Tang Wei exposed the recent photos of pregnancy, exposed to the creation of people "want to have three"

Tang Wei is pregnant, shopping, husband cares closely

Tang Wei Weibo was happy and claimed to be pregnant.A few days ago, Tang Wei appeared in Shenzhen on the streets of Shenzhen, wearing loose brown coats, flat -bottomed shoes, black hats, dressed very low -key, while the pregnancy belly was slightly raised.Tang Wei was accompanied by his father, and her husband Jin Taiyong took care of it.It is reported that Tang Wei and Korean director Kim Tae Yong were asked to make a plan after they got married, and Tang Wei revealed that he wanted to have three."One, two, three, let it be, and children can, let it go."Now that they are pregnant with "little monkeys", fans have also presented blessings.

Tang Wei announced his pregnancy: waiting for a naughty little monkey to arrive

The actresses are different in pregnancy, some people are petite and someone explodes fat

"Milk Tea Sister" Zhang Zetian and his 20 -year -old wealthy businessman Liu Qiangdong got married in October this year, and soon reported the news of pregnancy, and she also generously acknowledged.A few days ago, some netizens exposed the photo of the pregnant woman of the milk tea sister.On December 15, 2015, a group of pregnant women’s photos of "Milk Tea Sister" were exposed online.In the photo, she wore a half -cut naval style and put on the mirror, holding her naked belly with Liu Qiangdong and hugged and kissed.

Recently, Zhang Ziyi was exposed in the current situation of the United States.Zhang Ziyi, who is currently being given in the United States for the first time, was photographed on a positive big belly video. In the video, Wang Feng not only accompanied Zhang Ziyi, who accompanied pregnancy, but also drove 200 miles (about 320 kilometers) to bring Zhang Ziyi to eat hot pot.

In the video, Zhang Ziyi enjoys the coquettish power of pregnant women.From time to time, she took her head to the man and asked Wang Feng to hold vegetables.It is reported that in order to eat this hot pot, Wang Feng drove for 5 hours.He was also found to have stopped smoking and buying smoke on the way.

In April 2014, Da S had a daughter. In June this year, the first time Big S exposed the photos of his day before entering the room in the show, and he revealed that he weighed 79 kg at the time.Big S revealed that after taking the photo with her husband Wang Xiaofei, she entered the delivery room the next day. She was asked to stand on the scale first. At first glance, the big S was actually 79 kg.The scale must be broken. "

Big S described Wang Xiaofei innocently that his wife would immediately return to the original appearance after giving birth, making her cry and laugh.At present, Big S is pregnant with a second child.

In June 2015, the former gymnastics Olympic champion Liu Xuan showed the silhouette during pregnancy.In the photo, Liu Xuan stood on the balcony. In the dim backing, Liu Xuan’s bulging belly could be seen.Liu Xuan wrote: "Baby, bless you to grow up healthy and happy." It is reported that Liu Xuan had given birth to his son on October 8.

In October 2015, Guan Enna gave birth to her son smoothly. Two months before giving birth, Guan Enna took a big picture through Weibo.In the photo, Guan Enna was wearing underwear, long hair shawl, holding her waist in one hand, touching her big belly with one hand, a slender arms, a happy smile on her face, and a good complexion. She looked very enjoyable at this moment.

In September 2015, Xu Ziqi, a "100 billion daughter -in -law", gave birth to a fourth child.Shortly before giving birth, Xu Ziqi also showed a photo of love with her husband Li Jiacheng.In the photo, her belly protruded on a four -wheeled hand -pulling car, and a pair of smooth and beautiful legs were very beautiful.And the second master of Henderson Li Jiacheng was a driver, and Xu Ziqi also proudly left a message: "The Privilege of a Pregnant Woman (the privilege of pregnant women)".

In May 2015, Jia Jingwen announced the success of the success of "making people" with her eight -year -old boyfriend Xiu Jiekai through Weibo.Xiu Jiekai posted Weibo to confess to Jia Jingwen’s mother and daughter, "Thank you, little angel, accompanied by us to welcome the arrival of another little angel."

In addition, he also took two warm photos with Jia Jingwen’s mother and daughter on Weibo. Photo China, Jia Jingwen’s daughter Wutongmei held a paper with "I am a sister". Jia Jingwen will write "I … …? "The paper was placed on the stomach, implying that I had a second child.

On August 19, 2015, 40 -year -old Jia Jingwen replied on Weibo and announced that she had a smooth cesarean section.

In April 2015, Jay Chou posted a post on a social networking site and attached a photo of his beloved wife, confirming that Kun Ling was pregnant.He joked: "We come to see who will take the ball more than watching." And attached a photo of Kun Ling.In the photo, Kun Ling has a big belly, and Jay Chou is unwilling to show weakness. He stuffed a basketball in a T -shirt and said humorously: "Let’s take a walk more than see who is better than see!"

It is reported that Jay Chou registered with Kun Ling at the end of last year. He held a wedding in the UK in January this year. He returned to Taipei in February to host a wedding banquet. Then he went to Australia to have another wedding banquet for Kunling’s family.In July 2015, Kun Ling had a daughter "Xiao Zhou Zhou".

In March 2015, Li Nian had a second child with a caesarean section. In June, she took a group of beautiful photos taken during pregnancy through Weibo.She said with emotion, "It’s great to be a woman, it’s not easy to be a mother. So women must know how to love their bodies, strictly ask herself, and never give up herself."

In the photo, Li Nian wore a red skirt and showed a pregnant belly. It looked very loving.She left a message saying, "The first child did not dare to shoot, and the courage took the courage to shoot at 38 weeks and 2 days of pregnancy. It was born a few days after the shooting. Now I am a little scared to remember." She alsoFrankly, "It’s not something else to send pictures, just want to remind yourself that it is great to be a woman, and it is not easy to be a mother. So women must know how to love their bodies, strictly ask themselves, and never give up themselves.Take care of children. "

Take a look at the most beautiful pregnancy photos of actresses

Milk Tea Sister Spring Pregnancy Miscellaneous Blocking Cover Pure and Charming and Film is slender

In October last year, the news of Yi Nengjing’s pregnancy came out. It is said that Yi Nengjing learned that all the job he had taken after pregnancy would be refunded after pregnancy.However, Yi Nengjing’s person did not respond to the news, making the news that the news was true and false.

Previously, Big S took her own big belly on Weibo. The photo was wearing home uniforms and slightly deformed, but her face was still thin.

After Li Xiaolu’s pregnancy, it is even more charm

Women are beautiful, temperament is the key. Yao Chen is very queen, so even if it is a big belly, even if the big mouth is big, it is still beautiful

After pregnancy, Xiao S still maintains a good figure

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