Sydney: Liech Leslie Cheung, at the age of 17, fell in love with Xu Shaoqiang, 18 -year -old unmarried child, but was abandoned by the other party

When his brother Leslie Cheung was alive, he was the male god in the minds of countless girls, but a actress had disappointed him in love with an uncle Hua Xin. Do you dare to believe it?

The actress’s name is Sydney, not a Korean actress Cui Xueli, nor the female net red Sydney, but the Hong Kong actress Sydney, who has been debuting for 42 years.

She was the first love of her brother Leslie Cheung. Leslie Cheung was infatuated with her, but she disappointed Zhang Guorong’s deep affection and turned to fall in love with the uncle Xu Shaoqiang, who was 15 years older than her.

The results of it?At the age of 17, she fell in love with Xu Shaoqiang and her 18 -year -old unmarried child was abandoned by the other party!

Compared to her wonderful acting career, Sydney’s life experience, especially the emotional past, is much wonderful than all the works she played!

What did she experience in her life trajectory?Is it happy now?


Sydney was originally known as Yan Huiming. She was born in Italy in 1965. There are nine siblings in the family. She ranks eight old, and one of them is a famous Hong Kong actor Mi Xue.

Sister Mi Xue is 10 years old. She has always lived with her family in Italy, and her sister stays in Hong Kong. In order to stay away from her family’s discipline, she has always planned to return to Hong Kong to go to her sister.

In 1969, when Sydney was only four years old, Mi Xue, the sister of her middle school, participated in the actor training class of Shaw’s company. Later, because she appeared in the work of "Upstairs and downstairs", she officially debuted and became an actor.

In 1976, Mi Xue starred in the work of "The Heroes of the Eagle", who was so fledgling, starred in the role of "Huang Rong".

However, no one expected that the work she participated in not only set the first work record in Hong Kong’s history, but also made Mi Xue a hit and became a hot actress in Hong Kong.

At that time, Sydney, who was only 11 years old, saw her sister developed so well in Hong Kong. She wanted to leave Italy.

In Sydney’s view, returning to Hong Kong can not only stay away from the discipline of his family, but also like his sister. You can make a lot of money when filming. Why not?

For Sydney’s idea of entering the entertainment industry, her parents resolutely disagree. From her parents, Sydney and her sister Mi Xue are completely two different personalities.

Sydney is simple, but her sister Mi Xue is smart and capable. In contrast, Mi Xue, who is her sister, is more suitable for developing in the entertainment industry, because she knows how to protect herself in this complex circle.

But Sydney’s persuasion for her parents couldn’t hear it. She had been looking for a chance to return to Hong Kong and go to her sister.

In 1979, Sydney, who should have been studying in Italy in 1979, hides his parents and flee back to Hong Kong.

When Mi Xue saw a 14 -year -old sister standing in front of herself, she couldn’t believe it for a while.

There is no way, she can only leave Sydney with her. Who made her always love Sydney’s sister?

In this way, Sydney stayed in Hong Kong for development.


After Sydney’s parents learned that her daughter secretly ran back to Hong Kong to vote for her sister, she was completely angry. According to their plans, they hoped that Sydney could study well.As a result, Sydney was completely reversed with them.

After returning to Hong Kong, Sydney wanted to enter the entertainment industry. As her sister, Mi Xue saw her sister who really intended to enter the entertainment industry, so she helped her.

Mi Xue introduced Sydney to Nicholas Tse’s dad Xie Xian and starring Ren Dahua and others "The King of Thousands of Kings". Sydney made a guest appearance in the supporting actress who loved Ren Dahua, because there were not many plays, and she was so fledgling.Get too much attention.

However, for Sydney, this guest experience opened her interest in the actor’s industry. She is increasingly feeling that she chooses to return to Hong Kong to go to her sister.

After trying the sweetness of filming, Sydney was out of control since then. She spent all her thoughts on filming. Because of her sister, she cooperated with some big -name actors.

In 1979, Sydney and Zhou Runfa, who had not been in the industry, collaborated on the drama "Family". In the play, she and Chow Yun Fat also had an emotional drama.

Then she collaborated with the three male gods of Leslie Cheung, Chen Baiqiang, and Zhong Paulo. It was this work that made her and Zhang Guorong, Chen Baiqiang and Zhong Paul.Hate entanglement.

Like Sydney, Leslie Cheung was only 24 years old when shooting this work. He just made his debut a few years after his debut. This is his first film.

Sydney was 9 years younger than Leslie Cheung. At that time, he was only 15 years old. Although the two had obvious age gaps, Leslie Cheung still liked this lively and cheerful girl.

They play a couple in the play. They played hot in the play. They may be too deep in the play. Leslie Cheung also developed the emotions of Sydney in the play outside the play.Like: "She is not very beautiful, but very cute, very cute."

Leslie Cheung, in his early twenties, has repeatedly revealed his love for Sydney, not to mention Sydney, not to mention. When she was young, Zhang Guorong was handsome, and she naturally liked this big brother.

After meeting with Leslie Cheung, in order to attract Leslie Cheung’s attention, she had diet to lose weight. Leslie Cheung immediately advised her not to do so, so she did not hurt her health because of weight loss.

Unfortunately, whether for Leslie Cheung or Sydney, they were too young at that time, and this relationship is destined to go long.


After filming the work of "Applause", Sydney fell under the pursuit of Leslie Cheung. Both of them fell in love with each other, and they fell in love every day.

Although Leslie Cheung was 9 years older than Sydney, Leslie Cheung had not been in love before that. Sydney was his first love. Leslie Cheung, who was ignorant about love at the time, had only one idea at the time: desperately to her.

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