Tang Yixin took the most beautiful pregnancy photos, claiming to swim the most.

The popularity of "Qingyu Years" has also been exclusively of the first few days of ratings.With Zhang Ruohuan’s "Fan Xian "’s outstanding acting skills, this play also allowed himself to attract a lot of fans at this time.Today we have his latest news, about his wife Tang Yixin’s beautiful photos.

As early as March of this year, the two finally announced the news of pregnancy. First, Tang Yixin showed photos. Zhang Ruohuan, who was Zhang, also spoke at the same time and confirmed the news.From the sweet interaction between the two of them in social media, they saw their sweetness and warmth. Seeing that they were about to upgrade their parents, they also seemed very excited.

They have been low -key, and they have always been an enviable pair in the entertainment industry. They have not renewed their pregnancy status in real time like others and their children’s growth process.Instead, they returned to their low -key living conditions after the official announcement, and did not appear too much in everyone’s vision. Maybe it was because of the epidemic relationship!

However, no matter how low -key artists will appear, Zhang Ruohuan has also satisfied the curiosity of the majority of fans recently. On the social account, the difference between the three differences, exposed to the home for food, and tailored a lot of nutrition for the pregnant wife to make a lot of nutritional nutrition.Meal, so carefully made, can see that Zhang Ruohuan, who is attentive, is a good husband who is praised!

Today, Tang Yixin showed photos of his pregnancy on his social number for the first time.I have not forgotten that "I did not expect that the favorite exercise during pregnancy is swimming" from this sentence, and she was not idle during pregnancy.

Judging from the photos of the sun, Zhang Ruoyi’s wife, a light blue swimsuit, can also use the shot in the swimming pool.The value of the face was not affected by pregnancy at all, and it was filled with a happy smile, and she looked like a girl.However, the photos still have no stomach, and fans are also discussing.

In the end, there was a full -body photo of the entire swimming posture. From the perspective of this photo, it seems that she has no obvious situation of pregnancy, as if she is not pregnant!

For a rare pair of popular artists, it is worthy of making fans love such a low -key period in a critical period.More netizens also leave a message below Zhang Ruohuan, looking forward to your "Qing Yu Nian 2" early release!

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