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In a blink of an eye, it has been a month since the last update of me and Liu Ming.

I didn’t intend to write this matter. If you think about it, it ’s okay to write it. I have always recorded my life in real. I have nothing to write in my life. It always has its value. I especially read it.For the female readers.

Liu Ming returned to Wuhan in December. On the second week, he took his baby back to his hometown. I was delayed due to menstruation. I got off work on Friday night and went to the pharmacy to buy a few early pregnancy test strips.

After the baby was born, after Liu Ming and I restored the life of the husband and wife, Liu Ming returned home, and I would worry about it for a while, for fear that I was pregnant. I didn’t want the second child.

Because Liu Ming did not cooperate with my contraception, I always wanted to go to the hospital to consult what kind of contraceptive measures to take.However, since September, the school has been particularly busy. There are not easy to adjust on working days.

Every time menstruation delayed, I scolded Liu Ming and went to the pharmacy to get the test strip. I was lucky a few times before, but I did not expect this time I won the prize.

At that time, I didn’t find it. I rushed back to Liu Ming’s hometown to see the baby and Liu Ming the next day. When I came back on Sunday, I found that the test strip was very shallow.I took another test, and it turned out to be the winning.

I was very angry and sad, because I always wanted only one child.

I called Liu Ming and scolded him, saying that I would not want this child, Liu Ming quarreled with me on the phone, saying that if I don’t want this child, he doesn’t want me.

I said, even if you divorce you, I will not have a second child.

I plan to go to the hospital to confirm that I called the female leader to ask for leave. The female leader heard my voice different from usual, and asked me what happened. I was even more sad when I heard it. I couldn’t control my emotions. I said:"My husband accidentally let me get pregnant. I don’t want the second child. I just want one. I want to go to the hospital tomorrow."

The female leader said, "How do you know that you are pregnant, your husband?"

I said, "I used the test strip to test, my husband was in his hometown, he came back tomorrow, and I called him to scold him."

The female leader said, "Don’t do this, scolding is not right. If you go to the hospital tomorrow, you just confirm whether you are pregnant. Don’t make other things first. Don’t make decisions blindly to discuss with your family. Otherwise, it will affect family relationships."

Until hanging up, my emotions were very excited. I accidentally made me pregnant very angry with my husband. It was sad and painful to me about to kill a child.

The next day, I went to the hospital. Before the results came out, I called a college roommate, and I cried on the phone to state my situation.

Checking the blood to find out that I was pregnant. The B -ultrasound could not be checked and needed a review.

After a few quarrels with my husband, he agreed not to this child.

He later accompanied me to the hospital a few times before he found it out of B -ultrasound.Short pregnancy time can flow.

I said to him, asking him to remember, because he killed a child.

He said that he only returned for three weeks. The time was so short. The B -ultrasound did not even have blood vessels. The fetal buds did not start to grow. It was not formed. It was not a child.Big mental stress.

But during that time, I had been in a great spiritual burden and felt that I had killed a life.

Liu Ming suddenly had emotions for me a few times. I asked him what happened. He said, you killed my child, I hate you.

I feel funny. When he comforted me, he said so reasonable, but he came to blame me afterwards and said the same thing as me.


In addition to the first confirmation of pregnancy, several inspections were the Wuhan University People’s Hospital, and on January 15th, he also went to review the drug flow situation.Later, I learned that the hospital had cure heart crown disease before and after that

Patients, I went to Hanzheng Street to buy clothes that day.Fortunately, I am lucky and have no infection.

Return to Liu Ming’s hometown on January 16, and gave the baby a one -year -old wine banquet on January 17.

After a few days, the country announced an emergency because of the epidemic.

Because of the epidemic, I gradually stopped pain, I didn’t want my second child.

If you keep the second child and block it everywhere, I can’t go to Wuhan for a production inspection. There are some big inspections. My husband’s hometown does not have.

Don’t be afraid of 10,000, just in case.As a teacher who has been teaching for many years, I have seen some children with particularly low IQ, and I have a psychological shadow; I have also seen the children of Congtian Yu’s family in the circle of friends, and I am scared.

Now Liu Ming and my mother -in -law love my baby. I think if the baby is not so smart, it is a problem with a problem, and their love for the baby must not be compared with now.

We must have the ability to be responsible for ourselves, and we must not expect others.

When I gave birth to a baby, I met a mother in the hospital. Because she didn’t care about her physical condition, she accidentally gave birth to the baby in the toilet at home, and the baby was hypoxic.

If the hypoxia is not cured, it will affect the IQ of the baby, and it takes hundreds of thousands of cure.

If you give birth to a life, if you are not careful, you will cause irreparable regrets. Pregnant women must pay attention to it. This is what others cannot help.

During my pregnancy, Liu Ming did not support me to do some production checks, but I still went. All the expenses of the birth of the baby, including the draft, spent thousands of thousands, and spent more than 30,000 in total. Except for the first time with the first time, I accompaniedI went to the hospital to confirm whether I was pregnant. I was all out by myself.

Liu Ming has always told others that I am idle, I think I have a lot of money, and send money to the hospital.I have always felt that I did it right, I had to be responsible for myself and for my child.

In the late pregnancy, I do an online breeding question every day, and each time I score more than 99 % of pregnant women.

That night, I had a pain every 10 minutes and lasted for several hours.Her husband told the nurse that the nurse told her husband to wait for me to wait, and it was dawn and processed (all kinds of breeding software said that every 5 minutes pain once every 5 minutes, it is about to give birth).But in order to ensure the health of myself and my baby, I went to the head nurse in my pain. After listening to the head nurse, I gave me an internal inspection, and then arranged for me to enter the delivery room.Otherwise, I really don’t know what it will happen.

There are many small things during pregnancy, and I am very careful because I know, I must be careful.

Regarding responsibility for myself, I want to say a few more words. Girls must protect themselves, do not do unmarried first pregnancy, and do not do unmarried births, because maybe you give birth once, you can no longer be your mother againYou have to spend a lot of energy and financial resources in order to be a mother. You have to digest a lot of negative pain of "unable to be a mother" before you are a mother.

Tire will make the uterine wall thinner, and you will be infertile when you are born multiple times.Some people can no longer be a mother even if they only have one child. I saw in a bred book that Rh is negative and makes them pregnant.Regardless of whether the child is born, hemolysis will definitely occur for the second pregnancy, and hemolysis will become more and more serious in the future.

People must not only be responsible for themselves, but also have to be responsible for the people of you, and be responsible for those who are born.

Since you want to bring a life to the world, you have to ensure whether this life is healthy and have a great health problem. You cannot heal it well in the future. Children who have a great impact on his life after he gave birth to him.It is best not to be born and find out early.

On the road of life, there are many times, maybe you can rely on others to accompany some people; but in your life, you have to go by yourself. You are actually walking alone, because others are also taking your own way.Follow you at all times. If you don’t like the road under your feet, you may fall.

You have to be responsible for yourself.

I couldn’t even get pregnant before the article link, but you gave birth again and again

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