Teach you to learn to distinguish whether you are pregnant for 10 methods (women will understand)

Pregnancy is one of the major situations in life.Everyone’s symptoms in the early days of pregnancy are different. How to distinguish correctly and find that pregnancy as soon as possible is very important for women who are about to become mothers.

In the early stages of pregnancy, about 1/3 of women will have bed bleeding.This is because the cell tissue formed by the fertilized eggs may destroy the surrounding blood vessels.Many people mistakenly think that menstruation is advanced in advance.In fact, as long as you learn to distinguish, you can know the situation of pregnancy.

1. The timing of bleeding.

Bed bleeding usually occurs on 10-14 days after pregnancy.If there is a house in a month or two, it may be bleeding in bed.

2. See the color of blood.

Blood excretion of bed bleeding is usually deeper than the color of menstrual blood, showing pink or brown.And the blood flow is very small, it can only last for about 2 days, and sometimes it will only last for several hours.

3. Do you feel abdominal pain.

Half -bed bleeding will accompany slight abdominal pain, but it is much lighter than menstrual abdominal pain.If abdominal pain continues to increase, it may really come to menstruation or other diseases.

4. Morning vomiting.

In the early stages of pregnancy, women will have morning vomiting, and they will also be very disgusted with the taste that usually does not respond.

5. Check breast pain.

During pregnancy, breasts will become fuller, the nipple color will deepen, and it will become larger.Half of the pain will be accompanied by pain.But sometimes women can feel pain during menstruation, so we must carefully distinguish.

6. Whether it is easy to get fatigue.

Many women often feel very tired during early pregnancy.Even after sufficient rest, there is no pressure, it will still feel extremely tired.

7. Pay attention to your own toilet habit.

After pregnancy, it may be inexplicably constipated, frequent urination.

8. Pay attention to the fluctuations of your emotions.

Pregnancy will cause changes in hormones in the body, which will cause emotional instability.Pregnant women often cry somehow, but laughed again the next second.

9. Do you feel dizzy?

It has always been good health, but now I get up too fast and up to the stairs, so I may feel dizzy, so it may be pregnant.

10. Early pregnancy test.

Although you can test it at home, it is best to go to the doctor to get the accurate results.General early home pregnancy tests need to be used until the expected period is over, otherwise the results will be deviated.

The sooner you know your pregnancy, you can better protect yourself and the fetus.The symptoms in the early stages of pregnancy are not obvious, but it is a very dangerous stage. You can know your physical condition as soon as possible.


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