Tell you in a word, why can’t I lie to my boyfriend and say that I am pregnant

Some time ago, I heard that I was pregnant unexpectedly, and the child was born in the Spring Festival this year.

I was shocked at the beginning, because this was her third child. I thought, how heavy is the burden on the three children in the future?

So I asked my cousin curiously: "Brother, what do you think, why did you have another child when the economy was not so rich at home?"

My cousin said to me with a smile: "I didn’t want it, but I didn’t want to kill it. After all, it was my own child, so I stayed."

At that time, I heard this, and my heart was not a taste. The child was born in his life, and it is estimated that the burden on the cousin would be heavier.Since I haven’t thought about it, why don’t I take measures?

My unmarried person didn’t want to understand.But I suddenly realized that when in love, every woman should protect themselves. Try to avoid accidental pregnancy and do not test his boyfriend and lie to him to say that he is pregnant.

Because emotional and human nature cannot be tested to some extent.


When my mind is not very mature, I especially like to test others, especially in pregnancy.

I have asked my former little fish that many times: What if I am pregnant, what do you plan to do?

When I was in love, I asked in front of him. He was stunned for a long time, and he didn’t speak for a long time. Finally, he said to me: "If it is really, we will get married immediately, and then give up.Grow up. "

Later, after a long time together, I asked several times, but the answer became different.

First of all, you must get married, give birth to the child, and then wait for the pregnancy. When I asked, he looked at me calmly and said, "Cut it."

Then I analyzed the reason why we can’t ask for children. There are economical and self -reason, but more, he has not figured out how to be a father.

But I know not.I will never get pregnant before marriage, and I have never thought of being married. This problem is just my assumption.

And his answer is changing from beginning to end, each period is different.

Just like the story called the wolf we came when we were young, this kind of question only made sense only when I asked the first time, and the next few times would only make the other party tired and even too lazy to answer.

Because I know that this kind of thing will not happen at all.

And sometimes the answers you can hear may not be the one we want to hear most. Why do we have to find ourselves unpleasant?


What’s more, at the beginning, you just lied to him and tentative him. When you know that your boyfriend knows that you are pregnant, what is your mood?

My friend Akai perfectly explained the mood of men at that time.

Akai was tempted by his girlfriend one day.

That day he received the WeChat message from his girlfriend, and opened only four words: I was pregnant.

Akai suddenly stunned, and was so happy. He went directly to Taobao to choose baby supplies, from diapers to milk powder, from small socks to strollers.

Because of this, he forgot to return to his girlfriend.

Akai’s girlfriend saw him not reply for a long time, thinking that he had shrunk, and complained a few words.

Can’t let her take it alone. "

After speaking, Akai hung up the phone quickly without waiting for his mother to speak, and then sent a message to his girlfriend: "Wife, you can rest assured, I will marry you, don’t be afraid."

As a result, the next second, he couldn’t laugh, because his girlfriend said, "Husband, I lie to you."

At that time, Akai’s heart was uncomfortable and felt that his head was painful.


At this time, Akai hurriedly cleared all the baby products in the Taobao shopping cart and the collection clip, and then called his mother and said, "Mom, you have never said that what happened just now."

After a long time, when he told me about this, he still couldn’t calm down. I asked him what he felt. He only gave me a word: "I thought at the time, this kind of thing was also joking, it was a pastime.I, right? "

I also think that this is a pastime. Not all questions can be asked, nor are all jokes that can be opened.

The least joke in love is actually I am pregnant.

Because most men will take it seriously, you can also know whether the other party is human or dog, but after all, this is a serious thing, not a joke, we have to pay attention to the size.

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