Taozi is known as "the queen in the fruit". Is it suitable for sugar friends?Doctor: 3 categories, it is best to avoid far away

Now it is also the season when fruits are listed in large quantities. Eating some fruits appropriately can help supplement the body required for the body, vitamins, and a variety of nutrients, which is conducive to personal health. For exampleKnown as the "Queen of the Guozhong".

Types of peaches, such as common oil peaches, peaches, peaches, yellow peaches, etc. are loved by people, and eating some peaches properly has certain benefits for their own health.

However, because the taste of the fruit is sweeter, it is not dare to eat for patients with diabetes. Can you eat it like a peach?Is it sugar or hypoglycemic?Let’s take a look at it.

1. Improve constipation: Peach is rich in dietary fiber, which can promote gastrointestinal motility to a certain extent, accelerate the discharge of toxins in the body, reduce the burden on the gastrointestinal and intestines, but also help prevent the occurrence of stomach diseases and constipation.Intestinal health.

2. Prevention anemia: The iron content in the peaches is abundant, which can prevent the occurrence of iron deficiency anemia to a certain extent, and for some people who have healed or suffer from qi and blood loss, there are certain assistive treatment for appropriate use.Effect.

3. Improve edema: It has a certain effect in alleviating edema like peaches, especially for female friends during pregnancy, more edema is also more. Eating peaches appropriately can have a certain relief effect.

4. Preventing cardiovascular disease: Peach is rich in potassium, which can help relieve fatigue, dizziness and other problems, but also maintain the normal function of neuromuscular myocardium to a certain extent, reduce blood pressure, and help prevent cardiovascular disease.Essence

5. Conditional endocrine: Peach is rich in polyphenols. This substance can affect the secretion of hormones in the body, which will help to regulate the normal endocrine of the human body to a certain extent.

6. Beauty skin care: For women, eating some peaches appropriately can also help the effect of beauty and skin care, help to fight aging, improve skin elasticity, and fade the wrinkle spots on the face.

Therefore, for women, eating some peaches appropriately can help the effect of health care to a certain extent, so can diabetic patients eat it?

Today, the incidence of diabetes is also getting higher and higher. The number of diabetes has exceeded 100 million people. There are many potential diabetic patients that have not been found, but in a state of unstable blood sugar for a long timeThe risk of complications seriously threatened personal health, so now like peaches, can it be more entangled with diabetic patients?

In fact, many people think that the sugar content in peaches is relatively high, and it is easy to increase blood sugar.In fact, the sugar content of some peaches is about 10%, and the sugar content of yellow peaches is about 14%, which means that the sugar content in the peach is indeed high.The fluctuations are too large and aggravate the occurrence of the condition.

Therefore, for patients with diabetes, you can eat peaches, but you have to eat less. It is best to use between two meals. It is better to control the amount. In this way, you can replenish the required nutrients, which is also conducive to the stability of blood sugar.

First: People who are allergic to peaches

In fact, for some people who are allergic to peaches, it is not recommended to eat peaches, because some peach hairs in peaches are easily contaminated on the skin, causing abnormal itching of the skin.

Especially when there is a problem of allergies, exposure to allergens will also cause itching and urticaria, and it will have a greater impact on the body. Therefore, such people are best avoided to avoid affecting their health.

Second: The elderly cannot eat more peaches

For the elderly, it is not recommended to eat peaches, because peaches are relatively difficult to digest. If there is too much intake, it will increase the burden on the stomach.

Especially for the elderly people who are older, with the age of age, various organs are not as good as before, and gastrointestinal function will also decrease. If you eat peaches, it will cause indigestion.healthy.

Third: people with poor stomachs

It was also said that peaches are difficult to digest and easily aggravate gastrointestinal burden. Therefore, for some people with gastrointestinal diseases, it is also best to touch it.To their own health, this kind of person should still pay attention to holding their mouths and avoid far away.

1. Observe the appearance: The oil peach should be full of appearance. The epidermis shows a uniform color. The color should be bright. There is a layer of fluff on the surface, indicating that the texture is more delicate.

2. Smell it: The quality of good quality has a rich aroma.

3. Touch the flesh: The good quality peaches are soft and hard when pressed, so it should be mature and juicy. If the flesh is too hard or too soft, it means that the maturity is not enough or a deterioration.

4. Type weight: Like the heavier peaches, the water in it will be more sufficient and better.

5. Try to take a bite: Of course, the most direct way is to choose to try to eat, and you can feel the sweetness and taste of the peach more intuitively to see if it is in line with the thoughts in your heart.

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