Tea friends who like to drink black tea have noticed, the time is here

“What tea can warm the stomach or nourish the stomach”

Tea contains alkaloids. Theoretically, it will stimulate the stomach and intestines, especially the green tea that has not been fermented, and the stimulation of gastric mucosa is stronger.

However, this kind of stimulus is not too serious, and the material content is not high. Any topic of disconnection from doses is alarmist. Most people can accept this slight stimulus without obvious discomfort.feel.

However, there are always people with special constitutions. After all, the body is sensitive, and it may have a strong response to the stimulus of tea, so that it is uncomfortable as gastrointestinal discomfort and feel uncomfortable.Especially after drinking strong tea, this feeling will be stronger.

The concept of traditional Chinese health care pays great attention to the maintenance of the body.Throughout the year, the cold and summer alternate, different time, choose different foods, combine the balance of yin and yang, to raise your body and mind.

In terms of drinking tea, in the autumn and winter seasons, the cold is coming, and the tea friends who are afraid of chills should not continue to drink green tea again, but should choose a more mild black tea.

Black tea is high, and tea polyphenol is reduced by more than 90%. It translates the production of new tea red, tea lutein and tea brownin and some aromatic substances. Tea has a mild tea nature. It is rich in protein and polysaccharides., Sweet and cool, warm the spleen and stomach.

In terms of warming the stomach, black tea is undoubtedly the first choice.

The creation of this tea category can be traced back to Wuyi Mountain, Fujian 400 years ago. The small species developed by local tea farmers are the earliest records that can be found around the world.Therefore, it is known as the originator of black tea. Since then, most of the black tea production technology at home and abroad comes from the small species of Zhengshan.

China is the birthplace of black tea, but it responds to that old saying: Flower in the wall outside the wall.Black tea was first widely recognized, not in China, but in Europe and the United States.Even today, more and more Chinese people have begun to drink black tea, but foreign black tea consumers are still much more than domestic.

Green tea is the king of China, and black tea is the pearl of the world.Today, in addition to Chinese black tea, India, Sri Lanka, Kenya and other countries also have a large number of black tea planting and production.Most foreign black tea is imported from these countries, and the black tea, which originally occupied 90%of the exports of Hua tea, has been exported to domestic sales. The main consumer groups are all in the country.

Chinese black tea is superior, but the cost of planting and planting is too high, and exports have not accounted for an advantage.Fortunately, the domestic black tea market has taken shape, and more and more consumers have begun to contact black tea.

At present, in the four major tea areas in China, they all have their own masterpieces.

Qimen black tea in the Jiangnan Tea Area is the first of the world’s three major high -incense black tea. Even Deng Gong said that the world is famous.

The Rizhao black tea in the Jiangbei Tea Area is highly fragrant and durable, which has become a good heart for many black tea enthusiasts.

Yunnan’s large -leaf breeding Dianhong in the Southwest Tea Area has unique quality and rich taste. It can give people a completely different tea drinking experience.

As for the birthplace of black tea in South China Tea Area, there is no need to have a lot of small species in the noodles of black tea. The new famous tea Jin Junmei became a new black tea as soon as it came out.

These black tea, the overall crafts are the same, they must be withered and fermented, but the details are still different.This has caused different black tea in many aspects of appearance, taste and aroma. The choice of consumers has greatly increased, and the products are further enriched.

Modern scientific research shows that black tea is rich in carotene, vitamin A, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, caffeine, isopic acid, glitterine, lysine, glutamate, alanine, 天 现 现, etc.A variety of nutrients, high nutritional value, and often drinking, can play a good health effect.

Now that it has passed the autumn equinox, the cold dew is deep, and the weather is getting colder. It is a good time when drinking black tea to keep warm and warm the stomach. Friends who like to drink black tea, don’t miss it.Welcome everyone to leave a message below to tell me which kind of black tea do you like to drink?

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