Ten pregnant women with three veins, "Earthworm lines" with full legs, what should pregnant mothers do?

Text 丨 Fuguo Mom

Before I was pregnant, I always thought that the varicose veins were the problems that they only encountered when they were old.

In addition, the proportion of varicose veins in pregnant women is actually very high. There are research statistics. About 1/3 of pregnant women will have different degrees of lower limb varicose veins or microvascular expansion during pregnancy.Some data even showed that as many as half of women experienced venous songs during pregnancy, especially in the third trimester.

Many mothers have swollen feet in the third trimester, and the legs appear very obviously raised on the legs. The green and purple veins are like a piece of earthworms.

I have a girlfriend when I am pregnant, and I unfortunately encountered varicose veins, and it was very serious. I was itchy on my legs. Even if she was sitting and lying every day, her legs were uncomfortable. During that time, she asked her husband to help every day.Massage legs.

And more embarrassingly, not only did she have veins on her legs at the time, but also varicose veins appeared in the vulva, which could not be relieved.

At the second child, the same problem appeared again …

Medical experts at the Pennsylvania Medical Center explained: "Blood reflux disorders in legs or other parts, the accumulated blood will cause blood vessels to expand at this part, and earthworm -like cyan strips will appear.","

You know, the human blood circulation system is divided into arteries and veins. The flow of arterial blood is the heart to the whole body, and the flow of the vein is the opposite. It is a pipeline flowing from various parts of the body to the heart.

And if the vein return is hindered, the vein will become raised, and it can be seen from the body’s epidermis.Because the blood vessels are generally blue and purple, it looks scary.

Moreover, the veins are distributed throughout the human body, so not only the lower limbs will have venous songs, such as hemorrhoids are a kind of veins, and some pregnant women’s necks and vulva are also varicose veins.

Varic veins are a problem that many adults will face. Among them, the elderly, the obese people, the people with the history of the varicose veins, and the pregnant woman are high -risk people with varicose veins because their blood vessels bear more pressure than others.

Due to changes in hormones in the body during pregnancy, increased lutein, and the expansion of blood vessel walls will expand, which makes the process of blood flowing up more difficult.

In the process of pregnancy, in order to provide sufficient nutrition for the baby, the blood system needs to do more work, so the blood flow of the whole body increases by 20%. The original closed venous valve is separated, which will cause the inverse flow of venous blood.

In addition, the uterus during pregnancy gradually increases, which will compress the pelvic vein and lower cavity veins. The blood flow of the lower limbs of the human body will be hindered. The venous veins are rising, and the veins of the song will become more obvious.

In a strong degree of extent, pregnant women will feel uncomfortable, such as the swelling, soreness, numbness, fatigue, and skin inflammation of the lower limbs, but it rarely causes other health problems, and it is usually onThree months or within one year after childbirth improved.

There are only a few pregnant women who are condensed into ball -shaped due to the accumulation of blood in the legs, causing venous blood vessels to rupture and danger.

For ordinary people, varicose veins do not need to be treated. If it is uncomfortable, you can try physical therapy, that is, the pressure socks commonly used by varicose veins.

Stress socks are different from ordinary tight -fitting conjoined socks. It has different pressures in different parts. The ankle is the most pressure and the pressure above the legs is relatively small. It can help vein blood flow by squeezing the leg muscles.The strength and style of pressure socks are different. The low-intensity is 8-15 mm Hg, and the high strength is 30-40 mm Hg. Pregnant mothers can choose according to their own situation.

1. Pay attention to rest after pregnancy. Do not stand for a long time or take too long. If you still need to stand or sit on work during pregnancy, you must give yourself a limited time. Stand up and walk around.Rest down, because the pressure of the lower limbs is much lighter when lying down.

2. It is best to wear flat shoes so that you can exercise the calf muscles, promote blood circulation, and avoid fatigue on the legs and feet.

3. Most of the sleeping position on the left side.This is often mentioned when talking about sleeping during pregnancy, because the sleeping position of the left side can help reduce the pressure of the lower cavity vein.

4. Reasonably control weight.It is natural to gain weight during pregnancy, but the speed and increase in weight growth must be controlled.Generally speaking, the increase in weight before pregnancy should be maintained at about 12 kilograms.Oversized weight. On the one hand, the fetal weight is too much, and the uterus will become larger and the backflow of the legs will be even more unknown. On the other hand, the body weight of pregnant women in pregnancy during pregnancy means that the body accumulates excessive fat, which can easily affect the blood circulation of blood vessels.

There are many problems that are prone to during pregnancy, but every pregnant mother may encounter different.Just like the venous song, the pregnant mother who has not met is very lucky. The mother who meets the mentality of flattening and treats each problem correctly ~

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