Take a sip and enter the emergency room?Cantonese noticed that this kind of coconut water can never drink!

The weather gradually becomes hot

Come a refreshing fresh coconut

It’s so happy

But these two days

Food safety topics caused by drinking coconut water

But frequently board the hot search

more than this

After drinking the pre -opening coconut, I entered the emergency department

What has actually happened?

I borrow this opportunity here

Let me talk to you

I drank coconut water into the emergency room

what’s going on?

This is because coconut water deteriorates, which produces a bacteria -coconut poisoning single bacteria.

What exactly is coconut poison and fake monolithium?How can there be such a large toxicity?

Coconut poisoning and fake monolithic bacteria are Gram -negative Bacteria, with two blunt circles, no tooth spore, whipped, and widely distributed in nature.Coconut and false monolobacterium is not fatal, but it can produce a fatal toxin -rice yeast acid.

Memal acid

Rice yeast acid is a kind of small molecular fatty acid, which is extremely heat -resistant. Even if it is boiled with boiling water at 100 ° C or cooking with a high -pressure cooker, it cannot destroy its toxicity.It can cause poisoning after eating, and can cause serious damage to important organs such as liver, kidney, heart, and brain.

At present, there is no special effect of detoxifying drugs for rice yeast acid. Once poisoned, the mortality rate is as high as 40%to 100%.

This bacteria is not unfamiliar.On October 5, 2020, Wang Moumou and relatives of Heilongjiang Jixi, the residents of Heilongjiang, caused food poisoning due to their own "sour soup" and killed 8 people.The incident was initially qualitatively qualitatively caused by pollution of coconut poisoning single -bacterial contamination.

Coconut poisoning and fake monolithic food poisoning mostly occurs in summer and autumn. Foods are humid and rainy. In addition, the storage is not good. Coconut poisoning single -cell bacteria grow and reproduce in food in food.Poisoning will occur.

Poisons have acute gastrointestinal symptoms. The clinical manifestations are upper abdominal discomfort, nausea, and vomiting 2 to 24 hours after eating.

In severe cases, blood, hematuria, low urine, subcutaneous hemorrhage, jaundice, hepatoblasty, unclear consciousness, irritability, limb convulsion, and even toxic shock.

There are three types of foods that are prone to coconut poison and fake monosococcus

Grain fermentation products.Such as fermented corn noodles, glutinous corn dumplings, corn starch, fermented glutinous millet, hanging pulp, ravioli and vinegar jelly.

Sum -quality Tremella, fungus.

Potato products such as potato powder, sweet potato noodles, potato starch, etc.

Pay attention to prevent the occurrence of such poisoning:

Preparation of fermented rice noodles without mildew corn;

When soaking the grain, change the water frequently to maintain hygiene and no odor;

After grinding the slurry, dry or dry it into powder in time;

During storage, ventilation and moisture prevention should not be directly exposed to the soil to prevent pollution.


Because there is no targeted antitoxin after poisoning, once the poisoning should stop eating suspicious food immediately, it will immediately report to the local health organization department and organize rescue.

Anyone who has eaten foods with the same batch, whether or not or not, will spitting or gastric and intestines as soon as possible to reduce the absorption of toxins and damage to the body, protect the damaged organs, and reduce the mortality.

Can I still buy coconut with confidence?

sure.Coconut is a kind of tropical fruit. It produces coconut water. It is a refreshing thirsty solution.

Generally speaking, a fresh and complete coconut is basically sterile inside.However, once it is spoken, it will contact the outside world’s bacteria. Once the time is extended, it begins to rot and deteriorates, especially now that the temperature is slowly rising. Coconut is easier to corrupt and deteriorate, which will cause food poisoning.

You can shake it when buying coconuts. Coconuts should be hard and have liquid inside.If a quack sounds are made, or if you don’t hear any sound when you shake, it is likely to deteriorate.

So how to identify whether coconut water is deteriorated?In fact, it is best to pour out coconut water to drink, so it is easy to distinguish whether it has deteriorated.



A coconut has three "eyes", one of the largest "eyes" of one of them should be a dry circle.If you see any protrusion or mold here, it may be broken.

The color of coconut meat is white, and the color of coconut water is transparent and clarified. Such coconut is intact; if the color of the coconut meat is yellow, the coconut water is very turbid, indicating that the coconut water has deteriorated and cannot be consumed.



Coconuts should smell like tropical beaches, sweet and faint nuts.Good quality coconut water has a faint sweetness. If it smells sour, it means that coconut water has deteriorated and cannot be consumed.


Look at the state

There is no block in the intact coconut water. If there is a block and a clear precipitation, this kind of coconut water has deteriorated.

Remember, all coconuts that are opened, you need to refrigerate when you buy it!And drink as soon as possible, not to drink or not for the time being, it is best not to refrigerate the refrigerator for more than 2 days.

Small knowledge about coconut



What color is coconut water?

Fresh coconut water is not milky, but transparent, or pink, which is the result of the oxidation of polyphenols.

The white coconut juice beverages we see on the market are because of the deployment of other beverage ingredients.

Is the more mature coconut, the sweeter?

Coconut water tastes sweet because it contains sugar substances such as fructose, glucose, sucrose, and lactose.

However, the more mature coconut water is not the more mature.The peak of the soluble sugar content in coconut water is 5%, and as the maturity increases, this content will drop to 2%.Therefore, picking those coconut coconuts that look yellow, but they can’t drink very sweet coconut water.

Is coconut fruit made of coconut meat?

The two have nothing to do. Coconut fruit did come from coconut at first, but it was not coconut meat, but coconut juice.

In the 1970s, the Philippines accidentally found that the surface of abandoned coconut water could form a translucent gel film.Researchers identified that this was a microbial cellulose gel and named it "coconut fruit".Now, the coconut juice is no longer made in the industry, and the name of coconut fruit is not related to the actual product.

These 9 people should not drink coconut water

Although coconut water has high nutritional value, it is not suitable for everyone.

1. Patients with hyperkalemia

Coconut aquatic content is high, and patients with hyperkalemia should drink less, so as not to aggravate the condition.

2. Stomach and spleen deficiency

Drinking too much coconut water can easily make spleen and stomach damage more serious, causing symptoms such as diarrhea and diarrhea. Pay more attention.

3. The spleen is heavy, and it is easy to get tired

Those who are prone to inexplicable tiredness may be caused by the "virtual fire" upper body, and it should be moderately replenished with qi and blood.Coconut water with annealing and heat -relieving effects is not helpful for reducing symptoms such as fatigue and weakness.

4. Hypipedia and frequent urination

Coconut water that is easy to frequent urination and yin urine, and weak kidney qi should not drink too much diuretic, so as not to affect daily life and cause sleep quality decreased.

5. Symptoms of cold, cold cough, asthma symptoms

There are often chilling symptoms and easy headaches, and those with cold symptoms such as nasal congestion, cough, asthma, etc. are not recommended to eat coconut water with cool foods to avoid exacerbating symptoms.

6. Uterine deficiency

During the physiological period, dysmenorrhea is prone to dysmenorrhea, hands and feet are cold, and the menstrual period requires hot compresses to slow up uncomfortable women. It is not recommended to drink coconut water to avoid interfere with qi and blood circulation and affect the normal operation of the uterine function.

Especially women with gynecological diseases such as endometriosis and chocolate cysts should be more careful.

7. Early pregnancy

It is generally believed that the first three months of pregnancy is the critical stage of embryonic development, and it is important to maintain the warmth of the uterine environment.

Therefore, it is not recommended to eat coconut water such as coconut water such as coconut water, so as not to affect fetal development.

8. Pregnancy

There is a saying on the Internet, "Drinking coconut water moderate to pregnant people can help supplement sugar to maintain physical strength."

However, Chinese medicine believes that the cause of pregnancy vomiting is mainly related to stomach cold.Therefore, in terms of conditioning, it is not recommended to drink coconut water with cool nature, otherwise the symptoms will exacerbate.

9. After delivery, confinement

Postpartum women should avoid blowing, cold, cold foods, and cold foods in the care. Among them, coconut water with cool drinking properties is included.

Want to drink coconut water

It’s best to choose fresh coconut

Those who have already opened their mouths should be kept refrigerated

And use it as soon as possible

Once there is a sour and other odors

Don’t drink anymore!

Coconut water is good

Don’t be greedy

Transfer: Guangdong Sanitary Information

Source: Jingshi Health Home

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