Take you to understand the entire process of drug flow, it is recommended that women spend some time to take a look

Nowadays, the drug abortion has become the primary choice for most women’s abortion, but most women know nothing about the drug flow.Do you know how many days are suitable for drug flow? Do you know the whole process of the drug flow? It can be said that only one of the ten people know, and it is still not comprehensive.Then take everyone to see the process of the medicine flow. If you want to know, come to understand it.

The entire process of drug flow

1. Before the drug flow, you must do a good B -ultrasound. This can help eliminate ectopic pregnancy, help understand the size of the embryo sac, and see if it is suitable for drug flow.

2. Pay more attention to the time when the drug flow. Many people will ask how many days of the drug flow. In fact, the person who wants to say that the drug flow must be stopped within 50 days, and it is best not to exceed 34 years old.

3. Before the drug flow, there will also be strict examinations, such as comprehensive examination of the body and gynecological examinations, etc., which will only choose without problems.

4. Before the drug flow, the doctor will tell the method of taking the medicine in detail, as well as the side effects that the drug may occur.

5. Friends should always pay attention to their own changes during abortion, such as fluctuations in blood pressure and pulse and side effects. In addition to the pulse and side effects, they must observe more about the excretion of the fetus, the accurate excretion time, and the amount of bleeding.

6. Observe 6 hours after the drug flow. If the fetal sac is not discharged and the amount of bleeding is not large, you can go home first.If the fetal sac is excreted at home, it is recommended to take a doctor to check.

The above is about the entire process of the drug flow. From the beginning of the drug flow to the end, it cannot be ignored, especially the amount of bleeding after the drug flow. If there is too much bleeding, more than the amount of bleeding during menstruation, then it is recommended to go even if you go.Hospital treatment.In short, Xiaobian reminds that if the drug flow is not properly treated, not only does it have no abortion, but it may also cause major bleeding to endanger the health of life, so don’t think that the medicine flow is as simple as taking medicine, pay more attention to observation.

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