Take you to understand the ingredients of honey

Honey is a hard -working little bee from the flowers collected from the flowers of thousands of various plants in nature. Most people have a strong sense of mystery and desire for their hearts.On the surface, it is just a sugar mixture.However, after the exploration of beekeepers and the detection and analysis of modern technology, it is found that the sugar mixture components of honey are quite complicated.Below, let me talk about the main component of bees.

The main ingredients of honey can be divided into three parts according to my understanding:

The first is sugar

The first characteristic of honey is sweet, with more sugar, because sugars account for more than three quarters of the total amount of honey.But it does not exist in a single form of monosaccharides, bischant sugar, and polysaccharides, but a complex of monosaccharides, bicosecape and polysaccharides.In terms of the composition of sugar, the proportion of fruit sugar and glucose as monosaccharides accounted for a considerable proportion, accounting for 85-95%of the entire sugar.Together with polysaccharides, they account for only 5-15%.Because of this characteristic, it is recommended that patients with diabetes should not drink honey.

The second is water

All honey contains moisture.The content of moisture in honey determines the maturity of honey, and also determines the quality of honey, and reflects the character quality of beekeepers.The natural moisture content of mature honey is about 18%, and generally does not exceed 20%, that is, the Permanent proportion (also known as Bomeo) is 41.6 degrees.

To understand the moisture in honey, you must understand how the water in the honey comes from and how to change.The collecting bee in the bee bee is specifically responsible for collecting nectar.It first uses the head with a sharp head and finely, and the nectar containing more water is inhaled into the honey sac. After returning to the honeycomb, the nectar spit out all the honeypot in the hexagonal honeycomb house.Because of the more water content, the nectar is not sweet at this time, and it is very thin and sparse. It is generally called water honey in the population of beekeeping.

After collecting bee back and picking up nectar, the internal diligent bee at home will be made immediately.Internal diligence bees will control the temperature by vibrating wings to ensure that the appropriate temperature allows the nectar to ferment fully, and it will also evaporate excess water and make the nectar more mature.In the end, the intercourse bee will secrete the bee to cover the nests that have reached the standard to save honey.Only the covered honey is a mature honey, and the moisture content is generally about 18-20%.Beekeepers can be considered as mature honey only by harvesting and collection (shaking honey) in the entire nest spleen blocking rate of more than 80%.

If you do not cover the honey, you cannot be called mature honey, but you can only be called raw honey or honey.Most of the bees (that is, soil bees) are mostly raised on the ground. The group is not strong. Do not chase flowers and honey. The collection of honey in the fields of mountains and fields is not limited to collecting a certain nectar.honey.The Italian bee (that is, the West Bee) has a strong group and a strong collection power. It must rely on a large area of flowering plants and large flowing honey to collect the strong bee groups.Deading bee must chase flowers and honey.Some have to catch a honey source period due to the short flowering period. Some of the weather must be harvested in time to stimulate the enthusiasm of the bee’s collection.Harvest honey.Of course, good beekeepers also use mature honey.

However, it is a single source of honey to collect flowers, so the quality of the honey is relatively different from the earthen honey of the bee.Most of the cheap honey on the market is this kind of meaning honey, and the price per catty is generally between 30-60 yuan.The price mentioned above is generally only about 20 yuan/catties. Bee farmers, especially bee farmers, are generally purchased for winter or long -term rainy days when bees lack honey. Honey hunger and bee are used to feed; if you do n’t buy this kind of honey, the beekeeper can only be dissolved with white sugar and fed bees. Starving to death.The Chinese bee collects hundreds of nectar, and the quality is better. The price range of the mature honey of China Bee is generally between 80-150 yuan.

Mature honey will be very thick and resistant to storage. Most of them will have the following effects when inverted:

The third is other characteristic nutrients

So far, it has been scientifically identified and has more than 180 different nutrients in honey.However, most of them are pollen, protein, amino acids, pigments, organic acids, aromatic substances, high -grade alcohol, paste, enzymes, vitamins, acids, activated enzymes and other substances.

Honey contains a variety of acids, which are mainly glucose and citric acid. Because honey contains high concentrations of fructose, the sweetness is high, and it covers the sour taste.Honey is sore or sour, which means whether honey is fermented or adulterated.The acidity of normal honey is generally less than 3, and the maximum does not exceed 4.More than 4 honey has a sour taste.

Honey also contains a small amount of protein synthetic material -amino acid.Honey contains alanine, arginine, gardine, cottonamide, histidine, lysine, phenylalanine, proline, serine, osmine, chiline, hydroxyl, hydroxyl, hydroxylVolidine, omeramid, dusterine.Some honey also contains cystine.

Honey contains various minerals, which are iron, steel, potassium, sodium, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, silicon, aluminum, chromium, nickel, etc.However, the content is not high, generally 0.03 one 0.9%.However, it is similar to the mineral content in human blood; adding honey to the diet can be added to the diet, which can improve people’s intake of minerals, which is also another nutritional value of honey.

Honey contains a special substance, which is activated enzyme. It is a special protein with biological activity and is generated by biological cells. It has catalytic ability in the biological body, so it is called biocatalyst.These enzymes are mainly derived from the saliva of bees.As mentioned earlier, collecting bees to collect nectar, first suck into the honey sac, in the stomach of the bee, and then vomit into the nest room after returning home.During this spitting process, the gastric juice and saliva were mixed into the nectar.Therefore, it is added by the bee when collecting nectar and brewing honey.The most important enzyme in honey is the conversion enzyme. It can convert sucrose in nectar into converted sugar and also contain amylase.There are other biological activity substances in honey. They have special biological activity and are particularly beneficial to the human body.

The colloidal substances contained in honey are composed of protein, wax, pentagon, and inorganic substances. It has a certain impact on the nature of the honey and can be foaming and affects the color and turbidity of the honey.

There is a identification of true and false honey on the Douyin. After pouring into the cup, after heating water, shaking and dissolving, there is a turbidity and foaming phenomenon, which is true honey.Enzyme and colloidal substances.It makes sense, but it is not necessarily a complete real honey (I will analyze it specifically for this).

Honey is exposed to the sun in the sun, or an environment where the environment is too long and the temperature is too high will destroy these enzymes. Therefore, when storing honey, it is best to put it in the refrigerator to refrigerate (but you must not freeze it). It can be stored for a long time, but it is not recommendedLong -term preservation to avoid reducing enzyme activity.

Honey contains vitamins of various contents, but the most important is B vitamin, vitamin C and other categories.These are unable to make the animal body, but it is essential in the human body. The vitamins in honey are mainly from pollen.

Honey also contains aromatherapy and pigments. Different single nectar has different colors, aromas and flavors. Generally speaking, the aroma of honey is consistent with the fragrance of flowers.Some people say that through the smell of fragrance, it can be judged that the true and false honey can be judged, but it has a certain reason, but the monarch does not know that the businessman who is smoky is now omnipotent, and it is not difficult to imitate the fragrance of flowers.

These nutrients in honey are not high in honey, accounting for about 7%.But it is precisely because of these characteristic substances that honey has a mysterious veil and high -value and high -nutrition.

Next time, I will take you to understand the identification of true and false honey.

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