The 12 -year -old girl with intelligence disabled was sexually assaulted and pregnant, the 54 -year -old suspect was arrested, and the police reported that

Police report: In the early morning of November 21, 2019, after careful investigation by the public security organs of Maoming and Xinyi, Xie Moumou sexually assaulted Liu Moumou (12 -year -old girl in the streets of Xinyi Dongzhen, second -level intellectual disability) case, projectThe police officer arrested Xie Moumou (male, 54 years old, a native of Dongzhen Street, Xinyi City).After interrogation, Xie Moumou confessed to the facts of the crime, and the case was under further investigation.

Earlier reported: 12 -year -old girl with intellectual disabilities was sexually assaulted, and twice pregnancy within 8 months

Xinyi, Guangdong, was sexually assaulted by a 12 -year -old girl with intellectual obstacles and twice pregnancy within 8 months. The incident attracted attention.On November 16, the girl relatives said that the flow of people has been done.

On the afternoon of November 15th, Ms. Qiu, the little aunt of the victim girl, told Peng Mei News that her niece Xiaowen always lived in her hometown in Xinyi City with her parents with intellectual obstacles.In October this year, the family saw Xiaowen’s body "not right" and took her to the hospital for examination that Xiaowen had been pregnant for more than a month.

After learning about Xiaowen’s pregnancy news, Ms. Qiu went to the Zhushan Police Station to call the police.In addition, the family brought a small text for abortion surgery and handed the embryo to the forensic doctor.

Ms. Qiu introduced that at that time, the police described the appearance of "sexual assault" at that time, and took away five or six people from the village to compare with the embryo DNA samples, but failed to find the consistency.

Ms. Qiu said that the family hopes that the police can find the suspect as soon as possible and punish it in accordance with the law.

At present, Xiaowen has completed the admission procedures and will undergo abortion surgery on November 16."Xiaowen has a loss of appetite recently, and is not willing to talk to others." Ms. Qiu said.

Local government report:

Xinyi Municipal Case Investigation Together with sexual assault cases

A few days ago, a case of mental retarded girls in Xinyi City was sexually assaulted, causing widespread attention from netizens.In response to the concerns of netizens, the relevant situation is notified as follows:

After investigation, the victim Liu Moumou was sexually assaulted and pregnant in March this year, and the public security organs immediately filed a case after receiving the report.Recently, Liu Moumou was discovered again and again. Family members went to the Women’s Federation and other departments for help. The city attached great importance to the psychological counseling and psychological adjustment of the victims and family members.Help, now we have won the intention of social charity groups and reached a funding to solve the intention of Liu Moumou’s related schools to enter special schools.After obtaining the consent of the victim’s family members, it has assisted the victim to go through the procedures for admission to the hospital for abortion surgery.

At present, the project of the public security organs in our city is increasing the investigation of cases and strive to solve the case as soon as possible.

China Disabled Persons’ Federation: Strongly condemn the evil deeds of sexual assault girls

The official Weibo of the China Disabled Persons’ Federation issued a statement on the 17th. Recently, the relevant media reported that the news that "a 12 -year -old girl with a 12 -year -old mentally retarded girl in Guangdong was sexually assaulted to be pregnant twice a year", which was very heartbroken.The China Disabled Persons’ Federation Department, China Intellectual Disabled Persons, and relatives and friends associations have strongly condemned the evil deeds that seriously infringe on the personal rights of the disabled girls!Strikes and punish them.The China Disabled Persons’ Federation Department, China Intellectual Disabled Persons, and relatives and friends are willing to work with local disabled federations and relevant departments to do a good job in the psychological comfort, legal services, and education of the victims to effectively safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the disabled.

Children with mental retardation.Whether children with intellectual disabilities have been carried for care and rights and interests can be maintained? It is an important symbol that is related to the healthy development of children with disabilities and highlighting social fairness and justice.It is believed that relevant departments will pay more attention to the protection of the rights and interests of children with disabilities, effectively improve the ability of social governance in accordance with the law, take effective measures, and strive to ensure that the rights of children with disabilities will not be violated! We hope that all sectors of society will pay more attention to children with disabilities and jointly create care for children with disabilities for disabled children with disabilities.A good social atmosphere allows all children, including children with disabilities to grow safely, healthy, and happy.

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