The 13 -year -old girl was pregnant, and the doctor warned: too little pregnancy is harmful, don’t let sex education absent

This is a report from Global News. A 13 -year -old girl was pregnant. She also said that the child’s father was a boy who was just 10 years old.It’s really strange in the world. I just saw this news. First of all, did you be a father at the age of 10?

Regarding this issue, some urology doctors have said that 10 -year -old children have only mature sexual organs and cannot produce sperm.Everyone knows that a successful fertilized egg can grow into embryos. If this boy does not generate sperm ability, it will not be the child’s father.In the end, the plot flipped under the police investigation. The 10 -year -old boy was really not a child’s father, but another 15 -year -old boy.

Seeing these minor children, without knowing what is responsible, try to forbid the fruit and be parents in advance, which makes the relatives around him worry about it and make the insider boo.

If the girl comes early, then she will have the birth ability earlier. On the contrary, if the late fertility is late, it will be late.The specific ability of fertility varies from person to person. As long as the girls come to menstruation, she can have fertility.

Some girls have menstruation at the age of 11, and some girls develop late. They get menstruation at the age of 18 or 19, so they cannot be generalized.

We must always advocate that we have to give birth to a baby earlier, so that we are responsible for the health of our children.This sentence must be understood from two aspects. Generally, women start at the age of 35, and they are slowly losing her fertility, which means that her ovaries have begun to weaken, and the quality of eggs is getting worse and worse.There are also various troubles.Therefore, the age of 35 is often called the "starting point" of losing fertility.

However, letting you have a baby earlier, how early it is early. If you get pregnant early at the age of 13, it will undoubtedly bring a lot of harm to life and body.

Harm 1. Abortion rate increases

"Humanar-pituitary-ovarian axis" is an important cycle that affects women’s endocrine. If the system of adolescent girls have not yet developed, if pregnancy is easy to cause endocrine disorders.

We all know that early pregnancy embryo development depends on luteal function, and progesterone is a necessary hormone that maintains pregnancy. If endocrine is incomplete, it will affect the maternal progesterone function.

Harm 2. Increase the risk of women’s death

If the pregnant mother is too small, if the age of 13, the body has not yet matured, and at this stage of pregnancy, the fetal growth also needs nutrition, because the fetus and the mother are struggling with nutrition, and the two sides may not develop healthy.

In addition, the chance of complications such as bleeding and early peeling during childbirth will also increase, and severe cases will endanger life.

Harm three, high -risk pregnant women must increase the birth checkup

Ordinary pregnant women may only need to need 13 production inspections throughout the journey, including the first four weeks of the 28th year, 28-36 once every two weeks, and once a week after 36 weeks.If you are too old or too small, you are the category of high -risk pregnant women. Therefore, the frequency of production examinations will also be formulated uniquely, and the frequency of production inspection is needed.

Harm 4. Causes physical and mental impact on the mother’s body

Under 18 years of age is a minor woman, and its reproductive system has not yet developed, and the elasticity of cervix and soft -producing roads is relatively small. Whether it is abortion or natural delivery, it will cause greater damage than ordinary people.

In addition, adolescent girls have not yet matured, and they are not intended to be a good parent because they are still a child.The sudden young life affects their psychological development.

Do not avoid childhood education

Many parents around them are particularly embarrassed about their sex education and think that they can’t say something.This makes adolescent children more curious, and the more ways between boys and girls want to explore.

Therefore, do not avoid taboos education. It is not so embarrassing to pay attention to method -to -sex education.For example, you can buy some books for your children, such as "Don’t Kiss Me" and "Learn to Love yourself", etc., educate children some privacy, others cannot touch, and learn to love themselves.

Teach your children to say something bravely

Parents usually communicate with their children, especially children of adolescence are prone to rebellion. If parents are cold, it may become more and more obvious.Parents should take the initiative to communicate with their children and teach their children to say something. Whether it is good or bad. If the parents should be tolerant, do not lose their temper as soon as they speak, so that the child will not share and communicate with you anymore.Especially things related to sex, so that children should not hide their parents. When they encounter corresponding troubles, they should solve and face with their parents.

We see that most parents have not recognized the importance of sex education, leading to lack of sexual education, causing unavailable tragedies, and affecting their children and their lives.

Family education is crucial, and parents should not be absent.

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