Take a look at the eight most pitted medicine misunderstandings

If you think the drugs are eaten, then you are wrong.Because if some drugs are taken unreasonable, they will not only cure the disease, but also cause harm to our bodies.Today, I will take a look at the eight common bad medication habits in daily life.

Pay attention

The pharmacy that can be seen everywhere makes life more convenient, but when you buy common medicines, you must read the instructions carefully before use.For example, a commonly containing cold antipyretic medicine containing acetaminol must not exceed 2 grams per day, otherwise it may cause damage to the liver and even liver failure.

Drugs are too small and ill -conditioned

The reason why chronic diseases such as hypertension are slow because it has accumulated for a long time, and it is often asymptomatic. Condition control also needs to take medicine for a while to see the effect.Therefore, some people can get control or fear of drug toxicity and side effects because they feel that they have taken medicine. They think that small doses are safer, so they reduce the dosage.However, this may lead to further worsening the condition, thereby delaying the condition.

Time hidden dangers are more

Because of work and life, many people are accustomed to arranging the medication during the day, but some drugs need to be required to take medicine at stricter time.For example, anticoagulant drugs Aya Saaban takes twice a day (should be taken every 12 hours). For the best efficacy and safety, we should take it once in the morning and evening.However, if you take it with brunch, it will cause the concentration of Chinese medicine during the day to be too high, and the night is very low, which will affect the efficacy, cause bleeding or the risk of thrombosis.

Discontinue medicine without authorization

Many people know that antibiotics cannot be abused, and long -term use will produce drug resistance.However, different bacterial infections, the types of antibiotics used in different bacteria are different.If the symptoms are alleviated, the drug is stopped, which will not only cause the bacteria to resist, but also the bacteria may not be killed, which will eventually cause a re -infection and recurrence.Therefore, when taking antibiotics, be sure to follow the doctor’s order.

There are constant risks to take medicine

There are more addictive risks.Some drugs, such as sleeping pills, Aiszolun should gradually reduce the dosage of the doctor after the expected efficacy. Otherwise, long -term use may cause side effects such as the hangover effect and dependence, which not only affects normal life, but also causes damage to the body.It is more important than maintaining a reasonable diet and health.

Add medicine freely without consulting

Drugs are not more good.Some diseases, such as depression, should adhere to the principle of single medication when they first started treatment. This is to facilitate the effect of doctors observing the effect of treatment and preventing some adverse drug reactions.Avoid combining multiple antidepressants at the same time under the guidance of no doctor.

Never review and only take medicine

Many people feel that they are good at taking medicine, but they have forgotten regular inspections.For example, patients with hypertension also need to be checked regularly while taking the medicine, so that doctors can evaluate the efficacy of antihypertensive drugs and the damage of the inspection device; in order to better treat the effect, you can also learn to self -test blood pressure at home to better help doctors evaluate blood pressure blood pressure.Control the situation.

Avoiding vaccine is afraid of harmful

Vaccination is the world’s recognized most economical, convenient, and most effective way to prevent and control infectious diseases.Vaccine not only protects individuals, but more importantly is group immunity.The more immune to the entire group, the more difficult it is to spread the disease.Although the vaccine may also have adverse reactions, the benefits brought by vaccination are much higher than risks.When you are not sure if you are vaccinated, you should consult a professional doctor.

(Wang Anlin and Zhou Hong, Beijing Chaoyang Hospital)

Source: Beijing Youth Daily

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