Texas women’s fallopian tubes have accumulated water for many years in infertility, only drinking traditional Chinese medicine for treatment, director: You can’t do this

Ms. Xia in Texas had a second child for three years and had not been pregnant for three years. During this period, Chinese medicine and western medicine had been seen. Later, the couple recognized Chinese medicine for conditioning, but after drinking more than a year of Chinese medicine, she still failed to conceive.

I ca n’t get pregnant for many years, check the accumulation of tubal diagnosis diagnosis

Later, the couple came to Jinan, and I took the consultation. During the consultation process, I learned that Ms. Xia went to see Chinese medicine when she was not pregnant for one year., I prescribed Chinese medicine conditioning, but later I still failed to conceive.I went to the local hospital for examination and said that it was also gynecological inflammation, which was treated with anti -inflammatory treatment, but in the end, it was not as good as possible.Later, her mother -in -law found her for an old Chinese medicine medicine for conditioning. Now drinking more than a year of Chinese medicine is still no effect.

The couple felt that Bai Hua had no effect, and it was better to come to the large hospital for inspection, so they came to Jinan.After understanding the relevant situation, I arranged a related inspection on the couple. As a result, there was no problem with the man, and Ms. Xia had a fallopian tube water.

Volcanion of the fallopian tube is mainly caused by chronic inflammation of the fallopian tube. At first, it may be the adhesive lock at the end of the fallopian tube umbrella, and the inflammation of the fallopian tube cavity is gradually accumulated to become accumulated to become accumulated.Generally speaking, the fluid water accumulation will affect pregnancy, because the fallopian tube itself is a combined part of sperm and eggs, and fallopian tube inflammatory water can cause adhesion, congestion and edema on the wall of the fallopian tube. This will affect the eggs and sperm.The combination of unable to fertilize, and naturally cannot get pregnant.

On the other hand, even if the tubal umbrella end is incomplete lock, the inflammatory osmotic liquid will destroy the fallopian tube mucosa, change the inner environment of the fallopian tube, cause the fallopian tube to lose normal function, and cannot conceive normally.If she was treated in time from the beginning to eliminate inflammation, she may not be able to reach this extent. Ms. Xia dragged it for a year. Although anti -inflammatory treatment was performed in the middle, the inflammation had blocked the fallopian tube.In the later period of traditional Chinese medicine conditioning, it was impossible to dredge the tubal tube, so after drinking such a long time, she could not make her pregnant normally.

Fallopian tubes, re -nurture hope

I performed the tubal umbrella end oral surgery to her situation, eliminating the inflammatory effusion, and at the same time dredged the adhesive fallopian tube to restore the eggplanting function of the tubal umbrella end.After surgery, the hospital’s characteristic preparations are used to condition to promote the recovery of fallopian tube function.Come on the review three months after the operation.Ms. Xia reached the level of pregnancy. I asked the couple to go home to try her pregnancy, and she was pregnant in the second month.

I kept contact with them throughout pregnancy, and I gave them a timely response to any questions. All examinations during pregnancy were all normal. Later, she had the next seven pounds, a baby baby, congratulations!

What is important for fallopian tube inflammation is prevention. Female friends must do basic sanitary nursing work, and pay attention to cleaning before and after the same room.Then do not abuse antibacterial anti -inflammatory drugs, which will destroy the growth of the normal flora in women’s reproductive tract, which may cause vaginitis attacks, and then secrete inflammatory liquids to cause the fallopian tube effusion.

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