer so much. Thinking of Xiao Jing’s suffering in these years, Chen Xiaohua couldn’t swallow this breath. After Xiao Jing’s body was better,She brought her ex -husband’s family to court.

While returning to Xiaojing’s right to raise rights, he also allows the ex -husband’s family to bear the support of his daughter.

In November 2022, the court gave the final trial results. Xiao Jing’s custody right was transferred to Chen Xiaohua. At the same time, the ex -husband’s family also paid 600 yuan to Chen Xiaohua each month. This 600 yuan was Xiao Jing’s maintenance fee until Xiao Jing’s until Xiao Jing’sAfter 18 years old.

Xiao Jing’s encounter is distressing. After the divorce of parents, it is like a duckweed to leave in the world. I can’t find the value of her existence and belongs to her own wind port. In addition, the family’s uncomfortableStupid, I hope Xiao Jing can revive and forget the unhappiness of the past and the happy life of her mother.

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