The "hard core" toxins may be "terribly" hidden in rice noodles

No Cantonese can resist the temptation of "pink", and our Wuhan people also like to hold a bowl of hot rice noodles "prematurely".Come to fatal danger.

After the summer, the rainwater is frequent, the weather is high temperature and humid, and the damp rice noodles have high incidence. Recently, a topic of "Cantonese recently eat wet rice noodles" has also rushed on hot search., Chencun Fan, Kudi, rice noodles (rice noodles), Setan, Liangpi, etc.The Guangdong Provincial Market Supervision Bureau has also recently issued consumption reminders: The shelf life of wet rice noodles is generally 24 hours, so please do not eat more than the shelf life.Why not eat?Because of being terrible!Tell you the truth today.


Wet rice noodles are only 24 hours in quality

In a intestinal powder shop in Shenquan Town, 11 customers have vomited, nausea, diarrhea, and sudden convulsions after eating river powder. Five patients were sent to the hospital for treatment.The condition is severe, and the brain, lung, and kidney organs have also been severely damaged, and the situation is not optimistic; one of the children who are only 6 years old have a unconscious condition and died after the healing.There is no major after treatment.

As soon as the incident came out, it was highly valued by the Guangdong Provincial Market Supervision and Administration Bureau.Many people were terrifying to see this report, and they expressed their worries. Why do we often eat rice noodles and noodles that we often eat. After eating it, it is poisoned and becomes "deadly culprit"?

After testing, affected by high temperature and humid weather, foods rich in starch -rich foods such as noodles and rice noodles are easily polluted by coconut and fake monolithic fermentation.Essence

Rice yeast acid is not the first time to enter the public’s sight. In 2020, the "sour soup poisoning incident" of nine people died in Jixi City, Heilongjiang Province, and the "culprit" is also rice yeast acid.According to statistics, from 2010 to 2020, 14 such poisoning, 84 poisoning, and 37 people died in the country.

Wet rice noodles are rich in nutrition and high moisture content. It is a comprehensive and comprehensive microbial medium. Once it is contaminated by microbial, it is easy to spy deterioration. Therefore, the shelf life of wet rice noodles is recommended for 24 hours.

Why is rice yeast acid so "hard core"?

I do n’t know. At first glance, many people do n’t know that the wet rice noodles can only be covered by quality for 24 hours. Some netizens said that the family often bought rice noodles and returned to put it for three days and continued to eat …

What is even more worrying is that foods contaminated by coconut and fake monolithic measia -based sub -scent will not change the color, odor and taste of the food surface.In other words, even if it is a food that has been invaded by rice yeast, it is difficult to distinguish the strangeness of the naked eye, and they ca n’t eat strange smells. If ordinary people do n’t pay attention, they ca n’t find it at all!

Although rice yeast acid is called "acid", it is actually a kind of fatty substance.Coconut poisoning and fake monolithium is derived from the soil. This bacteria themselves are afraid of heat and can be killed normally. However, it is easy to produce rice yeast acid for a long time under the suitable temperature and humidity conditions.

Can you kill it with high temperature?Professor Kang at the Nutrition Department of Beijing Union Hospital pointed out that the heat resistance of rice yeast acid is very strong. Even if it is 100 ° C boiling water, it is difficult to eliminate it. No matter what kind of cooking method is used, it still cannot destroy its toxicity.Once you eat, you will cause food poisoning.In addition, the acute toxicity of rice yeast acid is very strong. Although the poisoning status of everyone is also different, it can cause serious damage to important organs such as the human liver, kidney, heart, and brain.Diagnosis, and severe cases may lead to hepatoblasty, toxic encephalopathy, insufficient consciousness, convulsions, lung function failure, hematuria, unclear consciousness, shock, etc., and this type of toxin has not yet been used.Once poisoned, the mortality rate can be as high as 41.80%.

This toxin can not be found, and boiled boiling can not be eliminated, and the toxicity is so strong. It can be described as a well -deserved hardcore toxin.Wet and humid weather is the active period of coconut poison and pseudolysis, so coconut fermentation fake monolithic food poisoning mostly occurs in summer and autumn. It is time to pay attention!

Pay attention to these 4 points to avoid rice yeast poisoning

Generally speaking, grain fermentation products, wet rice noodles, puomaline Tremella that has been soaked for a long time, and other metamorphic starch (glutinous rice, millet, sorghum and potato powder, etc.) are easy to cause rice fermentic acid poisoning, as well as grain fermentation products such asThe northern sour soup, Gege beans, dumplings in the south, fermented glutinous millet, hanging slurry, ravioli, vinegar jelly, etc.Since rice yeast acid is easy to breed in the food we often eat on weekdays, how can we ensure the safety of diet?

◎ Pay attention to selection

Some wet rice noodles such as rice noodles, river powder, and bowel powder will sell for bulk sales. When buying, you must identify and choose.It is best to see the production date, shelf life, etc. on the packaging, and see if there are information about manufacturers, whether there is sanitary and safety qualifications, and so on.It is best to choose wet rice noodles with reputation and quality, and you need to see the condition of wet rice noodles. The quality rice noodles are generally beige white, and the texture is also more flexible. See if the wet rice noodles will deteriorate.Mold smell and other.The Market Supervision Administration requires that sellers of bulk wet rice noodles require them to indicate the name, production date or production batch number, shelf life, and the name, address, linkage of food production operators at the storage container or shelves, container, and container.Methods and other matters, these are also what we need to check carefully when purchasing.

◎ Avoid self -made

It is difficult for home -made fermented rice noodle products to control the amount of harmful microorganisms. For the consideration of food safety, it is recommended that you try not to control your own.If you want to make your own, you must ensure the safety of the raw materials. There is no mildew. The grain is soaked to change the water to maintain hygiene and no odor.After grinding the slurry, dry or dry it into powder in time. The storage environment should be ventilated and moisture. Do not directly contact the soil to prevent pollution.

◎ Pay attention to storage

Wet rice noodles are best dispersed and stored in the dry place to avoid excessive bonding caused by deterioration. If rice noodles, noodles have black spots, mold points, tide, and strange flavors, they should be discarded.It is best to eat how much you eat. Do n’t eat it the next day or overnight, try to eat it that day.Because the most suitable poisonous temperature for the rice noodle sub-samples of coconut poisoning and fake monolma is 26-28 ° C. If you can’t finish it, you must also store it.Put it with cold meat foods to avoid cross -infection of bacteria; and it is safer to eat as fresh as possible.

◎ Soaking time

Coconut poisoning and fake monolma cannot survive in a dry environment, and fungus and white fungus that have been soaked for a long time can also produce rice yeast acid. Therefore, fungus must pay attention to the time for soaking in the soaking. It is recommended to eat it.Don’t soak overnight. Once you observe the surface sticky, non -elastic, odor, etc., whether it is fresh or soaked, you should not eat it, because even if you cook it for a long time, you may not kill it.For the hair of the fungus and Tremella, it is recommended to soak it in warm water in one or two hours before consumption, and it is more than enough for one hour.

Once you find that poisoning is treated urgently by this step

What should we do if you find infection?

The poisoning response caused by the toxin of rice yeast is generally urgent. The incubation period is generally 30 minutes to 12 hours, and a few are 1-2 days. Among them, toxicity will mainly cause damage to the digestive, urinary system, and nervous system.Each person’s physical condition is different, so the symptoms of poisoning response may also be different and there are severity.

Generally, if you have dizziness, nausea, fatigue, diarrhea, convulsions, vomiting (the vomit of severe cases is brown) and mild diarrhea, you should be alertGood treatment measures.The most severe patients are liver coma, the central nervous nervousness, and died due to respiratory failure.

First of all, we must take emergency treatment measures to use various methods to vomit as soon as possible. This can reduce the response to the incidence. At the same time, call 120 emergency calls or go to the doctor in time; people who eat the same food should immediatelyDo not delay the increasing condition of the condition, and miss the best treatment time.

There is nothing small in food safety, you need to be vigilant at all times!

Comprehensive popular science China, China News Network report

Source: Wuhan Evening News

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