The "big households" that harm women’s healthy food are not milk tea, not spicy strips, and life is very common.

The health problem of women’s health has always been a key issue that affects the quality of women’s life and plagues family and social development. Some problems are caused by women’s special physiological structure. Some problems are caused by mixing of external factors."Entering" is deeply reflected in women.

Some modern foods of high sugar, high oil, high salt, high fat, multi -additives, and heavy taste have brought many hidden health hazards while satisfying the people’s mouth desires, and they have become some pushing hands of some diseases. Among themThere are many "foods" and "drinks" that are prone to addiction and want to stop. The representatives are prominently milk tea and spicy strips.

1. Milk tea

If you feel good or bad, you can buy a cup when the weather is cold or cold. When you encounter good things and bad things, girls’ love for milk tea is like a man for tobacco and alcohol.

The main ingredients of milk tea: tea+milk+sugar+ingredients. In order to achieve a unique fragrant and delicious, the formula starts with milk, fructic powder, sweetness, etc., resulting in the excess of caffeine, excess sugar -containing, additive intakeDifficult to control.

Drinking more milk tea, it is easy to get fat, there are problems such as panic, insomnia, anxiety, etc., the sugar intake is exceeded, it is easy to aging, the skin is accelerated, and the acne is easy to explode.

2. Spicy strips

Girls from childhood to large partners, there are a few dollars on the market to a few dollars and a bag. Most of the ingredients are: wheat powder+vegetable oil+water+sugar+salt+spices, especially spice, gives spicy strips a special taste.

Spicy strips are typical foods with high sugar, high salt, high calories, high additives, and low nutritional components. Eating spicy strips often causes problems such as gastrointestinal mucosa damage, inflammation and ulcers, constipation, hemorrhoids and other problems.In addition, the production of spicy strips is mixed, and the sanitation status is not guaranteed, and it has become the origin of many infected diseases.

Drinking milk tea for a long time, and eating spicy strips is indeed reduced to physical health, but even if these two foods are removed, can female friends return to normal life?Is healthy all the way green lights?No, because of the disaster, the "big households" of women’s healthy foods were hiding in the corner to watch lively.

It is coffee.

There are many types: American, Italian, latte, Mocha …

There are many forms: black coffee, white coffee, sugar -free, quick -soluble …

The timing of drinking runs through the whole day: early morning, work, afternoon, before overtime …

Coffee originated from Africa, prevailing in Europe, popularization worldwide, and not more than 120 years in Chinese history.After slowly promoting and penetrating, it has now become a necessary drink for life, work, business activities, and social occasions.Because coffee is basically hot drink, especially for women, there is no physiological restrictions as tea drinks, and it is reasonable to be popular.

The benefits and disadvantages of coffee have always been controversial. Some research institutions say that "coffee needs at least 2-3 cups a day", and some believe that drinking coffee for a long time is greater than profit, which is not good for kidney and bones.

Coffee is mainly composed of coffee beans, green original acid, coffee glycol, vitamin B2, minerals and sugar, and lipids. It contains the beneficial components of the cardiovascular vascular, which can increase myocardial contraction.Studies have shown that coffee is effective in reducing stroke, prevention and slowing old Alzheimer’s dementia.

Ordinary people drinking coffee can promote the excitement of the brain, have a sense of joy, promote digestion, and relieve constipation.Some coffee varieties have a certain auxiliary effect on weight loss, which pokes the itch of women.

However, everything has two sides. The side effect of coffee is mainly to drink interference sleep before going to bed. Drink daily drinking stimulation stomach, causing panic, increasing blood pressure, dyeing yellow teeth, and affecting the body’s absorption of calcium.In addition, it has a very direct impact on women’s health:

Drinking coffee frequently, coffee composition will inhibit the absorption and utilization of the body’s iron, causing iron deficiency anemia.

The monthly physiological cycle of women may be the "original crime" of anemia. If coffee is added to destroy the interference team, the harm of iron deficiency anemia will accelerate and aggravate.

Blood gas is the foundation of girls’ health, anemia occurs, and those who are mild are prone to sleepy, not concentrated, and weakness; slowly developing, dizziness, tinnitus, insomnia, cold hands and feet, gastrointestinal disorders, etc.Bai; later, it was irregular menstruation, abnormal menstruation, palpitations and panic, which may induce anemia heart disease.

Women who often drink coffee, if they are checked that the saturation of serum iron protein and rotor protein decreases, and the total iron binding force increases, it can basically be confirmed that iron deficiency anemia is confirmed.

The way to replenish blood quickly:

The first is food supplement, which is more common in red meat such as pork, cattle and sheep, and eat more iron -containing ingredients, such as fungus, kelp, shiitake mushrooms, animal blood products, etc.In daily diet, some girls picky eaters, which are virtually became a pusher for iron deficiency anemia.

The second is the medicine supplement. In addition to the folic acid and vitamin B12 that is beneficial to the growth of red blood cells, you can use the medicines such as angelica, atractylodes, wolfberry, and astragalus.

Blood gas is the foundation of women’s health. Drinking coffee frequently, causing iron deficiency anemia. This is an inevitable process that needs to attract attention and targeted relief.

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